Why There Are Different Types Of Proxies?

A proxy is a substitute that performs duties on someone others place. In computer networking proxies play an important role. There are different types of proxies. Each proxy is specified to perform particular tasks.

After observing a great use of proxies, there are number of proxy servers who are offering variety of proxies. Some proxies are free and some are paid. People never hesitate to buy expensive proxies because they are very useful. In this article we will tell you that why there are different types of proxies. Proxies keep you anonymous and you can perform any act on the internet with full security.

How does a proxy work?

As we know that there are different types of proxies, almost every proxy work in same way for different purpose. Every computer and device has its unique IP address. When you browse on internet with that device your IP address comes in record. If internet server detects some suspicious activity done by your IP then your IP get banned. To keep yourself secure from this trouble you need a proxy.

A proxy is a server on your internet which provides you IP address alternate to your computer IP. When you browse any data on internet or send a request it first goes to proxy. Then, the proxy performs function at your behalf and completes your search. It works like a human being. It attains the response from web browser and displays it on your web page.

A proxy hides your IP address and prevents your personal data. When you use a proxy web server cannot detect your location and your original IP address. In this way your data remain unreadable and hackers cannot get access to your device. There are some pages which are based on IP address proxy server blocked these pages and save you from trouble.

What are different types of proxies?

There are different types of proxies.  Each proxy is specialized for particular operations. Here we are going to mention some proxies which are commonly in use throughout the world.

·        Transparent proxies

They are very simple type of proxies. It passes your request simply on browser with alternative IP address. But it has a drawback that this proxy doesn’t guarantee your privacy protection. It tells the server that request is made through a proxy.

Transparent proxy is commonly used for setting up a website filtering.

·        Anonymous proxy

It is widely used types of a proxy because many people want to keep themselves anonymous on internet. It hides your IP address and keeps your browsing secure.

These proxies are used to prevent from targeted ads. It also masks your location. Anonymous proxy is a standard proxy that give you access to your target site. It tries best to keep your data secure but still there are chances that your information can leak out.

·        Distorting proxy

Distorting proxies and anonymous proxies work in a same way. The only difference is that distorting proxy send request with location specific IP address. The IP address is different from your original IP.

Distorting proxy proves helpful when certain pages are restricted at your origin. You can choose an IP address with specific place you want and then you use a proxy of that IP.

·        Residential proxy

Residential proxies are more reliable proxies. They use true IP address. People mostly go for residential proxies due to its reliability and high performance because they act as original clients.

These proxies are undetectable. It can solve geographical restrictions.

·        Data center proxy

Data center proxy is an opposite of residential proxy. This proxy uses an IP address that is generated by computer. It is not an IP of a real device.

It has high speed performance. Data center proxies can be managed by a single host server.

·        Public proxy

Public proxy as the name shows is for public. That’s why it is the most unreliable among the different types of proxies. These proxies can crash your system anytime and not secure for personal data. But still people use public proxies. It is because public proxies are not paid they are free.

·        Private proxy

Private proxy is only in your use. You can say that it is your personal proxy. The only thing you have to do before using this proxy is the authentication. It is the most reliable and safe proxies.

It can be transparent or may be high anonymity proxy. No one can know that what are you doing with this proxy.

·        Dedicated proxy

Dedicated proxy is similar to private proxy. It is not a shared or public proxy. Only one client connect to each dedicated proxy.

It helps to prevent IP from getting blocked or restricted.

·        Shared proxy

Shared proxy is in the use of multiple users. Different people use a single proxy and divide a cost. Therefore, shared proxy is the cheapest proxy. But it is not safe. It has a complex operating system because a large number of requests are done through this proxy.

·        Rotating proxy

Rotating proxy is different type of proxy than others. It provides a new IP address to a client whenever he makes a request. Rotating proxy provides you millions of IP addresses and therefore, it is undetectable and secure.  A single IP address is used only one time.

·        Reverse proxy

The most different type of proxy is a reverse proxy. It hides the IP address of a server whenever client wants to hide IP address.

