Six Questions You Should Ask Your Proxy Provider

Six Questions You Should Ask Your Proxy Provider

Proxy is one of the tools for hiding the IP address of the user. It helps in browsing through the internet and scrape data easily without being detected or blocked from a particular website. There are multiple ways to hide your IP address, such as Proxy and VPN.  Here in our post, we will discuss the proxy. If you are doing data-harvesting operations using a proxy service, you must be considering whether you are using the best proxy service or need to opt for some other proxy provider.

There are many providers in the market which claim to be the best in the business. However, it would be best if you were careful before purchasing the proxies from the provider. It will help if you look for the proxy provider, which best suits your needs.

It would be great if you had the best provider for scraping data from a site, price monitoring, product hunting, ads verification, or some other operations. You can ask the six questions from your proxy provider to ensure that you choose the best proxy provider for your work.

Let’s look at the six most essential questions to ask from your proxy provider to ensure that you are using or going to buy the best proxy service for your operations.

Do You Offer Real Residential Proxies?

Two types of proxies are available in the market i.e., Residential Proxies and Datacenter Proxies. Most of the users prefer residential proxies over datacenter proxies, as they are untraceable and have fewer block rates.

As Residential providers are less in the market and have high demand, people try to do fraud by offering datacenter proxies and reveals that they are offering you residential proxies. That’s why it’s essential to ask your proxy provider if he is offering real residential proxies or IPs.

You can do one thing to ensure that your provider is providing real residential IPs to you or not by asking for a trial period. In this trial period, you can test the proxy provider service. If your proxy provider is tricking you by offering datacenter proxies in the name of residential proxies, then the proxy will get blocked after some usage.

This is the best way to verify your proxy provider’s authenticity.

Is It Convenient to Integrate Your Product?

Well, it is an essential feature of the proxy provider. You must ask your proxy provider about the integration of the product. If the proxy provider tells you the complicated way to integrate it like installing proxy manager, whitelisting the IP addresses, and modifying your solution, you should refrain from opting for their product. It will waste your time and money. It will destroy your experience of using proxy service and your project as well.

You must choose that proxy provider service that offers secure and convenient proxies integration. There are three easy ways of proxy integration, which can help you to opt for the proxy provider. If the proxy provider says that they offer the username and password solution, session persistence with an API, and IP port method with IP whitelisting, then go for this proxy provider. You also need to keep an eye on your needs for proxy solutions and budget.

Do You Offer Protocol Support?

Your proxy provider service must offer protocol support. Most of the websites run on these protocols. HTTP, HTTPS, and HTTP/2 protocols are the most frequent protocols for the worldwide web. HTTP/2 protocol support is essential as most of the sites are now migrating on this particular protocol.

We suggest you ensure that your proxy provider supports the protocol as it will help you in the successful operations of your project and scrape data from sites with more ease.

Do You Control the Rotation and the Location of Your IPS?

Some of the scraping projects need the rotation of IPS and choose the specific location of your IPS. This technique of rotating IPS and changing location increases the success rate of the search results. It helps in useful mining data and avoiding the geographical restrictions. The rotation of IPS restricts the blockage of IPS.

If you want to gain access to the outside country results, then use a proxy service that helps you to select the specific location. Also, you must look for the proxy service that aids in the rotation of the IP addresses. In this way, you can visit the same site multiple times without getting blocked.

If a particular provider is offering you these features, then go for it without any doubt and don’t waste your time anymore for searching provider.

What is the Billing Cycle?

The budget has a vital role in buying the proxies for you. Before asking the billing cycle question from your proxy provider, you must take into account the budget and number of proxies you need. If you are able to decide your budget and requirement of proxies, go for the search of the providers with suitable billing cycles.

We suggest you choose the providers that offer the longer billing cycle. The longer billing cycle allows you some discount on the proxies. In this way, your overall cost will be less, and you can test the proxy service as well.

Do You Provide Customer Support Manager to Your Accounts?

Those companies which offer 24/7 or quick customer support are successful in the market. When you buy the proxy or new to using a proxy. You will need someone who can help you resolve your problems.

Therefore, it is essential to go for the provider that offers a convenient way to contact the customer support manager. In this way, you can do your work without interruptions and worries.

Final Thoughts

Proxy provider service is in demand. And most of the people are unable to choose the best proxy provider for them. Here, in our guide about “Six Questions, You Should Ask Your Proxy Provider. We comprehensively explained the process of choosing the best proxy service.

