Selenium web scraping without getting blocked

Web scraping is a technique for data mining from a variety of web pages. It is not simple to scrape web pages frequently. Keep in notice that web scraping is against the website’s privacy policies. Your IP gets banned. You can do selenium web scraping without getting blocked. It is a reliable method of data mining.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is a method of data extraction from websites. It is an automated process. In this method, the application processes the HTML of a web site for data gathering. The web page converts into another format and copies the information into a local database or spreadsheet for analysis. Selenium web scraping is done through the selenium tool. It scrapes data without getting your IP blocked.

What is selenium?

It is a web browser automation tool. It automates web applications for testing purposes. Moreover, it allows you to get access to the browser of your choice and perform tasks such as:

  • Buttons clicking.
  • Data entry in forms.
  • Gathering specific data from web pages.

Steps to use selenium for web scraping:

Selenium is an automated tool and helps to gather data from web pages. If you are going to do selenium web scraping, you should follow the following steps for selenium setup:

  1. Installation:

Install pip selenium.

  1. Import:

Import web driver from selenium.

  1. Access the web driver:

Web driver has a critical role in this process. It is the thing that automates the web browser of your choice. According to the change in the browser, the setup of this step changes.

You should know where you have saved your web driver on your local computer.


  1. Website access through python:

It is an important step. You need your code to scrape the website you want.

driver. get(URL of the desired website)

  1. Locate specific information:

You need to locate elements Xpath. It is a syntax for finding particular information from webpage.

<td class=”name”>

<a href=” URL of web site “>



Is selenium web scraping safe?

Selenium web scraping is a reliable tool, especially for data mining of dynamic pages. Selenium is only a tool for automating web scraping. You can extract data from a web site more reliably if you use proxy with selenium.

Proxy setup is not easy to manage. Here we are giving you a complete guide on how to set up a proxy for selenium.

  1. Import web driver from selenium.
  2. Name the proxy server use (IP; PORT, HOST; PORT).
  3. Set chrome options.
  4. Add proxy server (proxy aqua).
  5. Add options to the chrome.

ProxyAqua for selenium web scraping:

The use of proxy with scraping tools makes web scraping quick. We highly recommend the use of proxy aqua for selenium web scraping. ProxyAqua provides a large number of dedicated proxies. It gives you the best proxy service for reliable web scraping. There are different benefits due to which proxy aqua is the best for web scraping.

  1. Unlimited bandwidth.
  2. Anonymous proxies.
  3. Cheap proxies.
  4. Highly recommended for scraping.
  5. Fast and private.

Web scraping without getting blocked:

Web scraping is difficult mostly when sites try to prevent scrapers. They use different techniques such as IP address detection, HTTP request checking, CAPTCHAS, and more. But on the other hand, developers also have an advanced process for data extraction. Selenium web scraping is also an advanced method for data collection without getting blocked. You should keep in mind the following points to scrape a website without getting blocked:

  • IP rotation:

Suppose you have a large number of IP addresses. You can do most of the web scraping. You can use IP rotation service with selenium web scraping to avoid getting banned. It will allow you to scrape extensive data without any problem.

  • Use of headless browser:

To avoid getting banned from any website during scraping, you need to deploy a headless browser. Otherwise, you should have scraper API. It performs scraping for you. It makes the selenium web scraping tool undetectable. We can say it is the most effective way to scrape web pages with selenium.

  • Avoid honey traps:

Many sites try to detect web scrapers through invisible links. You have to need to see these types of links. Honeypots are the easiest way to detect web crawlers.

  • Detect website changes:

Some website handlers change layouts of pages to trap web scrapers. You can detect that the layout of page 1 is different from page 2. It would help if you caught these website changes properly. You can also perform the unit test for URLs on a site.

  • Use CAPTCHA solving service:

When you use selenium for web scraping, it extracts data automatically. Besides, you can say that automated web scraping is done. To detect these types of suspicious activities, websites display a captcha to see scrapers. Hence, it is the most common way to track web scrapers, but services prevent this issue. Accordingly, they are fully integrated solutions like scraper API or narrow captcha solving solutions. Some of these services are slow and expensive. You should also need to know whether this captcha solving service is economically best for you or not.