It is useful to maintain traffic on a website.


Proxies are commonly used automated tool these days. People use it to scrape websites and keeping data secure. Here we discuss all about what and why there are different types of proxies. as we know that each proxies does not perform all the tasks at once. Therefore proxy servers offer different types of proxies. Residential, rotating, private, public etc. all proxies have their own specialization. No one can perform the task of other proxy better. There are number of proxy servers who are offering shared, free, and paid proxies.

How To Become Anonymous Online in 2021?

Online anonymity is not only important for web scrapers and other people who do illegal actions. Anonymity is important for all of us. When we work on internet by keeping ourselves anonymous online we remain protect from many problems. Otherwise we have to face many problems like harassment, leak out of personal information, etc. It also helps us to remain protected from cybercriminals.

In this article we will tell you that how to become anonymous online in 2021. When you use your social media accounts at internet cafes and other open area there are more chances that your privacy is not protected. When you use your original name in social media accounts there are more chances of harassment. Online harassment looks like doxing, swatting and revenge porn. Therefore, wherever you use your personal accounts you have to become anonymous online.

Why people do need to become anonymous online?

People want to become anonymous online for the safety of their personal data. The online anonymity allows user to do anything on the internet without any compromise on personal information.  It is not possible to remain hundred percent anonymous online. Some of your information must be shared with internet service provider. Here we are going to give you some tips that how you become anonymous online.

Tips to become anonymous online in 2021:

You should follow some tips and tricks to become anonymous online:

1.     Secure webmail with extensions:

Mostly people use common webmail services. Google and yahoo are the most commonly used webmail services among people. People consider these webmail services more secure and private. But there is a fact that you are not completely anonymous while using these web services. To become anonymous online you need to install mailvelope. It is an extension for Google mail and Firefox. It secures your webmail by offering it Open PGP encryption. There is another extension like mailvelope that is Secure Gmail. It encrypt and decrypt your emails you send through Gmail and yahoo mail.

These extensions prevent your unencrypted texts to reach from google servers. People who use these webmail servers should use extension for remaining themselves anonymous.

2.     Avoid using social media:

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, tweeter are the most common sites that are vulnerable to hacking. You cannot imagine that how much a large number of an information is leaked out only by these social media accounts. If you download a copy of your Facebook data you get surprised to see that how much information is stored by your server. To whom you are following, your friends, your posts and even your messages all the record is saved in a server.

If you want to prevent your data from leaking out you should avoid using social media. But at this time it is not possible to avoid using social media. There is another way that don’t use your personal information on social media account. In this way you become anonymous online.

3.     Manage and block trackers:

There are robots and tracks that keep record that who are coming on the page. They collect your data and interests. It all happens hiddenly and people are unaware to these trackers. You need an extension known as Ghostery. This extension is available at all browsers. You can manage and detect trackers with these extensions.

4.     Proxy server:

You are well known to the proxy server. They are automated tools. It is a tool through which your activities can be processed online. With the help of dedicated proxies you can ace fool to others. It provides you a number of IP addresses and hide your original IP. In this way your original data stay hidden. Proxy prevent your personal data from leakage. There are different types of proxies. some are shared, some are free and paid proxies are also available. You can use a proxy according to activity you want to perform on internet.

5.     Use of alternative browsers and search engines:

People mostly use Google for search. No doubt that Google is more efficient and undeniably accurate. Google track your search engine and keep in record all your past history. If you want that search engine never track you then you can use an alternate browser and search engine.

Benefits of become anonymous:

There are many benefits of keeping yourself anonymous on internet.

  • You can speak freely
  • One can discuss any sensitive and controversial point without any judgement.
  • You can share your opinions without any fear of people.
  • People can present their point of view without any hesitation.
  • You can perform every activity with complete privacy.
  • No one can track you.

Method of proxies to become anonymous:

Anonymous proxy is a very famous proxy. It hides our IP address and provide an alternate IP. No one can detect your original IP address and your location. There are some rotating proxies which provide you new IP at every new request. In this way you become anonymous online.