What are Best Niches to Get more Leads with Residential Proxies

Best Niches to Get Leads with Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies hide the original IP address of the user. You can make use of it in smart devices, software programs, and all major browsers. The block rate of residential proxies is comparatively low. Digital marketers use various social media accounts for successful marketing campaigns with the help of residential proxies. Most business persons already have the niches to get leads with residential proxies. If you don’t have the niche for your online business, then don’t worry. We will share the list of niches to get leads with residential proxies. The marketer must choose the right niches to get points with residential proxies and turn it into a significant profit.

As a digital marketer, you must be already aware of the importance of choosing the best niches to get leads and turn them into sales. Choosing the right niche for you requires a lot of time, but we did all the work for you. After selecting the best niche, the next task is to buy the residential proxies for you. Residential proxies help in increasing the reach of your business all over the world.

Let’s start with the list of best niches to get leads with residential proxies. Read carefully to choose the right niche for you.

List of Best Niches to Get Leads with Residential Proxies

The ultimate goal is to make money by turning leads into sales.

Make Money Online

Online money making is one of the popular niches among people. Everyone loves to learn the way of making money online. You can use the craze of the people for your successful online business. You can earn a handsome profit from the online money-making niche. Let me tell you how.

You need to create excellent value training materials for the people, so they get the benefit of it and make money online. Design your training material in a way that is helpful for all audiences from beginner, intermediate, or advanced skill holders. It would help if you used residential proxies for making multiple social media accounts. You can communicate with those people who take an interest in your niche.

In this way, make money online niche will help you earn money as well, and your business will grow. It is one of the fantastic niches to get leads with residential proxies. It would be best if you gave it a try.

Weight Loss

A significant group of people in this world has the craze to lose weight and look the fittest person. Weight loss is the best, as well as the most competitive niche in the market. Now, you must be thinking about how to give your competitors a tough time and become more successful. We have a fruitful solution for you. An excellent residential proxy can help you stand out from your competitors.

Well, follow the tips for introducing a successful campaign to get leads and make sales. Creating a beautiful website on the title of weight loss can be a plus point for profit-making. It’s isn’t as easy as it looks. You need to write engaging and informational content, which includes value to the readers. You can give guidance on weight loss and include success stories.

All set, now add the marketing material of your niche. The next step is to create social media campaigns. You will need multiple accounts for starting your campaign, which you can do easily with the help of residential proxies. A tip is to assign a sub-niche to each of your accounts like an account for weight loss for the woman.

You must use the individual proxy for each account, which will ensure that your account didn’t get block by social media. A convincing sales copy will turn leads into sales more quickly, focus on it as well. Looking for more niches to get leads with residential proxies? If so, Go ahead.


The relationship is one of the popular niches to get leads with residential proxies. The popularity of the relationship niche has taken the online world by storm. Whether a person is in a relationship or finding a relationship, he will need guidance to carry that relationship. That is the point you need to hit. You can use residential proxies to reach those people.

You can use multiple accounts of its sub-niches and assign different proxies to each sub-niche account. Sub-niche accounts can be traditional dating, conflict resolution, online dating, intimacy, and marriage.

After choosing the sub-niches, take some time to make attractive campaigns for each sub-niche. The proxies will lead your campaigns with more accuracy and reach the audience all over the world. It will help you in making money.


Anti-Aging niches to get leads with residential proxies is another way of making significant money. It is famous among the old as well as young people. Whether they are males or females, they want to remain young forever. You can resolve the worries of those people by offering the products which reduce or remove wrinkles and lines from the skin. You can sell these products to make money.

By using residential and dedicated proxies, you can make websites and multiple social media accounts to advertise your products.

Dog Training

Dog training is another remarkable niche to get leads with residential proxies. You can earn a significant profit from the dog training niche. There are multiple ways to make sales from this niche, but all of them require residential proxies for making campaigns successful.

You can create courses and publish training materials on your site. You can publish books on training a German shepherd or training Labrador retrievers. As the niche is broad, you will need multiple websites and social media accounts for each sub-niche. Also, proxies are a must.

You can create a master website with small landing pages for each product. These short landing pages will turn your campaign successful with lots of viewers and readers to your site, ranking you at the top in the search engine.

Final Thoughts

The proxies have immense importance in online marketing. The right niches to get leads with residential proxies plays a vital role in the thriving business as well. In our post, we write all the tips about several niches to get points with residential proxies. You can choose any of these niches to add value to your online business.

Why Proxies Are Vital To Digital Economy And The Automation

Why Proxies are vital to the digital economy and the automation

Why Proxies Are Vital To Digital Economy And The Automation

As the world is progressing and turning into a digital space, the aspects of economic parameters are also revolutionizing. In the past, where digital marketing was just considered an add-on, it now serves as a significant brick for the economy to stand firm. Whether it is small scale start-ups or large scale industries, everyone is benefitting from the digital marketplace by reaching to the target audience and offering their services to a vast number of consumers. However, some challenges arrive in the digital universe that is now overcome effectively by the use of several tools like proxies, VPNs, etc. Proxy networks surely take away the crown when it comes to handling issues owing to digital marketing, helping to gain profits. Thus proxies are vital to the digital economy and the automation.