To conclude, web scraping is against the policies of many web sites. There are different tools specially designed to extract data. Selenium web scraping tool is also among these scraping tools. It gives you the power to scrape web pages quickly. There is still an issue. The use of the device should be reliable or not.

Moreover, if you want to do selenium web scraping without getting blocked, you should know all the essential points. We suggest using proxy aqua for web scraping with the selenium tool. Selenium is a python library that automates web scraping. Proxy aqua with selenium makes your scraping safe.

Furthermore, you should have several IP addresses for data extraction. Proxies are the way to provide you millions of IP addresses. This article has provided you a step-by-step guide to setting proxy and selenium tools with your browser. You can scrape any targeted data with selenium.

Why web scraping is worth learning in 2021?

Web scraping is a process of mining data and information from web pages, the transformation of information into data for further analysis. This process is also known as web harvesting and web data extraction. Data on the internet is increasing over time. In this way, web scraping is a fundamental approach to collect big data sets. Web scraping is an essential technique. Its demand is growing every day. In 2021 web scarping worth learning increases due to high demand in every field.

Worth of web scraping:

The whole world is ultimately going to transfer into the digital world. People prefer to do jobs, business, marketing and other acts on the internet. Usage of the internet for earning and learning is not as easy as it seems to be. In this competitive world, you can grow if you know your opponents. Here is the big point about how you can check and analyze the data of your opponent. Here it would help if you had an understanding of web scraping.

You can know about the web scraping worth learning by this point that people specially hire scrapers. If you have learned about web scraping, you can earn a handsome amount through this skill. Almost every business need a web scraper to know the interest of the audience. Web scraping is an excellent skill in the coming years. You should invest in this skill.

You will see that in 2021 web scraping worth learning increase. It is because many newbies are converting their businesses into a digital platform. To run a successful business, people are looking for scrapers, especially those who are new. Moreover, you can deal with companies for data extraction.

Scope of web scraping:

Many people want to know that is web scraping worth learning, or it has any scope or not. You can observe that importance of web scraping is increasing with daily addition of data on the internet. Data extraction is a significant process which reduces manpower to visit web pages manually. The future of web scraping is bright. Data collection is going to be more critical for businesses with time. Data mining is a technical process. Scrapers code each website to do a wide scraping. It shows that every second person cannot scrape web pages. If you practice and learn these skills, you can see it will have a broad scope in future.

How one can make money by web scraping?

Web scraping is going to prove the best earning skill in 2021. The Web scraping worth learning, you get a handsome amount by offering web scraping services to others.

  • Web scraping services:

It is considered as the most practiced activity performed by IT companies. You can scrape data about products, rates, jobs and peoples interest. Many companies use manual and old procedures for data mining. Therefore, they don’t grow effectively in their business. To those companies, you can offer your web scraping services and can earn handsome income.

  • Freelancer:

There are different platforms such as Upwork, fiver, guru and freelance.com, where people make various gigs. You can also make a gig of web scraping on these platforms. People from throughout the world approach you and ask about your web scraping services. Freelancing becomes a part-time job for millions of people, and you can also earn dollars with free scraping if you are going to work as freelancer web scraping worth learning.

  • Data selling:

You can also sell data by web scraping. Many people are looking for trending topics and information regarding those topics you can sell data to these people and earn.

  • Reselling:

One of the fundamental ways in which you make money by web scraping is getting prices off websites. There are different e-commerce stores and brands where things go out of stock quickly when prices decrease. Web scraping checks the time when costs reduce and buy the products automatically before sold out. You can sale these products on your price because they have demand in the market. It is the best way to earn from web scraping.

Benefits of web scraping:

Web scraping is advantageous in many fields. It is the reason that web scraping worth learning with the advancement of online areas. Here are some benefits of web scraping through which you can understand the importance of this skill.


