Sneaker proxies- what it is and its benefits

Use of proxies is increasing day by day. Now for every purpose proxies are available like web scraping, data extraction, crawling and buying and accessing restricted sites. Sneaker proxies also serve the same purpose.

Similarly there are huge companies like adidas, Nikon, etc. offers best quality of products. These products like sneakers always launch in limited edition and the customers are present in millions. Unfortunately everyone cannot grab their products. Moreover, one person can only purchase one item you cannot buy sneakers in bulk.

It is troublesome phenomenon to get access to these sneakers. If you think you can buy them manually, then it is your biggest misunderstanding. For buying sneakers from these well known sites you have need to use automated tools and bots.

Sneaker proxy is one of the proxy help in this regard. Here we are going to highlight that what is it and how it works.

Sneaker proxies:

Sneaker proxies are automated tools which boost the work of bots. Bots are robots which makes your work easy and automatic. But if you use these bots without proxies it is not secure and you don’t get your desired result.

Proxies on the other hand optimize these bots and provides an additional security layer. When you use proxy network security cannot detect bots and your real IP address remain hidden. It seems like a real human is working or visiting on site but actually it is a proxy which acts on your behalf.

How to use these proxies?

Copping sneakers of your choice is challenging. Have you ever wondered that you have completed whole process, form filling, payments method in seconds but at the hand you remain empty handed. Actually all sneakers sold out within no time whenever it is launched by huge companies. If you think that other people who get sneakers are lucky and manually get access to sneakers than you are absolutely wrong.

Sneaker proxies is only solution to avoid trouble during buying sneakers. You have to setup these proxies with your system and set date, time and target. So, at the required moment these proxies automatically buy a pair of sneakers for you. Even with proxies you can buy a bundle of sneakers.

You have to check your proxies properly before the launching of sneakers. People use these proxies to get bulk of sneakers and then sell these sneakers with higher profit rate.

Benefits of using proxies for sneakers:

When you go for buying sneakers, you have to face a lot of hindrance. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t overcome these obstacles. Proxies prove helpful in this way. Sneaker proxies provide you benefits in variety of ways. Some of the advantages are highlighted below.

  1. Online sites and e-commerce stores are just like physical shops where a huge gathering is present on new launch or special offer day. It is not possible to get your desired item because customers are present in great number and items are limited. Same is the case with sneakers. To buy sneakers, proxies utilize and among millions of customers give you first access to the sneakers.
  2. There are many origins of the world where sneaker sites are restricted. If you are a sneaker lover and present in such type of any area than you don’t need to worry. Sneaker proxies bypass geo-restricted areas and give you an easy access to sneakers.
  3. Proxies veil your identity. Hence in this way you don’t have to face any issue like black listing. No one can detect your original position and your data remain protected. If you use rotating proxy it seems like different people from different areas are approaching.
  4. Proxies boost sneaker bots activity. It works efficiently without any fear of being blocked. And helps you to add first pair in cart for purchasing.

The best proxies for sneakers:

The best proxies for sneakers are rotating proxies. Rotating proxies offer millions of IP addresses. Whenever you make a new request, it goes through new IP address due to rotating proxies.

Rotating proxies have IP addresses belong to real locations. Even a same person from same location is sending request, it shows that multiple people from different areas are making http requests.

Rotating proxies are reliable and efficient. Invest a little amount on rotating proxies to get your desired results. Never go for free or shared proxies. Because these proxies don’t ensure privacy protection. If you want to purchase sneakers in bulk then rotating proxy is an excellent choice.


The choice of proxy provider is as important as the selection of proxy for particular purpose. We suggest you to buy sneaker proxies from reliable proxy provider.

Keep in mind that every proxy provider is not reliable and trustworthy. Some proxy providers steal your information and sell it to others. In this way you have to phase a lot of problems. Therefore, we recommend you to buy proxies from proxy aqua.

ProxyAqua is a trustworthy and reliable proxy provider. It provides proxy in reasonable amount. There are different packages offered by proxy aqua. You can buy and select any package according to your budget. Moreover, customer support service always give you advice that which type of proxy is suitable for your particular task. For every task there are specialized proxies offered by proxy aqua.