High anonymity proxy provides you more secure connection. It does not act as proxy itself. It performs all your tasks like a regular computer. In this way server recognize you as a client and you can perform you work easily. These proxies prevent your personal data from leak out.

Moreover, ProxyAqua provides you anonymous proxies within affordable prices. these proxies are reliable and have a high performance.


To conclude, remain anonymous is not only essential for those who do some restricted task. It is important for all users. When you come on internet with your mail account and through social media accounts your information remain save in server. It is harmful for you because any one can detect you and can misuse your information.

In this article we have highlighted that how to become anonymous online in 2021. Moreover you should have knowledge that what is the need of becoming anonymous. You can use alternate browsers and even anonymous proxies to secure your personal information. Everyone have a privacy concerns. Therefore, you should care about your privacy and try to become anonymous.

Cheap Ticketmaster proxies to buy tickets easily

Ticketmaster is mainly a ticket outlet. Ticketmaster sells tickets made available to them. Some events are very famous and people wait for it anxiously for a long time, and their tickets sell out in a matter of minutes. It is challenging to buy tickets in a considerable number. Ticketmaster proxies are available that enable people to purchase a several number of tickets from Ticketmaster. The Ticketmaster proxies mask the IP of the users and prevent them from getting blocked by the company. It makes sure for users to avail themselves of batches of tickets for an event. Proxies for Ticketmaster are quite expensive, but we will tell you about cheap Ticketmaster proxies to buy tickets easily in this article.

Some proxies are expensive, but the expense is only one time. It proves cost effective in the long run. Here we will highlight proxies for Ticketmaster and their pros and cons.

Need of Ticketmaster proxies:

Ticketmaster is a huge company that sells tickets online. A vast number of customers buy tickets online through Ticketmaster. But it is not easy to get tickets just in one click. Whenever a significant event is announced, people want to grab the tickets, and tickets sell out soon.

Ticketmaster is very sharp in catching IPs. It has a drawback that it becomes difficult to purchase tickets for famous events. If you want a great number of tickets the, Ticketmaster proxies are just about your only option. A Ticketmaster proxy is a famous proxy server from many years. These proxies include dedicated proxies, rotating proxies with residential IPs.

How to use a Ticketmaster proxy?

You ensure that your computer’s clock is set to absolutely the right time, if you are going for Ticketmaster proxy. Even a little difference of ten to twenty seconds can miss you from a great seat. Even you can also miss your ticket.

To get the best possible tickets, you should set up your account correctly. You should create your ticket master proxy for so long before time, it would be best. You must have Sign in to it before the tickets go on sale. It ensures that you are ready to buy tickets.

Avoid using the browser refresh button. Otherwise if you use refresh button your proxy will pick up by the ticket master and almost certainly guarantee that you do not get tickets. You can use the search field for event name as soon as the tickets go on sale.

Choose the best and cheap Ticketmaster proxies:

A free proxy for tickets is not proving profitable. There are more chances to be blacklisted by ticket sites. Shared proxies also have the same problem.

While , a static proxy service where the IP address is not changeable won’t work to get a number of tickets. It is because a Ticketmaster does not allow a same user to buy multiple tickets and it will block you. When you get different static proxies, it takes too much time. At the end you could left empty handed or  with only a few tickets  at other places, which means you can’t sit with your friends.

Ticketing proxies contains a very sharp API. It allows you to load all the information.  Click it once to open multiple pages to buy tickets. You need a premium proxy service if you want to buy a batch of tickets. These services provide multiple IP addresses. Rotating proxies change the IP addresses daily or even hourly.

You can buy several proxies such as storm proxies, SSL private proxies, smart proxies, or proxy Aqua. The proxies make it sure for you that you can buy the desired tickets. The money back guarantee for some of these kinds of proxies is limited.