In the coming years, web scraping will be necessary for the lead generation process. Data extraction has a significant role in the marketing of products. You get massive benefit in marketing field through data mining.


In an e-commerce business, you can know about the prices of products through web scraping. The demand for data scraping increases in the field of e-commerce stores travels agencies, hotels and restaurants.

Research market:

Trends and peoples interest in specific products has a critical role in the equity market. You can know about trends and latest upcoming forecasts about the market through web scraping. It helps marketers to spend their money sensibly in their projects.

Web scraping tools and proxies:

When you are scraping any website, the need for the proxy is necessary. A dedicated proxy is a gateway between user and server computer that prevents you from hackers. It masks your IP address and gives you an easy and quick approach to the targeted site. Several reasons make proxy essential for data extraction.

  • Proxies with web scraping tools make data extraction reliable.
  • Proxies are useful when you scrape product data from online retailers.
  • The proxy allows you to give high commands and requests to targeted sites.
  • Proxies hide your IP address and provide you with millions of alternative addresses.


Web scraping worth learning in coming years and become your source of income. Different scrapers are offering web scraping services and earn a handsome amount. In the coming years, as the information is increasing on the internet, web scraping demand is also growing. The scope of web scraping is growing in different fields such as marketing, selling and reselling. Web scraping worth learning with time; therefore, you should invest in this skill in 2021.

Best parsehub proxies for web scraping?

Scraping tools are useful and famous nowadays. Without scraping tools, it takes too much time to mine data from websites. Scraping tools makes your work easy. Now you can sit back and enjoy scraping web pages automatically. There are different scraping tools, among which one is Parsehub. It is a visual data extraction tool widely in use nowadays. Only scraping tools are not enough for data mining. Therefore, with scraping tools, use of proxies is necessary. Similarly, there are a variety of parsehub proxies use for data extraction world widely.

Prefer to use an aqua proxy for parsehub. It has many advantages. It is a cheap and reliable proxy for parsehub. Please don’t go for smart proxy with parsehub because it is not reliable. We recommend you to use aqua proxy whenever you go for scraping with parsehub.

What is parsehub?

It is mentioned earlier that parsehub is a visual extraction tool. It uses for data harvesting and web scraping. Data extraction or web scraping can be legal or illegal depending upon the usage. There are some cases in which bots gather data from the targeted website. People use this data to check the analytics of their competitors. Moreover, they use this data to rank their website on different search engines.

With the use of API, people can quickly get approach to the website. But if websites are dynamically poor, you have to scrape website manually to extract data. Manually scraping can be done but it takes many days and even weeks to scrape data. In this way, parsehub proxies prove as best scraping tools. Parsehub is specially designed to scrape websites. It supports JavaScript. When you scrape data then save data in spreadsheets and document format. Now you can use this harvested data quickly.

Use of proxies for parsehub:

Whenever you use scraping tools for data mining, these tools send a concurrent request to the website. If you are using scraping tools alone, it can be detected and blacklisted. It happens because with the advancement of technology restriction and privacy policies are also get advance. Now you cannot scrape any website safely only with parsehub. It would be best if you had parsehub proxies to scrape data safely from web pages. Proxies hide your IP address and give you alternate IP’s. When you send multiple requests with the use of proxies, you are considered as different individuals. Proxies mask your personal information, and you keep safe from hackers.

We recommend you ProxyAqua proxies for parsehub. It is considered as the best proxy for scraping tools.

Rotating aqua proxies for proxy parsehub:

Rotating proxies are best to use for scraping data. Here are many reasons due to which you should choose aqua proxies for parsehub proxies. Rotating proxies run proxies smoothly and have no bandwidth limits. The datacenter proxies are fast and mask your IP in the best manner. There are some advantages of using proxy aqua with scraping tools. Some of the benefits are given below:

  • HTTP requests:

Proxy aqua increases the limits of sending HTTP requests. You can make multiple requests within a few seconds through the use of proxy aqua with scraping tools. If you don’t use a proxy, you can get a block or mislead. If you have a business site and you get detected then your performance effects badly. Privacy policies limit browsing data. Scrapbooks have huge security limitations without the latest proxies. In this way, proxy aqua makes your performance efficient.