What is the digital economy?

First expressed in the book “The Digital Economy: Promise and Peril in the Age of Networked Intelligence,” the digital economy refers to the use of digital technologies along with the economic strategies to coin a revolutionary advantage to the businesses. It involves the use of technology to gather information, analyze and infer results of your need to improve your marketing and sales. The digital economy is a rising concept that has helped businesses make millions of dollars.

Use of proxy in the digital economy

It is said that every good thing in life comes with the right amount of effort before success. Do you think that all the leading companies were able to develop their businesses and digital economy just like that? If you feel so, let us tell you it is not! All these successful companies and organizations had problems regarding the development of their products and then marketing them on the internet. Yet, with the use of some excellent tools and techniques, they overcame the challenges and proved their mettle. Proxies are among the most integral tools and methods utilized for the purpose.

The objective of using a proxy is not only one. There are many purposes these proxies can serve in the digital economy and automation.

  • Easy access

Proxies are used across the world for accessing websites that do not allow direct access. These restrictions cannot be only from the site, but from your server network as well. Sometimes, you might know and sometimes not, which can cause significant troubles while trying to achieve the objective. It does not matter who is offering the constraint, but getting through that restriction is highly essential.

The proxy acts as a firewall between the website and the server. And it provides a tunnel for your network to reach the website without being detected. Software houses and marketers frequently make use of proxies as barriers between your internet data and the site to make it convenient for you to go to the website.

  • The obstacle to your system

Till now, we have talked about how proxies have helped the organizations reach another website to research and collect data for analysis. But proxies are of significant importance for the protection of your system too. Let’s explain the use of a proxy concerning obstacles in two ways

First and foremost, proxies have their prominent role in protection against frauds and scammers. Usually, the hackers try to make many connections from their IP address to hack a particular IP address or system. You can be saved from this problem if you use a proxy network to build a wall and disable several connections from a single IP address. The DoS (Denial of Service) protection can save you from unwanted guests to your website or system.

Secondly, you can also use a proxy to get rid of any barrier that comes in between you and any particular website. Using a proxy enables you to visit the site through a different IP address, providing quick access without much hassle.

  • Data scraping with proxy

Data scraping and data mining are essential in today’s time for rapid and accurate collection of data through various internet sources. In the past, these jobs were done manually and ended up taking lots of time without the surety of the data being entirely authentic. Though, now many data scraping methods are being implied that provide data of need in comparatively no time.

Residential proxies are widely used for data mining and data scraping as it provides several benefits. A proxy provides a stable connection for the web scraping and mining work so that the process completes without any interruption and connection instability.

Other than stable connection, these proxies assist the companies in hiding their IP address while collecting data from websites that have access restrictions. Additionally, dedicated proxies are also responsible for the protection of the IP addresses and networks from internet fraudulent sand hackers that try to invade the system during such processes.

Use of proxies in automation

Proxy setups are being frequently used for digital marketing now, as they provide you an opportunity to reach maximum people. If you are wondering how this can be possible, the answer is quite simple. The use of residential proxies for the automation of social media accounts and marketing tactics lets you engage many people with less effort. Proxies play a vital role to the digital economy and the automation.

  • Helps manage multiple accounts

Marketing is as important as production for any product or service to reach to the top and make its name. And digital marketing is the backbone of marketing for many businesses as it helps to generate revenue for the company. The proxies are a fantastic tool for the automation of social accounts, particularly Instagram and, help you handle the social accounts with less effort. These proxies act as a social media team and post, follow, unfollow, or even view videos on your behalf. However, be very sure to use a high-quality proxy as a low-quality one can lead to improper activity and result in the blockage of the account. The use of a proxy can be a great influence on the digital marketing world.

  • Sends social signals

Likes, comments, shares, etc. are known as social signals that are essential to show your presence on the social network. As much as other digital aspects are crucial, social signaling is as important as it helps to keep your product in the limelight and also shows its popularity. The automation of social signals can be an excellent kickback to your business by highlighting it. Residential proxies are widely utilized for the purpose, and experts believe that social signal automating is going to play a vital role in social media marketing in the future as well.

A Guide To Data-Mining Scraping With Proxies

With an ocean of information on the internet, it gets challenging to find the right kind of data needed. Numerous techniques are being used around the world to collect relevant data from millions of pieces of information available. Data mining is one of the most useful methods for collecting data. It is helping us make better analysis by having related data without much tedious work.

