Instagram IP Ban? How to unblock it.

Instagram IP Ban? How to unblock it.

An Instagram IP ban is a restriction of an Instagram account on a specific device or area. When your Instagram account’s IP gets banned, then you cannot access your Instagram account. It happens because your IP address is now blacklisted, and the network cannot give you an approach to the account. Make sure that which IP address is banned. Whether it is your device IP address or Instagram is restricted in your origin. If you can log in to your Instagram account with another device, it means that your particular device’s IP address is blacklisted. But if you cannot access your account from any device, it means that Instagram is restricted in your area.

Avoid Instagram IP ban:

Users have to face an Instagram IP ban if they go against Instagram policies’ rules and regulations. It also happens if you tease some other user and they report your ID. Therefore you should take care of the terms and policies of Instagram. In some cases, you don’t misbehave and don’t do anything to invite an IP ban, but you have to face this problem. Now here is a question that how can you avoid Instagram IP ban? There are some common but essential things you have to prevent an IP ban. If you have an Instagram account and are getting banned, you should follow the following instructions.

  • If there is no post on your Instagram account, don’t like and comment on others’ posts until you upload post on your Upload different content on your instagram account almost for weeks. During this, please don’t go on others’ timelines for liking and commenting on their posts. The reason behind this is that if you don’t upload anything on your account and only go for liking and commenting on other’s posts, it seems that you have a fake account.
  • If you are receiving a pop-up message of an action blocked, contact an Instagram service provider, use the option of telling us so Instagram can check your complaint.
  • If Instagram is banned in your origin, and you want to use Instagram, you must use Instagram proxy.

Proxy for Instagram:

With the help of a proxy, you can command the website. Every request and command is handled through proxy server, so the website detects the proxy server and its IP as a user. Each proxy server has its unique IP address. Initially, proxy servers are used for privacy protection and anonymity. But with the development of the internet and its benefits for e-commerce attract the marketers, they start using proxies for extracting data from Instagram and target their audience. Similarly, with the advancement of Instagram, the time needs Instagram proxy. Proxies are used to handle multiple Instagram accounts at the same time. Instagram has limited the number of accounts for a single user, but proxy makes it possible for users to run various accounts from one device simultaneously.

With the help of proxies, one manager can handle various accounts, or a single account can be run by different employees. If people try to do this without proxy, they get banned.

Use of Instagram proxy:

Controllers having a huge profile of accounts have to use Instagram proxies, and they have to forward the action of each account through the dedicated IP address of the proxy server. Limit and isolate every Instagram account. When you use this trick, every account is considered individually, and the risk of being blocked or blacklisted is reduced. The Instagram proxy is used by managers with multiple accounts and also has some common uses. Companies employ remote social media managers with the help of proxies. If a manager works remotely from another country, he has to face an IP ban or block account if his account is detected. In this case, proxies connect the Instagram account to a dedicated IP address. In this way, the employee and manager can forward the account through a proxy server.

Setup Instagram proxy:

Follow the given instructions to link your Instagram account through a proxy server:

  • Introduce combine growth.
  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Go to tools.
  • Click on preferences.
  • Go to proxy setting.
  • Select the category of the proxy, general proxy, or account proxy.
  • Selection of host type and fill spaces about the host, port, and proxy login.
  • Click on save.
  • Repeat the process with all of your Instagram accounts.

Best Instagram proxies:

Here are some best Instagram proxies through which you can make your Instagram account safe and secure.

Dedicated proxies are IP addresses dedicated by a secondary organization that is not particularly your home’s internet service provider. These proxies work great and are highly recommended for beginners because they are cheaper than residential proxies. Residential proxies are IP addresses given by ISP wired into your home, but it is a little bit expensive.


ProxyAqua’s Dedicated proxies, and it works great. Its setup process is quick and easy.


  • Cheap
  • More residential IPs.
  • Easy and quick to use.


  • Limit geotargeting.
  • Slow email support.


Instagram proxies are useful for the user who wants to manage multiple Instagram accounts. With the help of proxies, you can avoid an IP ban. Moreover, it is helpful to gain the following. For Instagram, different proxies are available, such as dedicated proxies, shared proxies, residential proxies, free, and paid proxies. If you are using Instagram to run your business, then choose the proxy wisely. Always avoid using shared and open proxies. It will prove harmful for your accounts.


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