  • Undetectable proxy:

When you use proxy aqua for parsehub proxies, your IP address cannot be detected. The back connects proxies from proxy aqua retrieves data. Dedicated static aqua proxy squeezes several requests from one IP address to the website. Network security cannot detect your IP address, and you get safe and quick access.

  • Everlasting IP addresses:

Proxy aqua provides you everlasting IP addresses. When the IP address gets refreshed continuously, you can avoid being blocked. It gives your search the capability to scale far more than using any static proxy for parsehub. Rotating proxy from proxy aqua acts like a tire and provide you with new IP continuously.

  • Highly secured:

When you use proxy aqua, it provides you with an extensive IP pool with scraping tools like parsehub. The pool of IP address shows that you are not an individual, but millions of people are visiting a site. In this way, proxy aqua provides you with a highly secured method of scraping web pages. When you have a large number of IP addresses, the risk of intermediate attacks or monitoring session is significantly reduced.

  • Proxy replacement:

Rotating proxies of proxy aqua provide back connect nodes for entire pools. In this way your proxy replacement takes place. You can use US-targeted proxies in another origin like Germany. Proxy replacement helps to prevent you from hackers. Your personal information remains safe due to proxy replacement.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, proxy aqua is best for parsehub proxies. One of the primary reason for using proxy aqua is that you can bypass any content without geographical restrictions. You can also get access to streaming websites which is not allowed in your origin.


Parsehub proxies is an excellent scraping tool for data mining. Moreover, proxies help prevent from blocking and tracking. When you use proxy aqua with parsehub tools, you can achieve the maximum from your experience with parsehub. Use of aqua proxies with parsehub is very advantageous. Especially the rotational proxies from aqua proxy provide you with millions of IP addresses. It hides your address and prevents your information from leakage. If you don’t use a proxy, then network servers can detect you during scraping, and you have to face blocking from the website. Use of proxy aqua with parsehub proxies give you efficient result during scraping.

What skills and techniques required to master web scraping?

Web scraping is a function which performs to extract particular data in a semi-structured manner from a web page. The website page builds through using languages such as HTML or XML, and the procedure will check the document before starting to extract data. Web scraping or data scraping is a skill. It is not as easy and straightforward as it seems to be. It is the most coveted skill of the twenty-first century. Web scraping is not easy. There are different skills for master web scraping, which is required to learn for exact data extraction.

Skills for web scraping:

Without skills and practice, you cannot perform your work well. Similarly, for web scraping, you should also need some skills. There are several skills required for web scraping. Here we mention some essential and fundamental skills every scraper should know.

  • Programming language:

Web scraping relies on the programming language. You should know about Python, C++, Java, Matlab, SQL and SAS languages. It can not be recommendable that which language is the best. It depends upon the webpage you want to scrape. But it is observed that phyton is the most popular programming language for web scraping.

  • Framework (Storm, Samza, Spark, Hadoop):

One of the essential skill for master web scraping is the processing of the framework. It is a process od data extraction from large quantities of the individual data point. The most implemented frameworks are Hadoop and spark. Hadoop is the best for batch workloads. Spark is suitable for mixed web scraping.

  • Linux:

Linux is a famous operating system for web scraping. It is a stable and efficient operating system. For web scraping, you should know about common commands of Linux.

  • Database:

The database is an essential skill for master web scraping. You should know the relational and non-relational database.

  • Microsoft excel:

Dynamic web query in Microsoft Excel is a versatile method to scrape external websites. Therefore, you should have the skill to operate Microsoft excel and manage spreadsheets.

  • Selenium web driver:

You should have complete knowledge of working with selenium. It is an open-source automation tool. You can use selenium web driver with chrome browser and any other browser for web scraping.