Rotating proxies:

Rotating proxies are cheaper in the longer run. Proxies are a tricky game. The quickest proxies that activate immediately are the best. You can play a long-lasting game with proxies, not a short game.

If you are going to buy proxies for Ticketmaster, consider how quickly a batch of non-rotating proxies will last. If you have five hundred to thousand proxies, you have to be careful and don’t use them 24/7. The Ticketmaster will eventually find your IP because you are using the same IP.

Therefore you need a proxy that provides you new IP with each turn. It means you need a full refresh from your provider. They might be okay with the first couple of times, but if you do it too often, they’ll get upset.

Sometimes Ticketmaster can detect proxies, not a single IP address. The IP address provides by non-rotating proxies will be in one large subnet or a couple of subnets. You should have a rotating proxies. They are a little bit expensive proxies but are an excellent option.

These proxies prove cheaper in long term use, and You won’t have to replace your IPs, subnets, and provider. It will surely prove cost effective in long run.

Proxy aqua has incredible features and provides you the best and cheap proxies for Ticketmaster. It offers two hundred private ticketing proxies. Each proxy costs three dollars. It has a 1GBs network and offers unlimited bandwidth. It is the cheapest and reliable proxy provider. You will get a new IP address whenever you make a new request. The private dedicated proxies provide maximum privacy protection. It also offers premium support to its customers. The unlimited bandwidth is without any hidden cost.


Ticketmaster proxy is the best choice to get tickets for a big event. Without using proxies, It is not possible to get a large number of tickets.

Ticketmaster has security issues from ticket scalpers, and they don’t provide batches of tickets to a man with a single IP address. Even you don’t get a chance to buy a single ticket from ticket proxy because tickets sell theirs in a few seconds.

You should have a Ticketmaster proxy setup if you are waiting for your favorite event for so long. Otherwise, you will remain empty-handed because many people want to grab the ticket. As the sale starts, people want to gain as many tickets as possible. It would be best if you had a cheap ticket master proxies to buy tickets easily, and you can get batches of tickets quickly for your favorite event.

What are sneaker bots? Do they work?

When you talk about online shopping, you have also heard about automated tools. These tools check that when sneaker comes in the market and when the sale begins. Everyone waits for this moment. It is the reason that new sneakers get out of stock within seconds and you cannot buy it, People who want to prevent themselves from this loss use automated tools. These automated tools are sneaker bots. In this article, we will discuss what are sneaker bot? and do they work?

What are sneaker bots?

A sneaker boot is a piece of complex software designed to buy shoes quickly. They are used to purchase high demand sneakers. Even sometimes, they buy sneakers within seconds. No one can compete with these bots. It speeds up the checkout process when buying sneakers online. It is highly sophisticated software for buying online things which have limited stock. These bots are capable of mimicking human behavior and can face CAPTCHA like humans.

Sneaker bots continually monitor the eCommerce stores. When your targeted product is available these bots add products in cart and head for the checkout.

How do sneaker bots work?

You should know that sneaker bots are specially designed. A sneaker bot takes advantage of a website’s code to gain access to the sneakers’ stock. It will access the site and use the information you feed it to add to cart and then check out your sneakers.

They can act like humans. It continually monitors the website, and when the product launches, it automatically places an order. It proves beneficial for you in purchasing multiple pairs. You cannot buy various pairs manually. Even it is difficult to buy a single pair from limited stock without automated bots.

Do sneaker bots really work?

Sneaker bots really work if you use it wisely. They are very helpful when catching a rare drop or coping with multiple limited edition items. It’s all a game of speed. Bots bring a competitive advantage. Purchasing pairs of sneakers from limited stock is based on first come first serve. Sneakerheads anxiously wait to catch the sneaker release world widely. That’s why they prefer to use sneaker bots. They speed up the purchasing process, and you can get your most awaited sneaker within seconds. These bots are the reasons why overly hyped products sell out within seconds.

Advantages of sneaker bots:

Some of the benefits of automated bots are given below:

1.     Automated process:

It is an automated tool, and all your process is done automatically. You have to wait for your order confirmation to takes place. It is a fast process. It would help if you had a less manual effort. There are more chances that you can get your order quickly with these bots.