To grab sneakers from limited edition, you have to utilize sneaker proxies. These proxies help you to cop your favorite pair of sneakers in a very easiest way. Moreover, proxies help you to get a bulk of sneakers and then you can sell them further with high profit.

The use of proxies for buying sneakers is very advantageous. You can get access to the sneaker site from the areas where these sites are restricted. The process which takes several minutes manually, that process can be done within no time with the help of proxies.

They provide an extra security layers and hence in this regard bots cannot be detected and it makes bots more efficient.

LinkedIn proxies | How it’s important to scrape LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the renowned and prodigious social media platforms. Now a days people utilize this platform for getting job. Great companies look for professionals on LinkedIn. Therefore, people make proficient profiles on this platform and sell their skills. Even huge companies and businesses use this platform for advertising themselves.

A complete profile on LinkedIn creates chances for you to get hired on high position. Even you can post your projects, pictures and work-related assignments on LinkedIn. It shows that like other social media platform, it has a huge information about individuals. You can see the interest and rankings of companies but it is not as easy as it seems to be.

Therefore, people try to extract data from LinkedIn. But LinkedIn scraping cannot be done manually. You need LinkedIn proxies scraping data from LinkedIn.

What are LinkedIn proxies.

A distinctive IP address of every device is an identification of that device. Proxy act as mask of that device. It replaces your original IP address and proceed request from an alternative IP address. With LinkedIn proxies you can approach and make profile on LinkedIn from the area where it is restricted. The only thing you should keep in mind that always uses quality proxies for LinkedIn.

It is not only used to bypass geo restricted areas but most commonly theses proxies are used for scraping and data extraction.

LinkedIn scraping.

Keep in mind that scraping is prohibited. You cannot scrape someone’s personal data openly. There are some ways through which you can scrape information but only when you have a positive purpose. LinkedIn proxies allow you to scrape LinkedIn, to see the ranking of different business and companies. These proxies can gather information completely from LinkedIn profiles and even emails.

The scraping tools on LinkedIn demand URLs of profile as target. The proxies take a look at each profile with change IP address. Then it extracts every piece of information from each profile. You can get whole information including name, biodata, place, date of birth and qualification.

Importance of scraping.

Especially for developing businesses and companies scraped data has great importance.

·       Opponent analysis.

Scraped data help you to know about your competitors. You can check their audience and reason of progress. Moreover, you can come to know about their weaknesses and strengths through scraping. Similarly, LinkedIn scraping help you to make attractive profile so companies approach you to get hired for top most position. Moreover, as a business running company you can compete with others.

·       Invest wisely.

If you scrape data from business profiles of LinkedIn then you can think wisely about investment. Moreover, you can sponsor companies and organizations for your products. LinkedIn is a complete package from where you get information about small level of business to international level. There you can know about small jobs and even you can get big opportunities from LinkedIn which can change your life.

But for this all you need a complete data analysis of targeted people. You cannot do this target analysis manually. Therefore, in this regard LinkedIn proxies done this whole process automatically.

The best proxies for LinkedIn.

A number of proxy servers are offering their proxies. but the main thing you should focus on is shared, free, dedicated and residential proxies. never go for scraping with shared and free proxies because in this way you will have to pay off for the mistake of other.

Always choose dedicated and paid proxies for LinkedIn. These proxies keep your information protected. Residential proxy is a good choice when you have some restricted approach to LinkedIn.

These proxies help you to see all the information of profiles which has blocked you. Without any restriction you can completely visit profiles on LinkedIn with the help of LinkedIn proxies.

Advantages and disadvantages of utilizing proxies for LinkedIn.

Some of the main advantages and disadvantages of proxies are given below.


·       Security enhancement.

The proxy when you utilize for LinkedIn provide an extra layer of security. You can visit whole LinkedIn within veil through proxies. nothing can be come in your way as a hurdle when you extract data from LinkedIn with these proxies.

·       Get access from worldwide.

Proxies make it sure that you can get access to the profile of LinkedIn from any corner of the world. Now you do not need to worry if LinkedIn is not allowed in your area or country. You can get benefited from LinkedIn properly by utilizing proxies.

·       Masks your online activity.

Even you are scraping data from LinkedIn or doing another online activity, proxies conceal your online record. In this way you remain protected from hackers and malicious attacks commonly occur during online acts.


