How do I unblock a website without a VPN?

How do I unblock a website without a VPN?

All websites are not accessible to people. Some websites are restrict in some areas. There are different ways to approach to restricted sites. The website is prohibited, and maybe it will be block at your origin due to miss use or any other reason. People prefer to unblock website with VPN, but here are also some other methods through which you can unblock website without VPN. You can say these methods as an alternative to VPN.

Substitutes of VPN:

There are different alternative ways to unblock the website. Some of the methods are mention below, which used as alternatives to VPN.

1.     Short links:

You can unblock any restricted site by using short links of sites. Some browsers and websites shorten the URL such as google and Bitly. This method is helpful in almost in every case. This process is very easy to follow, you have to copy the URL of blocked site and paste into bar provided by various sites. Now you will get a short URL to which you can use for unblocking the website. It is an easy and efficient process of unblocking any banned and restricted site

2.     Use of translator:

You can unblock different sites by using a translator. Different translators translate one language into others. The most common use translator is a google translator. You have to copy the link of block site in the address bar. The translator will translate link into the language of your choice and provides the new link. But this method is not useful always.

3.     Use of HTTPS:

Many people unblock pages and sites with HTTP. Moreover, it is not much tricky to use. You can easily unblock site with HTTP. HTTP provides a safe connection. It uses SSL permission for verification

4.     Use of proxy to unblock website:

If you are not getting access to any web page directly or web page is blocked, then you can unblock website with proxy. The proxy gives you with an alternative IP address. The IP address belongs to the area where a specific page in not banned and blocked. There are different types of proxies use to unblock sites. People mostly prefer to use a proxy server for approaching unblocked sites after VPN. There are different types of proxies. Some are paid and dedicated proxies while others are free and shared proxies. One person only uses paid and dedicated proxies. And it is your proxy only. While shared proxy, as the name shows, is shared and used by a group of people. Its use is not secure. People mostly prefer to use dedicated proxies to unblock websites.

Difference between Proxy and VPN:

The proxy and VPN both are use for unblocking pages and sites. Both have the same functions, but there is some difference in security connections and methodology. Here are some points that show comparison and contrasts of proxy vs VPN.

VPN and proxy are techniques that keep your work and usage private when you use the internet. Both tools have the same function, but they work differently. If you are sending or receiving emails, video streaming or approach to any website, VPN and dedicated proxy give you privacy protection. If we talk about proxy then, you can say that proxy is another computer which is present between you and your server. Whenever you connect to your internet, you have to connect with proxy at first. When once you get connected, you will be connect to your required page outside the host server. Both VPN and proxy is significantly benefiting in hiding your original IP address. Both provide you with the IP address which belongs to the proxy server and hides the actual identity. In this way your location keeps private.

  • VPNs are advantageous over a proxy because VPN encrypts your data and information. VPNs can encrypt the traffic on your website while proxies cannot. In this way, you remain protected from hackers. Proxy is also saving but not in all cases.
  • As compared to the proxy, the security policy of the VPN is more strict. VPN promotes privacy in the online system. In online banking, transactions and billing procedures, VPN protects the accounts from hackers. VPN continues to update its privacy policy to make the system more secure. While proxy always remains vulnerable to hackers attack. Moreover, proxy servers save your data, and it can send your data to a third party.
  • Proxy and VPN both can cause your browsing slow. It depends upon the number of users. If we talk about free proxies, then it is a fact that free proxy connections are not secure for a long time and it is slow due to less support and slower infrastructure.
  • Just like free proxies, free VPN is also provided. But experts always recommend using paid proxies and paid VPN. The reason is that the paid services offer you a great security system. Free proxies and free VPN are not reliable to use.
  • VPNs work on operating system while the proxies work on the application level.
  • VPNs are slower as compared to proxies. But there are some other techniques through which you can enhance the browsing speed.

You can see in proxy vs VPN that are both have some pros and cons. If you don’t want to approach to web pages through the VPN, then the proxy is the best and excellent choice after VPN. But it would be best if you preferred to use paid proxies.


VPNs are used to get access to different restricted and block websites. But there are also other options to unblock websites without VPN. You have a variety of options like HTTPS, translators and proxies, After VPN proxy is more reliable to unblock any web page quickly and securely. The one method is not reliable for all the sites. According to the site you want to unblock, you have to choose the method for getting access. The difference between VPN and proxy shows that both are alternatives of each other, only with some minor differences.


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