What skills and techniques required to master web scraping?

What skills and techniques required to master web scraping?

Web scraping is a function which performs to extract particular data in a semi-structured manner from a web page. The website page builds through using languages such as HTML or XML, and the procedure will check the document before starting to extract data. Web scraping or data scraping is a skill. It is not as easy and straightforward as it seems to be. It is the most coveted skill of the twenty-first century. Web scraping is not easy. There are different skills for master web scraping, which is required to learn for exact data extraction.

Skills for web scraping:

Without skills and practice, you cannot perform your work well. Similarly, for web scraping, you should also need some skills. There are several skills required for web scraping. Here we mention some essential and fundamental skills every scraper should know.

  • Programming language:

Web scraping relies on the programming language. You should know about Python, C++, Java, Matlab, SQL and SAS languages. It can not be recommendable that which language is the best. It depends upon the webpage you want to scrape. But it is observed that phyton is the most popular programming language for web scraping.

  • Framework (Storm, Samza, Spark, Hadoop):

One of the essential skill for master web scraping is the processing of the framework. It is a process od data extraction from large quantities of the individual data point. The most implemented frameworks are Hadoop and spark. Hadoop is the best for batch workloads. Spark is suitable for mixed web scraping.

  • Linux:

Linux is a famous operating system for web scraping. It is a stable and efficient operating system. For web scraping, you should know about common commands of Linux.

  • Database:

The database is an essential skill for master web scraping. You should know the relational and non-relational database.

  • Microsoft excel:

Dynamic web query in Microsoft Excel is a versatile method to scrape external websites. Therefore, you should have the skill to operate Microsoft excel and manage spreadsheets.

  • Selenium web driver:

You should have complete knowledge of working with selenium. It is an open-source automation tool. You can use selenium web driver with chrome browser and any other browser for web scraping.

  • Parse beautiful soup:

If web scraping is your job, then you must have the skill to parse beautiful soup. It converts HTML and XML documents into readable file. It gives you access to your required information quickly.

  • Scraping URLs:

Before going to web scraping, you should have skill and practice for scraping URL. When you can scrape URL, then it is easy for you to access the targeted site quickly.

The need for web scraping:

It is a way to extract data quickly. You can remove data from any website with web scraping. On every website, you cannot copy and paste data, and web scraping helps to take out data feasibly. Web scraping also changes the format of data in your required form. In simple words, web scraping saves you from the troublesome process of copying and downloading data and automates the whole process.

Web scraping tools:

Your skills cannot work for you in web scraping if you don’t know about tools. There are different tools which are using for web scraping. Web scraping tools are specially design to extract data. These tools are also known as web harvesting tools. Some of the best scraping tools are:

  • Scraping hub
  • Parse hub
  • scraper

Role of proxies in web scraping:

Web scraping is very common among freelancers nowadays. There is a number of skills required for web scraping. But only skills are not enough. There is a number of websites and web pages which have strict privacy. Due to strict privacy policies, your IP gets banned. There are several reasons due to which role of dedicated proxies in web scraping is essential.

  • Proxies make web scraping more reliable. It reduces the chance that your IP address gets banned or blacklisted.
  • It enables you to scrape webpage from a particular geographical region. Proxies allow you to see a specific web content that the website shows for a given location. It is more valuable for online retailers.
  • If you use a pool of proxies, you can make a higher volume of requests. You can scrape data from the targeted webpage without being banned.
  • Proxies provide you with a large number of IP addresses. It hides your original IP address. When you visit a website from one IP again and again, you can be blacklist. Some websites impose IP bans. Website honors have a record of malicious actors overloading sites with large volumes of requests.
  • When you scrape a website with proxies, you can make unlimited concurrent sessions to the same or variety of websites.


Web scraping is familiar nowadays. Especially for marketing strategies, data can extract from different websites. Extraction of data is not simple and easy. You must have Skills for web scraping. For processing any technique and work skills are necessary.

Similarly, for web scraping, you should know about programming languages. Programming is essential for approaching any web page. You also should know file formats. If you have skills, you also have useful tools for scraping. Data can easily extract if you have skills and the best tools. Moreover, it’s not easy to get access to any web page with the same IP address. You need a large number of IP addresses for data extraction.

In this way role of proxies in web, scraping is essential. Proxies provide you rotational and dedicated IP addresses through which you can get access to blocked sites quickly.


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