  • Parse beautiful soup:

If web scraping is your job, then you must have the skill to parse beautiful soup. It converts HTML and XML documents into readable file. It gives you access to your required information quickly.

  • Scraping URLs:

Before going to web scraping, you should have skill and practice for scraping URL. When you can scrape URL, then it is easy for you to access the targeted site quickly.

The need for web scraping:

It is a way to extract data quickly. You can remove data from any website with web scraping. On every website, you cannot copy and paste data, and web scraping helps to take out data feasibly. Web scraping also changes the format of data in your required form. In simple words, web scraping saves you from the troublesome process of copying and downloading data and automates the whole process.

Web scraping tools:

Your skills cannot work for you in web scraping if you don’t know about tools. There are different tools which are using for web scraping. Web scraping tools are specially design to extract data. These tools are also known as web harvesting tools. Some of the best scraping tools are:

  • Scraping hub
  • Parse hub
  • scraper

Role of proxies in web scraping:

Web scraping is very common among freelancers nowadays. There is a number of skills required for web scraping. But only skills are not enough. There is a number of websites and web pages which have strict privacy. Due to strict privacy policies, your IP gets banned. There are several reasons due to which role of dedicated proxies in web scraping is essential.

  • Proxies make web scraping more reliable. It reduces the chance that your IP address gets banned or blacklisted.
  • It enables you to scrape webpage from a particular geographical region. Proxies allow you to see a specific web content that the website shows for a given location. It is more valuable for online retailers.
  • If you use a pool of proxies, you can make a higher volume of requests. You can scrape data from the targeted webpage without being banned.
  • Proxies provide you with a large number of IP addresses. It hides your original IP address. When you visit a website from one IP again and again, you can be blacklist. Some websites impose IP bans. Website honors have a record of malicious actors overloading sites with large volumes of requests.
  • When you scrape a website with proxies, you can make unlimited concurrent sessions to the same or variety of websites.


Web scraping is familiar nowadays. Especially for marketing strategies, data can extract from different websites. Extraction of data is not simple and easy. You must have Skills for web scraping. For processing any technique and work skills are necessary.

Similarly, for web scraping, you should know about programming languages. Programming is essential for approaching any web page. You also should know file formats. If you have skills, you also have useful tools for scraping. Data can easily extract if you have skills and the best tools. Moreover, it’s not easy to get access to any web page with the same IP address. You need a large number of IP addresses for data extraction.

In this way role of proxies in web, scraping is essential. Proxies provide you rotational and dedicated IP addresses through which you can get access to blocked sites quickly.

Instagram IP Ban? How to unblock it.

An Instagram IP ban is a restriction of an Instagram account on a specific device or area. When your Instagram account’s IP gets banned, then you cannot access your Instagram account. It happens because your IP address is now blacklisted, and the network cannot give you an approach to the account. Make sure that which IP address is banned. Whether it is your device IP address or Instagram is restricted in your origin. If you can log in to your Instagram account with another device, it means that your particular device’s IP address is blacklisted. But if you cannot access your account from any device, it means that Instagram is restricted in your area.

Avoid Instagram IP ban:

Users have to face an Instagram IP ban if they go against Instagram policies’ rules and regulations. It also happens if you tease some other user and they report your ID. Therefore you should take care of the terms and policies of Instagram. In some cases, you don’t misbehave and don’t do anything to invite an IP ban, but you have to face this problem. Now here is a question that how can you avoid Instagram IP ban? There are some common but essential things you have to prevent an IP ban. If you have an Instagram account and are getting banned, you should follow the following instructions.

  • If there is no post on your Instagram account, don’t like and comment on others’ posts until you upload post on your Upload different content on your instagram account almost for weeks. During this, please don’t go on others’ timelines for liking and commenting on their posts. The reason behind this is that if you don’t upload anything on your account and only go for liking and commenting on other’s posts, it seems that you have a fake account.
  • If you are receiving a pop-up message of an action blocked, contact an Instagram service provider, use the option of telling us so Instagram can check your complaint.
  • If Instagram is banned in your origin, and you want to use Instagram, you must use Instagram proxy.

