Backconnect Proxy: What is it & Comparison to Other Proxies

Whenever you hear someone talking about proxies and explaining them, the chances are they only mention regular ones, and sometimes private ones at most. Most people don’t know what backconnect proxies are or how they work. Backconnect proxies work similar to Tor, but they differ greatly, so it’s best not to confuse them with Tor. Backconnect proxies contain a giant pool of active IPs, which gives a tremendous advantage in web scraping.

These backconnect proxies enable you to make multiple requests at a time, without you having to change the IP for each request. Because backconnect proxies work automatically, and whenever you give multiple requests, it auto-assigns each request to a different IP.

People don’t know about this much because they like using other kinds that remain constant in IP to play games on different region servers. However, there’s no proxy better than a backconnect proxy at web scraping. You can even make millions of requests within just a day. Backconnect proxy is so efficient and hassle-free for the user, but that’s not all there is to it. It has more benefits, and we will explain each to you as we discuss and how it compares to other proxies.

What’s A Backconnect Proxy, And How Does It Work?

Backconnect proxies work mostly by themselves, but that doesn’t make any sense, right? We think of them as automatic proxies that reduce all the hassle you go through when web scraping for each request. You have to assign one proxy to each, but that’s not the case with a backconnect proxy. You can just put several requests, and it auto-assigns each of them.

It can also bypass any IP bans by simply giving you a new IP. Since your requests have to go through a network pool, which contains a huge number of active IPs, it becomes almost impossible to trace you. The limit of IPs in a single proxy server network can depend on its owner because they can put any amount. But you will access the number mentioned in your package and how much you pay for it. So, it might be best to hide your IP in terms of anonymity and help you do things online.

Comparison to Other Proxies

·        IP Addresses

One major difference between a backconnect proxy and any other proxy is the number of IPs it deals with. Regular proxies, such as dedicated, private, and shared proxies, can contain from 1-20+ IPs. Dedicated proxies give you the number of proxies limited only to you, which you have to change manually at times. Private proxy gives only 1 IP per person, and only you can access it, while shared, on the other hand, can contain lots of IPs, each shared by 5-10 people sometimes.

Backconnect proxy contains hundreds to thousands of IPs in its proxy server. It’s best described as a pool where your requests take a dive and come up with one IP assigned to each.

·        Speed

Since the speed in a proxy is distributed by how many people use an IP, shared proxies are slowest. The other’s speed can vary depending on the money you pay for it. But since private and dedicated proxies can be limited only to you, they are often the fastest out of all of them. Backconnect proxies can be fast or just normal because you mostly use them for web scraping.

·        Quality of Proxy

Public and shared proxies are bad in quality; hence they are either free or extremely cheap. But as you pay more and change the type of proxy, they get better and faster. So, in the end, it depends on the type of package you can afford and which proxy you pay for.

·        Management

Regular proxies contain a proxy server that assigns you to an IP. It can be shared, private or residential, depending on what you pay for. The ones that are considered regular types of proxies have poor management compared to backconnect proxy. Backconnect proxy contains a proxy network filled with an endless stream of active IPs, and its managed so well that it assigns you to an IP automatically. This can help you bypass an IP ban without extra clicks and even access sites and perform multiple requests. Your every request will have different IP assigned and be considered as someone new.

Is the Backconnect Proxy The Same as Rotating or Reverse Proxy?

Many people mistake these three for being the same, but there are some differences you should know before trying to get any of them. For basics, rotating proxy is the same as backconnect proxies. Backconnect proxies are sometimes called backconnect rotating proxies, and their servers rotate after a period, so they get different names from people.

Since their working is the same, we consider both of these as one type, but the reverse proxy is different. It has the same functions but in reverse and is mostly used by websites to protect them from malicious acts. They use this type of proxy to hide and protect their servers and website, and it offers great anonymity to them. It’s not used for web scraping; it’s only a type of proxy similar to backconnect but used by websites.

Be Respectful When Using a Backconnect Proxy.

Although it enables you to perform multiple requests at once without having an IP ban, it’s still good to take a break between certain requests. Because you may overload a site by giving too many requests, and every backconnect proxy wants their users to be respectful and not exploit that benefit. Give a break and perform a certain number of requests at a time.


Backconnect proxy may be the best tool for web scraping; they still come with some cons, but most people like the benefits. So, it becomes easy to endure minor issues and perform your tasks better.