2.     More chances to get a product:

You have to fill several forms and pass through multiple checkouts if you place the order manually. The all process is time taking, and maybe you miss the chance of getting your product. Bots perform all the process automatically, and the chances of getting product increase with bots.

3.     legal process:

There are no strict rules and regulations for using bots. There is no law introduced yet which consider bots illegal. Even many companies sell bots openly from a legit website.

4.     Beneficial for sneaker resellers:

These bots are beneficial for resellers. Bots help them to buy sneakers quickly. After purchasing a stock of sneakers, reseller sells them at high prices and get a lot of profit.

Choose the right sneaker bots:

It is essential to choose the right sneaker bots. You should keep the following points in your mind when you are going to select bots.

  • Make it sure that your bot supports all types of websites.
  • The bot you purchase should be able to get a hold of restocking. Sometimes it happens orders get cancelled after the drop ends. Then retailers would restock it again, which means you need to continue your purchasing.
  • Make it sure that your bots are available every time for purchase. Limited stock is not planned. Therefore your bot should be ready for every situation.
  • Invest wisely on your sneaker bots.

The best sneaker bots:

AIO Bots:

AIO bot is considered as the best sneaker bot. It helps sneaker lovers get a limited release. AIO bot is thousands of time faster than any human. It has multiple task modes and the Harvester, which lets you automatically generate Captcha tokens. It has one of the best marketing among all sneaker bots. Here are some pros and cons for using AIO sneaker bots:


  • It provides support for multiple sites.
  • The bot has multi-threaded support.
  • It has several beneficial features that increase your chance of success.
  • Its easy to use.
  • It provides optional servers and proxies.


  • It is expensive.
  • It supports only the Windows operating system.

Sneaker proxies:

Buying quality bots for buying the limited stock of sneakers is only a one half of the sneaker-coping equation. Set of sneaker proxies can make bots more efficient. It has one of the best marketing among all sneaker bots and showing the proxy IP instead. Without sneaker proxies when you make several requests from one IP, your home IP will eventually be blocked, leaving you out of luck as far as copping any more sneakers. Sneaker bot proxies overcome this restriction by providing alternate IP addresses so that it appears as if multiple different users are buying the shoes.


Sneaker bots are helpful for getting your order from a limited stock of sneakers. They work like a man but with a high speed. It completes the task of minutes and hours within seconds. It is an automated tool, and you do not need to complete the tasks manually. In this article, we highlight what are sneaker bots and do they really work. Proxies with bots prove more beneficial and ensure success. Bots drastically increase the chance of purchasing sneakers. They check that when a particular site is going to sell their high demand sneakers. They place an order for you in a second. You have to wait for the checkout process.

Why are proxy servers important for your business marketing?

The extensive use of technology has increased the competition in business. People have new ideas to promote business through social media, but it’s not easy to target them. In this competitive world, you should have automatic tools to emerge your name among the competitors. If you want to gain maximum reach, proxy servers prove fruitful.

If you want to make your name in the world of business, you should keep an eye on your competitors’ actions. Then you should set your goals and strategies for enhancing your business. Here it would be best if you had a proxy server to know about your surroundings.

Many people want to make their business standards, but they don’t know why proxy servers are essential for your business marketing. These servers maximize the potential of the business and help to make a name in a competitive environment.

What are proxy servers?

A proxy server is a server application. It acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from servers that provide those resources.

Proxy servers are essential for business marketing; it can quickly increase speed and save bandwidth on a network by compressing the network. It helps your team to access the internet quickly and easily.

What is business marketing?

Business marketing is a practice in which leveraging web-based channels to spread a message about a company. For business marketing, you should know your competitors. It is not easy to manually know about every competitor and opponent, so you need some automatic tools.

These automatic tools are proxy servers. Proxy servers are essential for your business marketing because they scrape information automatically about trends and competitors. The servers boost your business website and make your business visible to a broad audience.