Proxy for Instagram:

With the help of a proxy, you can command the website. Every request and command is handled through proxy server, so the website detects the proxy server and its IP as a user. Each proxy server has its unique IP address. Initially, proxy servers are used for privacy protection and anonymity. But with the development of the internet and its benefits for e-commerce attract the marketers, they start using proxies for extracting data from Instagram and target their audience. Similarly, with the advancement of Instagram, the time needs Instagram proxy. Proxies are used to handle multiple Instagram accounts at the same time. Instagram has limited the number of accounts for a single user, but proxy makes it possible for users to run various accounts from one device simultaneously.

With the help of proxies, one manager can handle various accounts, or a single account can be run by different employees. If people try to do this without proxy, they get banned.

Use of Instagram proxy:

Controllers having a huge profile of accounts have to use Instagram proxies, and they have to forward the action of each account through the dedicated IP address of the proxy server. Limit and isolate every Instagram account. When you use this trick, every account is considered individually, and the risk of being blocked or blacklisted is reduced. The Instagram proxy is used by managers with multiple accounts and also has some common uses. Companies employ remote social media managers with the help of proxies. If a manager works remotely from another country, he has to face an IP ban or block account if his account is detected. In this case, proxies connect the Instagram account to a dedicated IP address. In this way, the employee and manager can forward the account through a proxy server.

Setup Instagram proxy:

Follow the given instructions to link your Instagram account through a proxy server:

  • Introduce combine growth.
  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Go to tools.
  • Click on preferences.
  • Go to proxy setting.
  • Select the category of the proxy, general proxy, or account proxy.
  • Selection of host type and fill spaces about the host, port, and proxy login.
  • Click on save.
  • Repeat the process with all of your Instagram accounts.

Best Instagram proxies:

Here are some best Instagram proxies through which you can make your Instagram account safe and secure.

Dedicated proxies are IP addresses dedicated by a secondary organization that is not particularly your home’s internet service provider. These proxies work great and are highly recommended for beginners because they are cheaper than residential proxies. Residential proxies are IP addresses given by ISP wired into your home, but it is a little bit expensive.


ProxyAqua’s Dedicated proxies, and it works great. Its setup process is quick and easy.


  • Cheap
  • More residential IPs.
  • Easy and quick to use.


  • Limit geotargeting.
  • Slow email support.


Instagram proxies are useful for the user who wants to manage multiple Instagram accounts. With the help of proxies, you can avoid an IP ban. Moreover, it is helpful to gain the following. For Instagram, different proxies are available, such as dedicated proxies, shared proxies, residential proxies, free, and paid proxies. If you are using Instagram to run your business, then choose the proxy wisely. Always avoid using shared and open proxies. It will prove harmful for your accounts.

How to use Proxies for Web Scraping with Puppeteer and avoid IP Blocks

Google has built a tool for web developers which is known as the puppeteer. This tool is specially designed to control the headless and non-headless browsers. It is a node library having a high-level API. The headless browser provides you with automatic control of a web page. Puppeteer is a successful method to scrape data from web pages. When a website is scraped through puppeteer, many people have to face IP block. There are different proxies for puppeteer that proves helpful and avoid ID blocks.

Use of Puppeteer for scraping:

Puppeteer automates testing and scraping operations. It is a headless browser lacking flash player and another type of software that leak information of the user and provide to the target website. The Proxies for puppeteer helps to increase the success rate while extracting data. It helps to prevent ID from blacklisting and blocking during scraping. As compared to other headless tools, the puppeteer is an automation tool. Puppeteer provides real-user behavior that automates the testing and scraping of data easy. The main advantage of the puppeteer is that when you use puppeteer, you do not need to open the browser.

