LinkedIn proxies | How it’s important to scrape LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the renowned and prodigious social media platforms. Now a days people utilize this platform for getting job. Great companies look for professionals on LinkedIn. Therefore, people make proficient profiles on this platform and sell their skills. Even huge companies and businesses use this platform for advertising themselves.

A complete profile on LinkedIn creates chances for you to get hired on high position. Even you can post your projects, pictures and work-related assignments on LinkedIn. It shows that like other social media platform, it has a huge information about individuals. You can see the interest and rankings of companies but it is not as easy as it seems to be.

Therefore, people try to extract data from LinkedIn. But LinkedIn scraping cannot be done manually. You need LinkedIn proxies scraping data from LinkedIn.

What are LinkedIn proxies.

A distinctive IP address of every device is an identification of that device. Proxy act as mask of that device. It replaces your original IP address and proceed request from an alternative IP address. With LinkedIn proxies you can approach and make profile on LinkedIn from the area where it is restricted. The only thing you should keep in mind that always uses quality proxies for LinkedIn.

It is not only used to bypass geo restricted areas but most commonly theses proxies are used for scraping and data extraction.

LinkedIn scraping.

Keep in mind that scraping is prohibited. You cannot scrape someone’s personal data openly. There are some ways through which you can scrape information but only when you have a positive purpose. LinkedIn proxies allow you to scrape LinkedIn, to see the ranking of different business and companies. These proxies can gather information completely from LinkedIn profiles and even emails.

The scraping tools on LinkedIn demand URLs of profile as target. The proxies take a look at each profile with change IP address. Then it extracts every piece of information from each profile. You can get whole information including name, biodata, place, date of birth and qualification.

Importance of scraping.

Especially for developing businesses and companies scraped data has great importance.

·       Opponent analysis.

Scraped data help you to know about your competitors. You can check their audience and reason of progress. Moreover, you can come to know about their weaknesses and strengths through scraping. Similarly, LinkedIn scraping help you to make attractive profile so companies approach you to get hired for top most position. Moreover, as a business running company you can compete with others.

·       Invest wisely.

If you scrape data from business profiles of LinkedIn then you can think wisely about investment. Moreover, you can sponsor companies and organizations for your products. LinkedIn is a complete package from where you get information about small level of business to international level. There you can know about small jobs and even you can get big opportunities from LinkedIn which can change your life.

But for this all you need a complete data analysis of targeted people. You cannot do this target analysis manually. Therefore, in this regard LinkedIn proxies done this whole process automatically.

The best proxies for LinkedIn.

A number of proxy servers are offering their proxies. but the main thing you should focus on is shared, free, dedicated and residential proxies. never go for scraping with shared and free proxies because in this way you will have to pay off for the mistake of other.

Always choose dedicated and paid proxies for LinkedIn. These proxies keep your information protected. Residential proxy is a good choice when you have some restricted approach to LinkedIn.

These proxies help you to see all the information of profiles which has blocked you. Without any restriction you can completely visit profiles on LinkedIn with the help of LinkedIn proxies.

Advantages and disadvantages of utilizing proxies for LinkedIn.

Some of the main advantages and disadvantages of proxies are given below.


·       Security enhancement.

The proxy when you utilize for LinkedIn provide an extra layer of security. You can visit whole LinkedIn within veil through proxies. nothing can be come in your way as a hurdle when you extract data from LinkedIn with these proxies.

·       Get access from worldwide.

Proxies make it sure that you can get access to the profile of LinkedIn from any corner of the world. Now you do not need to worry if LinkedIn is not allowed in your area or country. You can get benefited from LinkedIn properly by utilizing proxies.

·       Masks your online activity.

Even you are scraping data from LinkedIn or doing another online activity, proxies conceal your online record. In this way you remain protected from hackers and malicious attacks commonly occur during online acts.


·       Expenditure.

For buying quality LinkedIn proxy you need to spent a huge expense on buying them. Therefore, choose an excellent proxy and spent wisely otherwise it is one of the huge disadvantages of proxy.