What is Data Mining?

Data mining refers to the collection of data and the extraction of particular patterns from that set of data. It lets you identify the data of your requirement so that you can work on that specific part only, instead of going through all the sources. Data mining helps find potentially useful patterns.

Data mining has shifted the burden from entirely manual work to statistics, Artificial Intelligence, database technology, and machine learning. The combination of all these tools enables us to discover unknown relationships among the data. The obtained knowledge through data mining will help to decrease cost, increase revenue, reduce risks, database marketing, fraud detection, etc.

Process of Data Mining

The method of data mining consists of six necessary steps:

The business understanding the initial step for data mining involves business understanding. Business understanding means to understand the needs of the client and define your goals accordingly.

  1. Data Understanding

The next step is to understand the data through the collection of data through several sources.

Along with searching for the data, it is also essential to ensure the properties of the data that they match our requirements.

        2. Data Preparation

Data preparation means to prepare the data for usage. Data is processed by adding in any missing pieces of information or values, or by canceling out the noisy data. The process takes around 90% of the total time of the project.

        3. Data Modeling

In this process, we use statistical and mathematical models to evaluate the data patterns collected. Several kinds of techniques and models can be made into use to determine validity.

        4. Evaluation

The findings from the data models prove helpful against the pre-determined goals. The evaluation carried out in this phase lays the basis of the decision for the implementation of the plan.

        5. Deployment

In the last stage of the process, a detailed plan for monitoring, shipping, and maintenance is developed and shared with business operations and organizations.

The process usually ends with the generation of a report that shows the findings and experiences of the project. Such a statement can help the organization to enhance the strategies and business policies.

Data mining Techniques

Data mining is an excellent tool for finding and evaluating the right data for your business requirements. There are many techniques used for this purpose, owing to the feasibility of the organization or the team. These techniques make use of AI, machine learning, and database management to provide the best results.

  • Classification

The classification data mining technique involves the categorization of the data according to different features and attributes. By the identification of various characteristics of the data and understanding the ones needed for the purpose, organizations can evaluate the data based on these attributes.

  • Clustering

Unlike classifications, clustering makes use of graphics to understand the attributes of the collected data relating to the metrics. These graphical representations comprise of colors and color schemes to highlight the distribution and relation. The colors and graphics make it quite helpful for the identification of data and relevant trends.

  • Visualization

Visualization is another technique used in data mining that makes use of colors for data representation. The visualization tools used nowadays are also useful for streaming data. Dashboards used in visualization are a frequently used tool to get insights into the data. It can be an excellent alternative to the use of mathematical or statistical methods.

  • Data Warehousing

The orthodox use of data warehousing involved the storage of data for dash-boarding abilities and reporting. But now, they are an essential part of the data mining process as developments have occurred that have made it possible to use the method for data mining. Some semi-structured and cloud data warehouses provide an in-depth analysis of the data.

  • Tracking patterns

The tracking of patterns is a vital part of the process and widely used technique as well. The identification and monitoring of trends play an essential role in an organization for business outcomes and goals. The tracking tools can help to create products similar to an ongoing trend or stock the original patterns for the demographic.

  • Sequential patterns

Sequential patterns help to uncover the events in a sequence. These patterns can help you determine the data regarding the customer’s need for products in order of occurrences. It can aid the company in launching more goods in its product line and expand its business.

Use of Proxy for Data Mining

Data mining is assisted by proxy servers nowadays to ensure the smooth running of the process. Commonly Residential IPs and a pool of IPs proves remarkable for the purpose.

Benefits of using a proxy for data mining

The benefits of using a proxy for data mining include:

  • Hiding your IP address

One of the most excellent benefits proxy servers provide, include hiding your IP address. While carrying out any such process on the internet, there are chances of getting banned for repeating the operation several times. To save yourself from any such problem, you can use a proxy that hides your IP address. Without the visibility of your IP address, it would not be possible for anyone to track or ban you. However, while using a residential proxy, make sure that you select the correct region.

  • Protection

As the proxy helps to hide your original identity, it saves you from online frauds and hackers. The number of online scams is increasing tremendously, and one should take significant measures to ensure the safety of the device and system. A firewall can assist additionally to filter any such attempt of hacking.

  • Stable connection

If you don’t know this one, you would be pleased to know this fantastic benefit of using a proxy for data mining. Data mining is a lengthy process, and it can take notable time for it to finish. But, what if your connection goes off or fluctuates? It can be tiresome and troubling. As the proxy does not use your link, preferably some anonymous one, it can help you have a stable connection without any issues.