Backdrop proxy may not be the fastest type of proxies. But they are still one of the great and should be checked if you want to have its perks. They offer better anonymity than others and are automatic in some functions, making it hassle-free for you.

Everything you need to know about Headless Browser?

Over the past decades, technology has excelled exponentially, which is an excellent thing for us. There have been many inventions, and it has brought humanity to a level we could have never imagined. The creation of the internet and many things within the internet brought the world closer digitally. There is unlimited information that can be accessed with just a few clicks. If a person were to sit and try to gather all information present on the internet, it would take them hundreds of lifetimes.

In the midst of all that, there are many things we still don’t understand or don’t use often. One of them is a headless browser, yeah, we know the name sounds weird, but it makes complete sense.

Here, we are going to discuss what a headless browser is and how it’s beneficial for us, and why we should make more use of it.

Headless Browser

headless browser is like any other browser, and many of the browsers we use, google chrome, Mozilla, have a headless mode. The only difference is that they don’t contain a Graphic User Interface. Because of that, it is called headless, because it doesn’t have a face. When you search something on a headless browser, it doesn’t show the searches and pages on screen like normal. It shows you direct screen with the JavaScript language since there is no GUI, its logical to see that.

But how exactly does that benefit us, and what can we do with it? There are well lots of benefits, most for the programmers and their tests; however, there are also risks in it.

To understand its working, it’s merely a browser in which you see your searches and the process of browser in its raw form. Many programmers love to use it for testing their site or tools. We will explain each of those to you.

Benefits of Headless Browser

Headless browsers provide many benefits to even those who aren’t involved in programming. It can help you understand the process of searches and the browsers, but most importantly, its benefits are.

  • Headless browsers are ideally used when the machine that uses it does not have any GUI. Linux and other machines which don’t use any GUI are seen as a suitable device for using the headless browsers. Because they don’t contain a graphic user interface and can show the command-line interface, without having an interface to display the user.
  • As compared to regular browsers, headless browsers are super faster, and it’s the biggest reason why they are used to people need to research. The typical browser can take as less as a second to load, but the constant going through sites to confirm whether it works. It makes the process slower and can cost minutes or hours when used in big projects.
  • When its time to use a browser for parallel tests, the normal ones take a lot of memory and resources. Because GUI continuously consumes memory in the background, so, headless browsers are an ideal choice when you want to avoid that.
  • This one is for programmers, if you have finished cross-browser testing, and want to execute regression testing. Headless browsers may be the right thing to use. Its functioning makes it perfect for those tasks.
  • Often, when the goal is to run multiple browsers on one machine or doing test cases for data creation. It’s great to use a headless browser in that case.
  • Since they are relatively faster and don’t consume as much memory, its perfect tool for those situations. Because sometimes we don’t want to view anything and make sure all tasks are successfully performing in order. In those cases, it’s faster and more efficient to use the headless browser instead of the normal one.

Downsides of Headless Browsers

Although there are many advantages to headless browsers, there are also few downsides, which make them malicious and bad for use. Some of them can be

  • They can be used to automate web sites for credential stuffing, which is a cyberattack used to steal account details on the site. It provides the email, and password of all users on the site, and hackers can use the browser to their advantage.
  • It’s also used by hackers to perform DDOS attacks on specific web sites. Which is illegal and you can go to jail for it.
  • Even though its most significant advantage is its speed, people still find it as a disadvantage. Because you can debug an issue easily when it loads the pages so fast. So, in those cases, people prefer normal browsers.
  • RBT (real-browser testing) is performed when the GUI is present. So, the tests are usually performed in front of its user, and the user and the team can interact due to this. If there are any changes required or corrections to be made, it’s not recommended to use headless browser.
  • Since GUI is absent when using a headless browser, it becomes difficult to report errors by using screenshots. The normal browser can help take screenshots, and they are needed for testing. So, the headless browser can be deficient in those situations.
  • Whenever there is browser debugging required in a significant amount, it can be challenging to use the headless browsers.


So, it’s evident that headless browsers are faster and sometimes efficient than real browsers. But their downsides in some tasks make them the second choice. People lean more towards real browsers because the downsides are not many, and they can be endured. However, when it comes to headless browsers, they might make things even harder.

These browsers have their own benefits, and they should not be ignored if you think that you can make full use of it, and no problem will arise from its use. You are encouraged to use it and enjoy its speed in performing tasks.