·       Danger of cybercrime.

Websites update their policies and privacy regularly. In this way your proxy can be detected and your personal information can be leaked out when you try to access that website again.

The best proxy server.

The proxy aqua is the best and excellent proxy server. They provide you best LinkedIn proxies according to your requirement and use. It has a wide range of shared, dedicated and private proxies.

It has different packages for its clients. Look at these packages and select the most suitable one for yourself. Proxy aqua is the biggest proxy provider platform from where you get proxies for different tasks within affordable price.


LinkedIn is a hub of information for business companies and organizations. Moreover, you can approach a number of people of your interest on LinkedIn. But it is not simple task to get approach to people therefore you need to scrape data automatically. For this automatic process you need to scrape linked with the help of LinkedIn proxies. ProxyAqua is a huge proxy supplier from where you get proxy within the most affordable range.

How to Unblock And Scrape eBay With Proxies

eBay is an American website. It is an e-commerce website that facilitates consumer to consumer and business to consumer’s sales. People are doing multibillion-dollar business through eBay. This website is running in almost 32 countries. Huge purchases and sales are made through this website every day. But unfortunately, eBay is banned in some countries. Therefore many people don’t get access to this website quickly. In this article, you will learn how to unblock and scrape eBay with proxies.


Proxies are intermediate between user and server. It provides a connection between user and server.

Similarly, several proxies are used to unblock and scrape eBay with proxies. With the help of proxies, you can use every website that will be banned in your country area. Proxies provide you different IP addresses, and no one can recognize that you are using the website from a banned country. To unblock and scrape eBay with proxies you have to get ProxyAqua.

Get access to eBay with Aqua Proxy:

You can call ProxyAqua as a market of proxies. You can get access to rotational proxies, roaming, static proxies through an ProxyAqua. ProxyAqua provides you access to different websites as well as different applications that are restricted in the countryside. Similarly ProxyAqua is the best and secure to unblock and scrape eBay. You can use an ProxyAqua for Facebook, Instagram and other different applications. If you want to unblock and scrape eBay with eBay proxies then ProxyAqua is the best among all the proxies.

How to scrape eBay with ProxyAqua?

Like other proxies, the ProxyAqua has the same function, but it is a more advanced proxy market. It acts as a connector between user and server. It ensures the availability of following advanced features through which you can scrape eBay.

1.     IP address variation:

You can get a variety of IP addresses through ProxyAqua that is beneficial for hiding your original location. You can get an approach to blocked eBay sites from every corner of the world.

2.     Reduces risk:

ProxyAqua reduces the risk for you from being blocked and restricted from eBay. And you can easily use the data of that site without showing your original identity.

3.     Quick access:

ProxyAqua provides you quick and easy access to the banned and blocked eBay sites. Any application that is blocked in your countryside, you can use them with ProxyAqua. You can get quick access to those sites.

4.     Several numbers of proxies availability:

ProxyAqua ensures the availability of different types of proxies for your different tasks.

ProxyAqua proxies for eBay unblocking and scraping data:

1.     Smooth and no bandwidth limit:

We suggest clients use rotating proxies from the ProxyAqua to unblock and scrape data from eBay.  There are many benefits. Therefore, we suggest you for ProxyAqua. ProxyAqua makes your rotating proxies smooth, and there is no bandwidth limit of rotating proxies in ProxyAqua. A Datacentre proxy has an essential part of securing your proxies and hiding your original IP address during unblocking and scraping eBay. According to the latest information, rotating proxy presents the proxy realm along with peer-to-peer circulation in the latest technology. Residential proxies for mobiles are attaining more meaning for intelligence sales purposes and scraping of information.

2.     ProxyAqua proxy is more advantageous to scrape and unblock eBay:

Rotating proxy from an ProxyAqua is more advantageous as compared to another proxy server. Because it gives a rotational IP address, this helps you to keep secrete your original IP address in the similar way as a TOR. In this way, your every research and data scraping is done through different IP addresses. The proxy router is also beneficial in this way that it is reliable for the site where proxy servers cannot get access.