Proxy servers for business marketing:

Proxy servers connect users to other networks indirectly. These proxy servers kept IP address anonymous and help in business marketing uniquely. So, proxy servers provide access to geographical restrictions. Proxy servers are particularly crucial for business for the following reasons.

  • Protect company data:

Business with an online presence is on higher risk due to hacking and breaching.

Cyberattacks are prevalent now. Millions of data are hacked and leaked; in some cases, hackers misuse this data.

Once your IP address is exposed, your business gets vulnerable to cyber attacks.

These actions can freeze your social media accounts and website. Moreover, it can hack your financial performance. To prevent all these problems, proxy servers for business marketing play an essential role. It provides an extra layer of security to your business server and external traffic.

  • Email protection:

Meanwhile, there are several emails received by companies every day. Every email is not safe. It is an easy way for hackers to hack someone’s system easily with email. They send an email with malicious attachments and links. When someone opens this link, the system gets hacked automatically. But companies cannot ignore emails, and they don’t know which email contains malware links.

Proxies help to check your email whether you should open this email or not.

  • Sensitive tasks:

Proxies help perform tasks anonymously. The hidden IPs allow companies to perform sensitive functions without being identified for security reasons.

If your team will work online on a new project or launch a new project, the online spies cannot detect you.

  • Speeding up performance:

Thus, if there is a load on your business website, users cannot access your website. It slows down the performance.

It affects sales rate, the reputation of the company, and your website’s ranking in the search result. The proxy servers route traffic to other webservers and help to speed up performance.

Hence, proxy servers for business prevent you from trouble and run your system smoothly.

The best proxies for business marketing:

Marketing is an essential part of any business. When you shift your business to an online platform, you should have faced many problems. You should know the trends and competitor’s information. In this, all proxy servers for business marketing is needed. We are going to recommend to you the best and cheap business proxy that is proxy aqua.

Thus, people have to face a lot of problems during business marketing. Dedicated proxies from proxy aqua are the best solution for business marketing.

Dedicated proxies:

Moreover, these proxies are also named private proxies. Each proxy is in the personal use of an individual. It is the reason that dedicated proxy is reliable. These proxies help to gather the attention of a larger audience.

Dedicated proxies from proxy aqua are the best proxy server of business marketing due to the following reasons:

  • It has unlimited bandwidth.
  • Proxy aqua provides anonymous proxies.
  • Fast proxies.
  • Private proxy.
  • Highly recommended for business marketing.
  • Multiple data centers.

Hence, when you manage a business, every minute and second is essential. Dedicated proxies are fast and save your time.

Moreover, bandwidth is only limited to yourself. You can give success to your business fast within a short time.

Hence, it is a private proxy, and it remains only in your use. You can control its use, and in this way, you stay protected from hackers. You own when and where you have to use it. Moreover, it saves your data. You can display your ads quickly at your targeted site.

Therefore, proxy aqua is reliable and highly secure to use. It protects from bandwidth overload.


At last, proxy servers for business marketing are essential to use. It enhances your business fast and helps to compete with other companies. Everyone wants to get success in business. Proxy servers promise quick progress of your business.

Moreover, the role of proxy servers is not ignorable in business marketing. Now you know why proxy servers are essential for your business marketing.

To conclude, you can attract a large audience on your digital sites and social media accounts with the use of proxies. As the competition increases, it is not easy to get a top position in business. The dedicated proxies offer by proxy aqua are helpful to highlight your business in the market.

Five Ways – How to secure your proxies from getting blocked

If web scraping and data mining is your daily job, you have to face some difficulties. The two most common problems you have to face are legal considerations and blocks that are impossible to avoid. These issues are related to each other. It is a long debate that web scraping is legal or not. Different people have different opinions.

Web scraping is a continuous act nowadays. Several people are performing data mining acts, and these acts put them into trouble. Because IPs get blocked, and proxies get banned in this activity.