It all comes down to what you may need, if it’s a task that involves GUI, then go for real browsers, but if no UI is required, then the ideal choice is headless browsers. Most people use both and try to overcome the limits of both by utilizing them together.

How can I bypass an IP ban without using a VPN?

Have you ever been banned from a certain domain or website, and you thought that only VPN could save you? Since you are reading this, you may be suffering from an IP ban and can’t access VPN and need help without it. Luckily, there are several ways to bypass an IP ban and most don’t require a VPN.

But to understand the process, you need to know about how IP addresses work, and how they can get banned. A VPN is used to identify you in the multiple websites you visit every day. So, if you visit a site and violate the rules of policy, or if you get banned from a certain server in a game. It’s not your name that gets banned most of the times what you experience is an IP ban. As we said, there are ways to get past them, and we will discuss some along the way.

How does an IP address gets banned?

When you enter a server in a game, or a site online, there are policies and rules that you must follow. If you violate them; if you try hacking in-game, or try accessing information that’s protected. You will most likely experience an IP ban, which blocks any activity or access to the site with your IP. The only logical way to get past this is by accessing a different IP address and visiting the site. This will bypass the IP ban, and you can once again access the same content as before.

VPN isn’t the only way

That’s right! VPN is not the only way to change your IP so that you can get past IP bans. There are multiple ways to do it. Although VPN is said to be the easiest way to change IP with just a few clicks, it costs people money. Some try using shared proxies which are mostly free, but it can be less effective. So, it’s better to have another trick up your sleeves in such situations.

Ways to get past an IP ban

Changing the IP address is no easy task, but you can change through some methods. So, bypassing an IP ban is not something that will require the only VPN anymore.

·        Use Proxy servers

Proxy servers are sometimes mistaken as VPN servers since they function in almost same ways. You can enter a proxy site or app, which will change your IP address to another country’, making it seem like you are using from there, which is same as how VPN gives you a different region’s IP address and grant you anonymity.

However, most proxy servers which are free don’t provide safety from malware and should be used carefully. The paid ones can be more secure and easy to use. Most of the times, these proxy servers are operated by a company, to grant all workers anonymity, for low prices.

·        Change IP address

Another way to change your IP is by changing either your computers IP or your router’s. Both methods require certain steps, and we will go through each.

To change your router’s IP, you can turn it off for 5 minutes and then turn it back on. The basic nature of DCHP is to remember the IP address you had before. So, this method may not be as reliable; however, you can do it over and over, which may increase the likeliness. If that doesn’t work, you can leave the router off throughout the night, which might be more efficient.

To change your computer’s IP, you must open the command prompt, which is accessed by searching “cmd” in the start menu. Then open the prompt, and follow specific commands, which can be found online easily. Just put them in and do it carefully, so you don’t mess up with anything else. Or you can even open your wi-fi settings, and change some settings which link the router IP to either Google’s DNS, or some other you want. Changing them may also work if you can’t do it.

·        Change to TOR servers

TOR refers to the software that grants absolute anonymity online. The name is a synonym of The Onion Router, which shows how TOR protects users with many layers. TOR provides approximately six thousand relays to hide the IP of the user. This enables them to hide completely and browse the internet without any footsteps left behind. The posts you share, the sites you visit, and the passwords you put, they all are hidden from any agency or traffic, which are involved in keeping track of your online searches and visits.

Due to many reasons, TOR is the absolute best at hiding IP, and even changing IP. So, you can easily conceal online or change your identity and bypass an IP ban, without VPN.

Although TOR servers are hard to set up, some professionals do it for you. After paying once for it, you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

One major drawback of TOR is that there may be more even dangerous people or places that can be eavesdropping. Since TOR is a world of people who hide their footsteps, it can be hard dealing with them. Some can be hackers, and some even illegal traders. So be safe and try to go for safer options above.

IP bans are different from user account bans.

However, before you apply any of these methods, you need to make sure if what you have is indeed an IP ban. Because some people mistake user account bans for IP bans, which are completely different. For getting past user account bans, you need to make a new account, clear cache, and then access as a new person with a new account.

To conclude

IP bans are annoying and can be hard to get through because once you get it, you can only try to bypass an IP ban. Luckily, there are solutions, but you will have to use it as a permanent method for whenever you access the site or server.