Why ProxyAqua proxy is the best for eBay?

There are five reasons due to which we suggest the use of a rotating proxy from the ProxyAqua.

1.     It enhances the limit of sending HTTP access:

A business that uses proxies they get different requests within a minute. And after some time, the site on which you get access block you after recognizing your IP address. On business sites, blocks, restrictions and security create a massive dent in performance and profitability.  Everyone should monitor business without being blocked. For eBay ProxyAqua is the best for monitoring. Security measures and privacy policy can timeout limits and protect from IP address detection. ProxyAqua is a useful and latest proxy that enhances the limit of sending HTTP requests.

2.     Undetectable proxy:

The rotating proxies of ProxyAqua are not detectable. Rotating proxies are reverse proxies that allow you to access different sites with a variety of IP addresses. The data you can retrieve from eBay with this proxy returns to the user without tracking the server. An undetectable proxy is beneficial in hiding your original IP address.  If your proxy can be tracked, then it will be harmful to you. And sites block you and restrict the approach of your IP address. Therefore, rotating proxy from ProxyAqua helps to give a wide range of IP addresses.

3.     ProxyAqua provides everlasting IP addresses:

On every research and visit of the eBay site when you get access through different IP address chances of being blocked is reduced. This provides your application with the ability to scale far more than using a set of static proxies. ProxyAqua provides everlasting IP addresses through a rotational proxy.

4.     Highly secured proxy:

ProxyAqua provides a large pool of IP addresses to the rotational proxy. A pool is very large that even a single man can scrape data from eBay like hundreds, thousands, and millions of people. This can reduce the risk of attacks or any monitoring session. VPN helps to encrypt the traffic of the website, and proxy hides your IP address. This lowers the security of websites.

5.     ProxyAqua manages proxy replacement:

If you want to change the rotational proxy with a static proxy or vice versa, then ProxyAqua provides you the option of replacement.  This saves your precious time that you spent on monitoring.

You should use ProxyAqua for unblocking and scraping data from eBay:

Whenever you want to choose a proxy for unblocking and scraping data from eBay, you have to compare it with other proxies. Whenever you compare the rotating proxy of ProxyAqua with other proxy servers, you can decide that ProxyAqua is the best option for unblocking and scraping data from eBay. The first thing you have to decide for the ProxyAqua is that what you want to prefer, either a rotating proxy or a residential proxy. ProxyAqua suggests the use of roaming proxies because they are more secure. ProxyAqua rotating proxies have easy back connected nodes for IP pools.

What are Best Niches to Get more Leads with Residential Proxies

Best Niches to Get Leads with Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies hide the original IP address of the user. You can make use of it in smart devices, software programs, and all major browsers. The block rate of residential proxies is comparatively low. Digital marketers use various social media accounts for successful marketing campaigns with the help of residential proxies. Most business persons already have the niches to get leads with residential proxies. If you don’t have the niche for your online business, then don’t worry. We will share the list of niches to get leads with residential proxies. The marketer must choose the right niches to get points with residential proxies and turn it into a significant profit.

As a digital marketer, you must be already aware of the importance of choosing the best niches to get leads and turn them into sales. Choosing the right niche for you requires a lot of time, but we did all the work for you. After selecting the best niche, the next task is to buy the residential proxies for you. Residential proxies help in increasing the reach of your business all over the world.

Let’s start with the list of best niches to get leads with residential proxies. Read carefully to choose the right niche for you.

List of Best Niches to Get Leads with Residential Proxies

The ultimate goal is to make money by turning leads into sales.

Make Money Online

Online money making is one of the popular niches among people. Everyone loves to learn the way of making money online. You can use the craze of the people for your successful online business. You can earn a handsome profit from the online money-making niche. Let me tell you how.