In this article, we will highlight why proxies get blocked, and we will also tell you five ways to reduce the risk of getting your proxies blocked.

How your proxies get detected?

Before knowing how to reduce the risk of getting your proxies blocked, you should know how your proxies get detected. In this case, it is useful for you to understand how networks and websites recognize your proxy and block it.

When you scrape data from any web page through proxies and tools, it is just like a cat and mouse game.

With the increase in information on the internet, the complexity of web scraping has also increased. When any web page knows about any automated activity on its sites, they try to detect footprints and bots working on their site. If they have an improved security system, then you get caught and blocked.

The procedure of detecting real user and robot is not as simple as it seems to be. To see proxy users, first of all, you should notice the activities that are suspicious, further tracking, and then finally blocking after confirmation.

Methods through which your proxy get detected:

The most common methods through which networks detect bots and proxies are the following:

  1. Detection of strange requests and URLs.
  2. Website managers can detect bots through missing cookies. When you connect without cookies, you look suspicious and get blocked. But on the other hand use of cookies is not also safe because they can track your activity through cookies.
  3. One of the biggest mistakes scrapers make during web scraping is the difference between IP, language, and time zone. This miscorrelation between different requests attribute is the easy way for honors to detect suspicious activity on their site.
  4. Which browser you are using and for which purpose. It all can be detected so easily because different browsers have different JavaScript versions.
  5. Many websites have special restrictions and CAPTCHA filling forms for security. Bots show nonhuman behavior and get detected.

The above points make you able to use proxies more wisely because your wisdom can reduce the risk of getting your dedicated proxies blocked. Identification and recognition of bots are the first steps.

How to avoid proxy block?

Once your proxy gets blacklisted, you don’t get access to that website again. Therefore you should know how to reduce the risk of getting your proxies blocked. It doesn’t mean that after following these ways, your proxy and IP become entirely safe. When you follow these ways, it only reduces the risk and gives you an easy approach. Here we are going to tell you five ways to reduce the risk of the proxy block.

1.     Don’t scrape personal data:

Respecting someone’s privacy is as essential in the website as in real life. It would be best if you respected the scraping policies of every website. Many websites have mentioned details that what you can scrape and what is not allowed. You should only extract the data to which the website gives you access. Otherwise, you cannot avoid the proxy block.

It would be best if you took care of the terms of services of web pages. If you go against the privacy policies of any website, your proxy gets blacklisted.

2.     HTTP request:

There are many users on a site at a time. The users pass HTTP requests and give information on which type of software and version is sending requests. Some real users and others are bots and proxies, which seems like an empty agent. Therefore you should use a popular configuration for getting access to the site.

When you make many requests from one IP and location, it gives you a strange look. You can reduce this issue with multiple organic users by switching headers.

3.     Rotational IP address:

Making a massive number of requests from one IP is a direct way of getting your IP blocked. If you want to send several requests, you need proxies. More the proxies are more data you can scrape. The rotational IP address sends requests with alternative address with every turn.

A rotational IP address is an excellent way to reduce the risk of getting your proxies blocked.

4.     Random scraping speed:

The humans cannot scrape data with a more incredible speed, but proxies can act within minutes. Networks detect that speedily actions are performed on your website, and they identify that it is some bot. Therefore, you should randomize the speed of scraping to reduce the risk of getting your proxies blocked.

5.     Variation in scraping pattern:

Many websites have anti-bots and ant-proxy system on their websites. These systems detect scrapers. To avoid IP block, you have to need to change the pattern of crawling the website. It would be best if you did some random moments like scrolling, variation in speed, and scrolls. In other words, your proxy should seem like a human.


Now you know fundamental and essential five ways to reduce the risk of getting your proxies blocked. You should know about every condition that how our IP and proxy get detected and how you can remain safe from this detection.

Once you are detected, you get blacklisted, and it is difficult for you to scrape data from the website again. Therefore, experts recommend using private proxy as compared to shared and free proxies because these proxies are vulnerable to hackers and detection easily.