But it’s guaranteed that these methods work pretty well, and you won’t have to worry about malware if you pay. So, once you pay, you cannot just use it for one thing, but keep yourself secured for anything you visit online. At Proxyaqua, our number one priority is our customers’ success. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive solutions, we are dedicated to developing innovative services and providing exceptional support to meet our customer’s diverse hosting needs.

How can you market a brand using social media?

In this current era, social media is beginning to show its remarkable effectiveness in marketing brands. It is an efficient way to connect to a wide range of potential people that may be interested in your brand. There are countless ways to market on social media because each social media site provides different ways.

The existence of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and many other sites like that takes social media marketing to another level. We can see marketing strategies that wouldn’t even be considered in the past century. But still, there are common things to keep in mind when you market a brand using social media. Luckily, here we have a list of each of them. So, let us see and discuss each of them briefly.

The best steps to market a brand using social media

Implementing a social media marketing strategy can be challenging because there are lots of options. But, no one thinks of doing multiple methods at once. The ones that do don’t think they have time for managing each of them. Brand marketing on social media is not built overnight, and you need consistency to make it work. Once you achieve that, here are the starting steps that will help you with your marketing.

  • Set up your persona and spread it

The first step is to create a profile on one central platform and then spread it from there. Set your profile on most social media sites that can bring online traffic. Each of the sites presents a different way to market your brand; some do with ads. While some post stories or pictures which lead to more customers. So, target as many as you can, and spread your brand through people and posts.

You don’t have to start big, creating just a few at first is good enough. Once you hit a certain number of audiences, you can start making more and spreading brand awareness.

  • Be consistent and interact.

Consistency allows your brand to be on top of everyone’s list. Not only that, but it also helps a lot to market a brand using social media in the first stages. By being consistent, you keep reminding the people about your products and allow more people to see it.

Once people are interested in your brand, interact with them as much as possible. Create a positive attitude and motivate people. Influencing people while marketing online is a great way to have loyal customers.

  • Decide which platform advertises a specific aspect.

Many brand owners try this strategy, and it’s a wonderful way to connect to your audience in a better way. You can have one site that focuses on your life and motivating, another area that advertises your products. In this way, each site can have a role and bring certain kinds of people to their interesting platform.

This not only leads the audience to the thing they are interested in but keeps them engaged. Someone who wants to see about your life won’t share a post about your product. So, keep the people engaged in things they want to see.

  • Be frequent and take significant steps.

After doing the previous steps, marketing starts its beginning. You have to keep posting frequently and make a schedule for your posts. Don’t focus on marketing alone; add some interesting content too. These things help in increasing the audience number and can lead to potential customers.

One big thing that holds back business is that it doesn’t take risks. Risks can be harmful in some situations, but when the result can be huge, and the drawback is little, it can be worth it. Try to take significant steps that will help your business in its growth, but avoid significant risks. Be consistent and keep your audience interested.

The top priority is to create awareness.

According to many successful businessmen, the top priority to market a brand using social media is to create awareness. Once you start building a huge audience and have as much awareness as big brands, you can rival them and have a boost in your sales. This increases loyal customers; online sales and you can even earn from social media sites through AdSense or sponsors.

Keep track of your rivals and beat them.

If you have a prominent social media branding, the chances are, your rivals also market a brand using social media. This means that you can keep track of their progress and take steps accordingly. Implementing a marketing strategy by knowing your rival’s actions can lead to better results.

Role of proxies in social media marketing

Many people neglect the benefits of dedicated proxies in marketing, while in fact, it can be so beneficial for your social media marketing. Proxies allow you to strengthen your security to a greater extent and allows you to have anonymity. Being anonymous in specific tasks is important for a business, and it’s good not to neglect it. Having shared proxies for each employer that works under you is also useful to market brands using social media. You can have better security with the least risk of information breaching.

For any business, the important thing should be to protect the customer’s and its data. The best way to achieve that is by having proxies.


After implementing the steps in your social media marketing, you will see significant growth. It can’t be built overnight, so be consistent and keep adding things. It’s not easy to market a brand using social media, but once you do it right. It can be the best thing for your brand. But there are further steps that you have to realize as your brand goes. You need to understand your audience and what it wants and provide it with the content. People love engaging profiles, who act like humans and not bots. So, interact and be close to your customers, and provide them with excellent services. Once social media marketing reaches its peak stage, the sales will skyrocket, and you will have lots of loyal customers.