You need to create excellent value training materials for the people, so they get the benefit of it and make money online. Design your training material in a way that is helpful for all audiences from beginner, intermediate, or advanced skill holders. It would help if you used residential proxies for making multiple social media accounts. You can communicate with those people who take an interest in your niche.

In this way, make money online niche will help you earn money as well, and your business will grow. It is one of the fantastic niches to get leads with residential proxies. It would be best if you gave it a try.

Weight Loss

A significant group of people in this world has the craze to lose weight and look the fittest person. Weight loss is the best, as well as the most competitive niche in the market. Now, you must be thinking about how to give your competitors a tough time and become more successful. We have a fruitful solution for you. An excellent residential proxy can help you stand out from your competitors.

Well, follow the tips for introducing a successful campaign to get leads and make sales. Creating a beautiful website on the title of weight loss can be a plus point for profit-making. It’s isn’t as easy as it looks. You need to write engaging and informational content, which includes value to the readers. You can give guidance on weight loss and include success stories.

All set, now add the marketing material of your niche. The next step is to create social media campaigns. You will need multiple accounts for starting your campaign, which you can do easily with the help of residential proxies. A tip is to assign a sub-niche to each of your accounts like an account for weight loss for the woman.

You must use the individual proxy for each account, which will ensure that your account didn’t get block by social media. A convincing sales copy will turn leads into sales more quickly, focus on it as well. Looking for more niches to get leads with residential proxies? If so, Go ahead.


The relationship is one of the popular niches to get leads with residential proxies. The popularity of the relationship niche has taken the online world by storm. Whether a person is in a relationship or finding a relationship, he will need guidance to carry that relationship. That is the point you need to hit. You can use residential proxies to reach those people.

You can use multiple accounts of its sub-niches and assign different proxies to each sub-niche account. Sub-niche accounts can be traditional dating, conflict resolution, online dating, intimacy, and marriage.

After choosing the sub-niches, take some time to make attractive campaigns for each sub-niche. The proxies will lead your campaigns with more accuracy and reach the audience all over the world. It will help you in making money.


Anti-Aging niches to get leads with residential proxies is another way of making significant money. It is famous among the old as well as young people. Whether they are males or females, they want to remain young forever. You can resolve the worries of those people by offering the products which reduce or remove wrinkles and lines from the skin. You can sell these products to make money.

By using residential and dedicated proxies, you can make websites and multiple social media accounts to advertise your products.

Dog Training

Dog training is another remarkable niche to get leads with residential proxies. You can earn a significant profit from the dog training niche. There are multiple ways to make sales from this niche, but all of them require residential proxies for making campaigns successful.

You can create courses and publish training materials on your site. You can publish books on training a German shepherd or training Labrador retrievers. As the niche is broad, you will need multiple websites and social media accounts for each sub-niche. Also, proxies are a must.

You can create a master website with small landing pages for each product. These short landing pages will turn your campaign successful with lots of viewers and readers to your site, ranking you at the top in the search engine.

Final Thoughts

The proxies have immense importance in online marketing. The right niches to get leads with residential proxies plays a vital role in the thriving business as well. In our post, we write all the tips about several niches to get points with residential proxies. You can choose any of these niches to add value to your online business.

What is a Proxy? Quick guide about different types of Proxy.

As with the advancement in the internet & technology, many areas are improved. New software and application, different networks, and servers are being introduced to meet the needs of the people. Though it is business needs or personal needs. Proxy is another extremely amazing addition to this technology world. On one hand, proxy aids in protecting a business brand in innumerable ways. On the other hand, it is the tool for web scrapers and crawlers. For common people, it’s the way to unblock sites like Netflix and It is also beneficial for shopping online. Thus, there are several uses of proxies in this world and people use the proxy to meet their needs.

This article is intended to provide you detailed information about what is a proxy? Also, it will give you a quick guide about different types of proxy based on their uses and functionality.

Let us start with the basics of proxy. Later in this article, you will get information about different types of proxy.


What is a Proxy?

