Be smart about automating Instagram bot with Instagram proxies

Be smart about automating Instagram bot with Instagram proxies

Bot is a web robot. It automatically done different tasks faster and efficiently than human. Mostly bots are used for web crawling. It is a software almost working behind every web site. There are different types of bots specified for particular websites and applications. Similarly, there is a same software for handling and managing Instagram called Instagram bots. Instagram bots are specifically designed for managing Instagram accounts. They automatically complete targeted tasks. But Instagram bots are not enough for work efficiency. User should be smart about automating Instagram bots with Instagram proxies.

Instagram proxies:

Instagram proxies provide an additional layer of security to Instagram bots. It has very strict security so, it can easily detect bots and other automated tools operating Instagram. Instagram is very efficient to distinguish between human activities and bots.

If user want to utilize bots he should have enough knowledge about bots and their use. But keep in mind that some platforms of social media just like Instagram have very strict policy and it cannot allow any automated tools. Utilizing proxies with bots give bots a look of real user and protect you from being blocked and restricted.

Need of proxies for Instagram:

The use of intermediaries for Instagram varies. Here we are going to highlight most common uses of Instagram proxies.

1.     Marketing:

It is an era when social media networks become a business hub. For successful business good marketing is just like a back bone. More you have followers, more there is a chance of business promotion. Hence, in this way intermediaries act as marketing tools.

It is not easy to get the attention of a large number of audience organically. You have seen that there are some Instagram accounts with millions of followers. The strategy to attract these millions of followers is utilizing Instagram bots with proxies.

The manual process for engaging people from all over the world is not easy, it is time taking and sometimes it is impossible to reach the target. But proxy is the only solution to grow business uniquely.

2.     Account management:

Big companies and businesses don’t rely on single Instagram accounts. They use more than five accounts. When a user have multiple accounts, it is not easy to operate multiple accounts and engage audience. Hence, in this regard proxies prove helpful tool for account managing.

On the other hand according to Instagram proxy, more than one five accounts from same IP address is restricted. Proxies hide your real IP and provide you another IP address. It seems like multiple users from different origins are operating accounts.

3.     Bypass geo-restrictions:

If your IP get blocked from Instagram or you are in an area where use of Instagram is not allowed then you can also resolve this issue with proxies. Instagram has very inflexible behavior against bots. If any strange activity is observed on your account, your account get suspend temporarily or permanently.

Proxies provides hundreds and thousands of real IP addresses that act on behalf of your IP. In such a way your real IP remain unrecognized and risk of account blocking reduces many times. Moreover, proxies has IP addresses of varied areas consequently, with these IPs you can target audience of any area.

How do proxies work with automated Instagram bots?

Instagram proxies allow bots to operate Insta accounts spontaneously with hidden identity. As we all know that terms of uses and privacy policy of Instagram gives no space to robotic tools.

Instagram allows you to run five accounts but if you exceed the limit than get ready for black list. The situation become more worse when you manage those multiple accounts with the help of bots. To avoid from this inconvenience the only possible solution is utilizing proxies with Instagram bots.

With these proxies you can easily manage countless accounts on Instagram without being detected. That is the reason that you should have a smart knowledge not only about automated tools but also about proxies. Bots along with proxies work more efficiently and reliably.

Types of proxies for Instagram:

The most demanding proxies for managing and operating Instagram are three types of proxies which are mentioned below:

  • Mobile proxies for Instagram
  • Residential proxies
  • Private proxies

The first type of proxies are specially designed to manage accounts on mobile. These proxies are compatible with android mobiles and you can do same task on mobile which others do on laptops and PC’s.

The second type is a residential proxy. As the name indicates that it provides you an IP of real location. Its up to you that IP address of which area you want to utilize. It is a convenient way to utilize IP address of Africa in Asia. It is particularly designed to gain followers from that special location.

Third one is a private proxy. It is a dedicated proxy and more convenient to use. The IP addresses provide by private Instagram proxies are owned by datacenters. It is not provided by ISP therefore, still there are chances that your IP get detected from Instagram.

The best proxy server:

There are only few proxy providers offering Instagram proxies. It is because Instagram take great actions against automated tools. Therefore, choose smartly for smart work.

ProxyAqua is among one of the huge proxy provider platform. It offers different types of Instagram proxies in different ranges. It is up to you that which type of proxies you need for.


Now it has been explained clearly that how much important Instagram proxies for automating Instagram bots. Now utilize these proxies with bots to get your desired followers. Whenever you choose a bot for Insta accounts also buy a reliable and efficient proxy for more good results.

Visit proxy aqua to get your desired proxy within lowest possible rates. Moreover, proxy aqua have 24/7 customer support service available. You can also get guidance about your desired proxies.

Proxies and bots together provide you the best results. You can engage your audience. Moreover, you have no need to wait for so long for gaining followers.

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