The need for puppeteer proxies:

Proxies for puppeteer cannot code your IP address and provide you with an alternate ID. It is a tool to control browsers whether they are headless or non-headless. It eliminates the need for operating java scripts, pages, or pages redirects. A puppeteer can code every part of a surrounding except your ID. Therefore during data scraping your IP address can be detected and blocked. They can ask you for captcha filing, even when you are browsing, you usually have to fill captcha various times. Proxies for puppeteer give you easy access to your target websites and pages.

How to avoid an IP block?

It is necessary to avoid IP bans, and captchas, if you want to work smoothly. Proxies play a role in testing your applications in every corner of the world. It is also needed if you’re going to extract data from multiple web pages. Proxies for puppeteer not only give the location of real-user you needed but it will also keep you anonymous and will provide exact and accurate data you are looking for. With the help of puppeteer proxies, you can use multiple web pages and browsers in one time. Each proxy provides you with a different and unique ID, and it also gives you other test performance and speed of application you are running. If you want to test your site in multiple locations, you need proxies. The authentication of these proxies will help you to operate a variety of pages simultaneously.

Benefits of puppeteer proxies:

There are many benefits of using proxies for puppeteer:

  • Give you unique id.
  • Help in testing and scraping application automatically.
  • Scrape rate increases.
  • Meagre chance to get a ban.
  • Puppeteer give access to browse with incognito.

ProxyAqua with Puppeteer:

The most reliable proxies for puppeteer is ProxyAqua. It provides you dedicated IP address with multiple locations. All the IDs offer you an excellent approach to excess data from different sites. You can successfully scrape data through these proxies without any fear of being blocked. It helps to manage and control proxy parameters easily. These proxies provide you with a variety of IP address, and you can use any IP to achieve your aim. The 1Gbps speed is the main feature that makes ProxyAqua an excellent choice for the puppeteer. It helps to generate screenshots and keep your information private. To extract data successfully, you need authentication of proxies. ProxyAqua are highly recommended proxies for the puppeteer. You have several IDs, and you can securely scrape pieces of information. Server near you will enhance the speed and give excellent performance.

Guide for using puppeteer:

Puppeteer is a little bit complex to use. There are some main features about which every developer should know. Here is a guide to using puppeteer smoothly with proxies.

Headless Mode:

Puppeteer, such as selenium activates the headless mode. It helps to prevent your screen from rendering and saving extra data. If you try to run puppeteer in the usual manner with the help of proxies, it will give you result error.

Never use Unnecessary Tabs:

Mostly held mistake that affects the performance of the puppeteer proxy is the use of so many tabs. When you are launching a browser, avoid using a new tab. It is a very common mistake held by many users.

Using a Proxy:

Whenever you want to scrape data from different web pages and websites, you can get a block. The simple bot-defense process detects your IP address saves in the database, and you never go back to that site again with the same IP. When you stuck into this type of situation, you have to use proxies for the puppeteer. It gives you an excellent result while you are extracting data.

Correct Screen Resolution:

Screen resolution has a core part of the operating system smoothly. You need to match the screen resolution with your device. If you are going to scrape a desktop website, then you need to check the resolution of the screen with popular desktop resolution. The commonly observed screen resolution nowadays ranges 1366×768. It can be set according to the page requirement.


It is very teasing to get banned while extracting data from different sites. It slows down the process of scraping, and even sometimes all your efforts go in vain. The Proxies for puppeteer helps to prevent your ID from blocking whenever you do web scraping. These proxies provide you with dedicated IP addresses. IP addresses are in the significant number that you can use any IP address of your choice to complete your goal. ProxyAqua are highly admirable proxies for the puppeteer. It saves puppeteer, and your id never gets blocked and blacklisted. It is best for web developers who need data from different places. You can get successful access to the target site.

How do I unblock a website without a VPN?

All websites are not accessible to people. Some websites are restrict in some areas. There are different ways to approach to restricted sites. The website is prohibited, and maybe it will be block at your origin due to miss use or any other reason. People prefer to unblock website with VPN, but here are also some other methods through which you can unblock website without VPN. You can say these methods as an alternative to VPN.