A proxy is a tool that hides your identity from the websites you send requests to. Whenever you request a web page from your computer first the request is sent to the proxy server. Then, it modifies client computer information and then transfers the request to the website. It is just like a middle man that fetch information from the computer to the requested website but with some modification.

Now, what do I refer to when I say modification?  Consider an example that you have an identity that is your name. also, you live somewhere that is your location, which means your address. If someone knows your name and address they can reach out to you. Similarly, a computer has an IP (internet protocol) address that reflects the computer user identity. It also locates the place where the user operates the PC. So, if you send a request to a website through your computer you send your IP and location too. This can lead to traceability.

So, a proxy is a tool that changes your IP and location from original to another. After this modification, the request is sent to the website. In this way, your identity, your data, or any information doesn’t reach to the website server.

Proxy has its IP and after collecting the relevant data from the requested websites, it transfers it to your network. In this way, the proxy acts as a barrier between you and the requested websites to maintain privacy and protection.

Proxy is used for many purposes.  For example, if you want to protect your intellectual property from infringement then a proxy can help you attain that. You can keep a close eye on the counterfeit activities, access the websites through different geo-locations, and can stay ahead in the protection of your brand.

Now let us give you a quick guide about different types of proxy and how are they different from each other



  • Datacenter proxy:

A data center proxy is a kind of proxy that has an artificial IP address that is not associated with an internet service provider. Hence, it just copies a real internet connection. One host server can create many data center proxies. So, that cluster of data center proxies may have similar IPs.due to shorter pool size. Using this proxy, there are high chances that the website will block your IP. People prefer data center proxy due to its speed of fetching information.


  • Residential proxy:

Residential proxy is affiliated with an internet service provider. The IP has a real address and location. The use of a residential proxy is highly recommended to imitate real human behavior while web scraping and botting. This provides efficient tasking and maintains a protection layer. This proxy is undetectable until the users use it perfectly.


  • Shared proxy:

Shared proxy as the terms indicate, is shared by many users. It is not very effective for the tasks but due to its low price, it is preferred by some users.

  • Private proxy:

Private proxy Is dedicated to be used by only one user at a time. Therefore, performs very well in terms of speed and maintains higher levels of anonymity. Privacy and protection are optimal in using a private proxy.

  • Public proxy:

A public proxy is in turn, the opposite of private proxy. This proxy is accessible to the public. People use it because it is cheap. Though, higher levels of unreliability and inability to perform the task are risks associated with a public proxy.

  • Dedicated proxy:

It is sort of similar to a private proxy. The term refers to the dedication of a proxy to only one user at a time.

  • Anonymous proxy:

As the term indicates anonymous proxy sends a request on your behalf without sharing your information. It is the best proxy in terms of maintaining privacy levels and levels of anonymity. This proxy prevents any chances of traceability to your IP and location, thus, allowing stress-free access to websites.


  • Sock5 proxy:

This proxy is highly integrated with security. It doesn’t only hide your IP form the websites but also hides your activities from the ISP too. This is a much safer proxy in terms of reliability and protection.


9) High-anonymity Proxy:

High anonymity proxy is the elite proxy. Hence, provides higher levels of anonymity. It changes IP addresses so that the websites will not be able to track the traffic source and, hence, results in higher success rates.


  • Rotating proxies:

These are considered to be safer when scraping data online. As you crawl through the sites rotating proxy rotates IPs and locations frequently. It makes it hard for the sites to detect the bots or crawlers. Because they think there is different traffic coming from different locations.

  • SSL proxy:

SSL proxy is a proxy that uses a secure SSL protocol to move data to provide extra-protection and anonymity to the user.

  • HTTP proxy:

This proxy can be used for different roles i.e. as an HTTP client and an HTTP server. It is used for security purposes. This proxy can be configured according to the mode of use. It may act as a modifier of IP or may create a secure HTTP client or HTTP server to grant security.


These were some common types of proxies and their functions.

Hence, the proxy has made our lives easier by providing us many benefits. Different proxy is used for different purposes. All of these serve many functions including protection, security, privacy, and anonymity.