What are shared proxies, and where are they used?

Proxies are one of the only ways to stay anonymous on today’s internet. It’s essential to do that sometimes because the data you share online is very crucial and needs to be protected. However, there are many kinds of proxies you can use, but it depends on your needs. If you want something cheap and good, shared proxies are best for you. If you want fast and mid-range, you can go for semi-dedicated. But if you want the fastest and a bit expensive than others, private proxies are the safest option. But the problem is that each of them come with their specific good sides and bad.

Shared proxies are one of the most common types of proxies used worldwide, the reason being their cost. They are extremely cheap, and we will tell you why. But first, let’s understand what they are, and how they are different from private proxies.

How do shared proxies work?

Shared proxies the opposite of private proxies in some features. Proxies work by giving the user an IP of a different region, which lifts the restrictions and offers anonymity. Everyone has IPs that are used to identify them on the internet, but with proxies, you remain undetected. Private proxies give each person an IP from a different region, which is used by only them. However, shared proxies give multiple people the same IP, which they all share knowingly. This carries some risks, downsides, and some benefits too. Let’s go through each and see how they are used

When are shared proxies useful?

Shared proxies are unique in their work and are great at some things. It’s even recommended for beginners to use them before going to private ones. This gives them a better understanding and more insight into their own needs.

·        Extremely cheap

Compared to other types of proxies, shared proxies are extremely cheap and great for starting. Since the same IP is shared with many people, it’s almost like splitting the cost and using it together. For beginners, who want to use something secure and cheap, this may be their best option.

Although they are cheap and sound a bit less secure, they are considered to be almost the same as private. The thing that people don’t like them for does make them a bit less than them. But still, they are one of the best at hiding you as you browse through the internet.

·        More anonymity

Since the shared proxies give everyone the same IP, there may be lots using at the same time. Which in turn gives you even better protection. This happens because when everyone uses the same IP at once, it’s even harder to trace it back to you.

So, it’s a fact that shared proxies can be more secure than private proxies if you use it well. But the downsides make them the second choice for most people.

·        Better in the early stage

There are lots of people who don’t know where to start when it comes to proxies. They are new and don’t understand what benefits they provide, and which type is best for their project or work. But, its recommended to start with shared proxies since they offer almost the same benefits, and downsides can be endured.

They offer the same services as other proxies, but their problems are not something they can fix. It’s a shared problem and it is reasonable for sharing IP.

·        Almost as efficient as any other proxy

Shared proxies are almost as good as any other proxy, they are efficient and work well to increase your anonymity. They may be slower than others, but that’s expected to happen since you share others’ IP. But you can get used to them once you use them often. There is a reason they are used by many and people sometimes prefer them more than private.

Downsides of shared proxies

Shared proxies do come with lots of benefits, but they also have disadvantages. That’s the reason they aren’t as wanted as private proxies.

  • Even though the price is cheap, the anonymity is better, it also becomes super slow for you. When multiple people share an IP, it also splits the proxy speed, which can be annoying sometimes. This is the biggest downside, and people choose private proxies over shared proxies mostly because of this.
  • When multiple users with the same IP use google at the same time, Google identifies them as one person. This results in google considering it as spam and sending them captcha messages every time they search for something. This makes their processes slow, and this problem happens with every person sharing that IP.
  • If 10-20 people use the same IP at the same time, it means that there’s a high risk of someone doing something illegal. Which limits the others and they are put at risk just because of that one person. This makes the group unreliable and they desire more privacy and private proxies.
  • Some shared proxies can be unreliable. Since many people share the IP, this can crash your process, or make it so slow that it’s almost unusable.

Many of the problems with this type of proxy are related to speed. But for paying cheap prices, it offers you more than good services. You can remain anonymous, and do your thing privately, but at a slower speed, this can be annoying. So, using the type of proxy is entirely on what you want it for. If you accept the risks, then this may be great for your start.

In conclusion

Now we know how shared proxies work, and to make you understand things more. These are the types of proxies mostly used by companies or organizations. They compensate for slow speed by having fast internet. So, it’s ideal to use for companies or groups that have to use proxies.

It works well and gives the things it offers; you can browse the internet completely hidden. You can even get some premium features for cheap prices.

But the uses vary in your work, you can use them or choose something else depending on your use. So, before you choose your proxy, make sure it meets your needs, and get it from reliable providers.

