Selenium web scraping without getting blocked

Selenium web scraping without getting blocked

Web scraping is a technique for data mining from a variety of web pages. It is not simple to scrape web pages frequently. Keep in notice that web scraping is against the website’s privacy policies. Your IP gets banned. You can do selenium web scraping without getting blocked. It is a reliable method of data mining.

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is a method of data extraction from websites. It is an automated process. In this method, the application processes the HTML of a web site for data gathering. The web page converts into another format and copies the information into a local database or spreadsheet for analysis. Selenium web scraping is done through the selenium tool. It scrapes data without getting your IP blocked.

What is selenium?

It is a web browser automation tool. It automates web applications for testing purposes. Moreover, it allows you to get access to the browser of your choice and perform tasks such as:

  • Buttons clicking.
  • Data entry in forms.
  • Gathering specific data from web pages.

Steps to use selenium for web scraping:

Selenium is an automated tool and helps to gather data from web pages. If you are going to do selenium web scraping, you should follow the following steps for selenium setup:

  1. Installation:

Install pip selenium.

  1. Import:

Import web driver from selenium.

  1. Access the web driver:

Web driver has a critical role in this process. It is the thing that automates the web browser of your choice. According to the change in the browser, the setup of this step changes.

You should know where you have saved your web driver on your local computer.


  1. Website access through python:

It is an important step. You need your code to scrape the website you want.

driver. get(URL of the desired website)

  1. Locate specific information:

You need to locate elements Xpath. It is a syntax for finding particular information from webpage.

<td class=”name”>

<a href=” URL of web site “>



Is selenium web scraping safe?

Selenium web scraping is a reliable tool, especially for data mining of dynamic pages. Selenium is only a tool for automating web scraping. You can extract data from a web site more reliably if you use proxy with selenium.

Proxy setup is not easy to manage. Here we are giving you a complete guide on how to set up a proxy for selenium.

  1. Import web driver from selenium.
  2. Name the proxy server use (IP; PORT, HOST; PORT).
  3. Set chrome options.
  4. Add proxy server (proxy aqua).
  5. Add options to the chrome.

ProxyAqua for selenium web scraping:

The use of proxy with scraping tools makes web scraping quick. We highly recommend the use of proxy aqua for selenium web scraping. ProxyAqua provides a large number of dedicated proxies. It gives you the best proxy service for reliable web scraping. There are different benefits due to which proxy aqua is the best for web scraping.

  1. Unlimited bandwidth.
  2. Anonymous proxies.
  3. Cheap proxies.
  4. Highly recommended for scraping.
  5. Fast and private.

Web scraping without getting blocked:

Web scraping is difficult mostly when sites try to prevent scrapers. They use different techniques such as IP address detection, HTTP request checking, CAPTCHAS, and more. But on the other hand, developers also have an advanced process for data extraction. Selenium web scraping is also an advanced method for data collection without getting blocked. You should keep in mind the following points to scrape a website without getting blocked:

  • IP rotation:

Suppose you have a large number of IP addresses. You can do most of the web scraping. You can use IP rotation service with selenium web scraping to avoid getting banned. It will allow you to scrape extensive data without any problem.

  • Use of headless browser:

To avoid getting banned from any website during scraping, you need to deploy a headless browser. Otherwise, you should have scraper API. It performs scraping for you. It makes the selenium web scraping tool undetectable. We can say it is the most effective way to scrape web pages with selenium.

  • Avoid honey traps:

Many sites try to detect web scrapers through invisible links. You have to need to see these types of links. Honeypots are the easiest way to detect web crawlers.

  • Detect website changes:

Some website handlers change layouts of pages to trap web scrapers. You can detect that the layout of page 1 is different from page 2. It would help if you caught these website changes properly. You can also perform the unit test for URLs on a site.

  • Use CAPTCHA solving service:

When you use selenium for web scraping, it extracts data automatically. Besides, you can say that automated web scraping is done. To detect these types of suspicious activities, websites display a captcha to see scrapers. Hence, it is the most common way to track web scrapers, but services prevent this issue. Accordingly, they are fully integrated solutions like scraper API or narrow captcha solving solutions. Some of these services are slow and expensive. You should also need to know whether this captcha solving service is economically best for you or not.


To conclude, web scraping is against the policies of many web sites. There are different tools specially designed to extract data. Selenium web scraping tool is also among these scraping tools. It gives you the power to scrape web pages quickly. There is still an issue. The use of the device should be reliable or not.

Moreover, if you want to do selenium web scraping without getting blocked, you should know all the essential points. We suggest using proxy aqua for web scraping with the selenium tool. Selenium is a python library that automates web scraping. Proxy aqua with selenium makes your scraping safe.

Furthermore, you should have several IP addresses for data extraction. Proxies are the way to provide you millions of IP addresses. This article has provided you a step-by-step guide to setting proxy and selenium tools with your browser. You can scrape any targeted data with selenium.


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