Substitutes of VPN:

There are different alternative ways to unblock the website. Some of the methods are mention below, which used as alternatives to VPN.

1.     Short links:

You can unblock any restricted site by using short links of sites. Some browsers and websites shorten the URL such as google and Bitly. This method is helpful in almost in every case. This process is very easy to follow, you have to copy the URL of blocked site and paste into bar provided by various sites. Now you will get a short URL to which you can use for unblocking the website. It is an easy and efficient process of unblocking any banned and restricted site

2.     Use of translator:

You can unblock different sites by using a translator. Different translators translate one language into others. The most common use translator is a google translator. You have to copy the link of block site in the address bar. The translator will translate link into the language of your choice and provides the new link. But this method is not useful always.

3.     Use of HTTPS:

Many people unblock pages and sites with HTTP. Moreover, it is not much tricky to use. You can easily unblock site with HTTP. HTTP provides a safe connection. It uses SSL permission for verification

4.     Use of proxy to unblock website:

If you are not getting access to any web page directly or web page is blocked, then you can unblock website with proxy. The proxy gives you with an alternative IP address. The IP address belongs to the area where a specific page in not banned and blocked. There are different types of proxies use to unblock sites. People mostly prefer to use a proxy server for approaching unblocked sites after VPN. There are different types of proxies. Some are paid and dedicated proxies while others are free and shared proxies. One person only uses paid and dedicated proxies. And it is your proxy only. While shared proxy, as the name shows, is shared and used by a group of people. Its use is not secure. People mostly prefer to use dedicated proxies to unblock websites.

Difference between Proxy and VPN:

The proxy and VPN both are use for unblocking pages and sites. Both have the same functions, but there is some difference in security connections and methodology. Here are some points that show comparison and contrasts of proxy vs VPN.

VPN and proxy are techniques that keep your work and usage private when you use the internet. Both tools have the same function, but they work differently. If you are sending or receiving emails, video streaming or approach to any website, VPN and dedicated proxy give you privacy protection. If we talk about proxy then, you can say that proxy is another computer which is present between you and your server. Whenever you connect to your internet, you have to connect with proxy at first. When once you get connected, you will be connect to your required page outside the host server. Both VPN and proxy is significantly benefiting in hiding your original IP address. Both provide you with the IP address which belongs to the proxy server and hides the actual identity. In this way your location keeps private.

  • VPNs are advantageous over a proxy because VPN encrypts your data and information. VPNs can encrypt the traffic on your website while proxies cannot. In this way, you remain protected from hackers. Proxy is also saving but not in all cases.
  • As compared to the proxy, the security policy of the VPN is more strict. VPN promotes privacy in the online system. In online banking, transactions and billing procedures, VPN protects the accounts from hackers. VPN continues to update its privacy policy to make the system more secure. While proxy always remains vulnerable to hackers attack. Moreover, proxy servers save your data, and it can send your data to a third party.
  • Proxy and VPN both can cause your browsing slow. It depends upon the number of users. If we talk about free proxies, then it is a fact that free proxy connections are not secure for a long time and it is slow due to less support and slower infrastructure.
  • Just like free proxies, free VPN is also provided. But experts always recommend using paid proxies and paid VPN. The reason is that the paid services offer you a great security system. Free proxies and free VPN are not reliable to use.
  • VPNs work on operating system while the proxies work on the application level.
  • VPNs are slower as compared to proxies. But there are some other techniques through which you can enhance the browsing speed.

You can see in proxy vs VPN that are both have some pros and cons. If you don’t want to approach to web pages through the VPN, then the proxy is the best and excellent choice after VPN. But it would be best if you preferred to use paid proxies.


VPNs are used to get access to different restricted and block websites. But there are also other options to unblock websites without VPN. You have a variety of options like HTTPS, translators and proxies, After VPN proxy is more reliable to unblock any web page quickly and securely. The one method is not reliable for all the sites. According to the site you want to unblock, you have to choose the method for getting access. The difference between VPN and proxy shows that both are alternatives of each other, only with some minor differences.