Snapchat Proxies – the Ultimate Guide for Snapchat Automation

It’s been a long time since Snapchat came, and it took people with a surprise. The features it offers and the simplicity of the app made it everyone’s favorite in no time. Saving your moments with just a click, that’s the kind of service Snapchat offers you. People really love it, and it rivals Instagram. Some even love it more than any other social media site, the reason being the features it gives. Snapchat is different and unique as compared to others, you can save memories and post stories. Both of which are like Instagram, but its privacy and chat system is different than most.

But still, there are drawbacks and things that people want to change. Some want to run multiple accounts and be more anonymous or lift the ban from an account without extra steps. Luckily, there is a way to do that, and it’s related to Snapchat proxies.

These proxies work in a special way, and there are lots of things you need to know about them. Only then you may be able to understand why it’s so important for some problems that come with Snapchat.

What’s Snapchat proxy and how does it work?

Every website that you use, or any app you open, they all recognize you with an IP address. This IP is a digital way to give someone an ID. However, there are multiple ways to trick the site into changing your IP whenever you want.

Proxies enable you to do that with just a few clicks, and maybe some money if you want it securely. They change your region virtually, which refreshes your IP to that region, which changes your IP on site. So, they end up recognizing you as someone new, and it can work wonders for you. Some use it to get multiple free trials of premium features in a site over and over.

Snapchat proxies are also similar in their work. But you may think, what exactly does it do in Snapchat? Well, it can do a lot. You can run multiple accounts, lift a ban on a previous account, and even do things anonymously. But to explain each of them more let’s discuss them further.
Uses of Snapchat proxies

Some people may not understand the importance of the benefits that Snapchat proxies offer. Since some are for business purposes or other things, people overlook them, while others take advantage.

·        Run multiple accounts without extra steps

For someone who wants to market through Snapchat, this may be the best use of Snapchat proxies. A big factor for the increase of effectiveness in market strategy through Snapchat is opening multiple accounts. You can target many people through this with micro-targeting. And even split test your accounts, which will be a huge help for you. Many people recommend at least 5 for it to have the maximum result. However, it’s better to use more if it’s possible for you.

·        Uplift ban from the banned account

Although many people may not require this, you can unban your banned account through Snapchat proxies. because not only do they get past geographical limitations with your IP, but they also get past bans.

If you lots of data on your banned account, and the only way to recover it is with unbanning. Then this may be the best solution for you. Although its easier to just get a new account and add friends again. This trick is good for people who have important contact, or even an audience.

·        Ability to do things anonymously

The most common benefit of Snapchat proxies, or any other kind of proxy, is its anonymity. You can be anonymous as you go through the internet or a website. This can open up the restrictions for you, and allow you to browse to the fullest.

There are many ways to use this benefit, but it’s better to not mess too much with these things, or you may even have a permanent ban or even termination of the account.

·        Snapchat proxies for monetizing your Snapchat

There is no way to “monetize” Snapchat, like how AdSense works. But you can earn quite a lot if you use it well. The purpose of having multiple accounts is to have a better and wider reach to your audience. Once you convince your followers to follow the multiple accounts, you can take shout outs from as much as 5 people at a time. You can promote music, and even brands through all accounts you manage.

This makes Snapchat proxies the best way to promote businesses on your Snapchat accounts. It also enables you to do things privately and with much better reach.

Be careful with free Snapchat proxies

Although they are an amazing tool for marketing, you should stay away from the ones that offer free services. These services are important and you need trustworthy people to give you Snapchat proxies. Otherwise, you may end up getting scammed or losing crucial networks. So, go for those that someone you know has gotten or someone who has respect in the community.

To conclude

Snapchat proxies offer you services that are not only great for marketing but also other situations. There are lots of scams on that site, many people agree to give services for free, and end up scamming them. Some software that guarantees you free services may also be filled with malware. So, to use this correctly, you need to get it from trusted providers. Then you can use it however you want, for just unbanning a Snapchat with a huge score. It’s also great for implementing marketing strategies in your Snapchat accounts.

It’s evident that these proxies open a door to many new possibilities, some may even be helpful to people. Their use depends on how you want them. So, with good intentions, you may even protect your privacy more than you ever could. Although many people don’t know about Snapchat proxies, we are sure that they will be huge in the upcoming years.