How to use Proxies for Web Scraping with Puppeteer and avoid IP Blocks

How to use Proxies for Web Scraping with Puppeteer and avoid IP Blocks

Google has built a tool for web developers which is known as the puppeteer. This tool is specially designed to control the headless and non-headless browsers. It is a node library having a high-level API. The headless browser provides you with automatic control of a web page. Puppeteer is a successful method to scrape data from web pages. When a website is scraped through puppeteer, many people have to face IP block. There are different proxies for puppeteer that proves helpful and avoid ID blocks.

Use of Puppeteer for scraping:

Puppeteer automates testing and scraping operations. It is a headless browser lacking flash player and another type of software that leak information of the user and provide to the target website. The Proxies for puppeteer helps to increase the success rate while extracting data. It helps to prevent ID from blacklisting and blocking during scraping. As compared to other headless tools, the puppeteer is an automation tool. Puppeteer provides real-user behavior that automates the testing and scraping of data easy. The main advantage of the puppeteer is that when you use puppeteer, you do not need to open the browser.

The need for puppeteer proxies:

Proxies for puppeteer cannot code your IP address and provide you with an alternate ID. It is a tool to control browsers whether they are headless or non-headless. It eliminates the need for operating java scripts, pages, or pages redirects. A puppeteer can code every part of a surrounding except your ID. Therefore during data scraping your IP address can be detected and blocked. They can ask you for captcha filing, even when you are browsing, you usually have to fill captcha various times. Proxies for puppeteer give you easy access to your target websites and pages.

How to avoid an IP block?

It is necessary to avoid IP bans, and captchas, if you want to work smoothly. Proxies play a role in testing your applications in every corner of the world. It is also needed if you’re going to extract data from multiple web pages. Proxies for puppeteer not only give the location of real-user you needed but it will also keep you anonymous and will provide exact and accurate data you are looking for. With the help of puppeteer proxies, you can use multiple web pages and browsers in one time. Each proxy provides you with a different and unique ID, and it also gives you other test performance and speed of application you are running. If you want to test your site in multiple locations, you need proxies. The authentication of these proxies will help you to operate a variety of pages simultaneously.

Benefits of puppeteer proxies:

There are many benefits of using proxies for puppeteer:

  • Give you unique id.
  • Help in testing and scraping application automatically.
  • Scrape rate increases.
  • Meagre chance to get a ban.
  • Puppeteer give access to browse with incognito.

ProxyAqua with Puppeteer:

The most reliable proxies for puppeteer is ProxyAqua. It provides you dedicated IP address with multiple locations. All the IDs offer you an excellent approach to excess data from different sites. You can successfully scrape data through these proxies without any fear of being blocked. It helps to manage and control proxy parameters easily. These proxies provide you with a variety of IP address, and you can use any IP to achieve your aim. The 1Gbps speed is the main feature that makes ProxyAqua an excellent choice for the puppeteer. It helps to generate screenshots and keep your information private. To extract data successfully, you need authentication of proxies. ProxyAqua are highly recommended proxies for the puppeteer. You have several IDs, and you can securely scrape pieces of information. Server near you will enhance the speed and give excellent performance.

Guide for using puppeteer:

Puppeteer is a little bit complex to use. There are some main features about which every developer should know. Here is a guide to using puppeteer smoothly with proxies.

Headless Mode:

Puppeteer, such as selenium activates the headless mode. It helps to prevent your screen from rendering and saving extra data. If you try to run puppeteer in the usual manner with the help of proxies, it will give you result error.

Never use Unnecessary Tabs:

Mostly held mistake that affects the performance of the puppeteer proxy is the use of so many tabs. When you are launching a browser, avoid using a new tab. It is a very common mistake held by many users.

Using a Proxy:

Whenever you want to scrape data from different web pages and websites, you can get a block. The simple bot-defense process detects your IP address saves in the database, and you never go back to that site again with the same IP. When you stuck into this type of situation, you have to use proxies for the puppeteer. It gives you an excellent result while you are extracting data.

Correct Screen Resolution:

Screen resolution has a core part of the operating system smoothly. You need to match the screen resolution with your device. If you are going to scrape a desktop website, then you need to check the resolution of the screen with popular desktop resolution. The commonly observed screen resolution nowadays ranges 1366×768. It can be set according to the page requirement.


It is very teasing to get banned while extracting data from different sites. It slows down the process of scraping, and even sometimes all your efforts go in vain. The Proxies for puppeteer helps to prevent your ID from blocking whenever you do web scraping. These proxies provide you with dedicated IP addresses. IP addresses are in the significant number that you can use any IP address of your choice to complete your goal. ProxyAqua are highly admirable proxies for the puppeteer. It saves puppeteer, and your id never gets blocked and blacklisted. It is best for web developers who need data from different places. You can get successful access to the target site.


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