·       Expenditure.

For buying quality LinkedIn proxy you need to spent a huge expense on buying them. Therefore, choose an excellent proxy and spent wisely otherwise it is one of the huge disadvantages of proxy.

·       Danger of cybercrime.

Websites update their policies and privacy regularly. In this way your proxy can be detected and your personal information can be leaked out when you try to access that website again.

The best proxy server.

The proxy aqua is the best and excellent proxy server. They provide you best LinkedIn proxies according to your requirement and use. It has a wide range of shared, dedicated and private proxies.

It has different packages for its clients. Look at these packages and select the most suitable one for yourself. Proxy aqua is the biggest proxy provider platform from where you get proxies for different tasks within affordable price.


LinkedIn is a hub of information for business companies and organizations. Moreover, you can approach a number of people of your interest on LinkedIn. But it is not simple task to get approach to people therefore you need to scrape data automatically. For this automatic process you need to scrape linked with the help of LinkedIn proxies. ProxyAqua is a huge proxy supplier from where you get proxy within the most affordable range.

Buy sneakers with sneaker proxies – 2021?

Individuals that are enthusiastic about Sneaker shoes utilize sneaker proxies to ensure that they get the most recent shoe discharge from well-known sites like Nike and Adidas. Shoes sites are prohibitive and regularly sell new deliveries temporarily, yet in addition limit the quantity of restricted sneakers combines that can be bought from one record.

This article will prove helpful for you to know that how you can buy sneakers in 2021 with the help of sneaker bots.

Sneaker proxies:

A sneaker proxy is an intermediary worker that is utilized to make numerous buys on sneaker destinations. These intermediaries as a rule have private IPs and must be quick to satisfy their job.

Sneaker proxies are something other than normal private paid intermediaries. Hence, just certain intermediary suppliers can offer them, however they are not modest. Ensure the intermediary supplier is dependable. Speed will not assistance you much if your specialist service provider is not trustworthy. Get your work done already and look at that you intermediary supplier’s standing is unblemished. It should handily be possible by seeing survey destinations and discussions.

Need of sneaker proxies in 2021:

Limited stock of sneaker shoes will in general sell amazingly quick and are typically limited to one sets for each record. One approach to build your odds of getting a couple, or even numerous sets, is to attempt to open different records. The issue with this is that the shoe sites realize how to recognize different records having a place with a similar individual by following their IP address, and on the off chance that they do discover you doing this, they’ll restrict you from the site.

To stay away from that, sneaker proxies are utilized. The intermediaries will conceal the first IP address and stunt the site into deduction these solicitations come from various gadgets in various areas.

How does a sneaker proxy work?

Sneaker proxies are more often than not executed as HTTP intermediaries however improved for getting to sneakers shoe locales. They function as standard high obscurity intermediaries that have the fundamental goal to conceal the IP address of the intermediary customer or intermediary bot.

These intermediaries are streamlined for buying sneakers from Yeezy, Adidas, Nike, Preeminent, Champs Sports, Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay, and other shoe destinations.

Instructions to utilize a sneaker proxy:

Just using a sneaker proxy to ensure you get that pair of restricted version shoes or even different sets isn’t sufficient. This is on the grounds that numerous sneaker heads use bots to make their exchange experience a lot quicker than what a simple human can do. The odds are that while you’re composing ceaselessly angrily to get your orders in, the shoes you need so seriously are now sold out.

To have the option to contend, you will likewise need to utilize bots as they are a lot quicker than people. There are various bots accessible for purchasing shoes, including EasyCop Extreme, JustCopItBots, Sole Slayer, AIO Bot, Nike bot, Incomparable Bot. Such sneaker bots are task bots that naturally checkout on sneaker stores with different profiles.

It is difficult to pick a bot as there are a wide range of ones accessible. Pick something that will work with a wide range of locales and just go for attempted and confided in ones.

Important tips when purchasing shoes Using proxies:

The following are a few tips that will assist you with concluding how to pick intermediaries for copping shoes.

  1. Utilize private proxies:

In the event that you are not kidding about having the option to get those sneakers without running into serious issues, just utilize private proxies with limitless transfer speed. The fundamental explanation behind this is speed. As numerous individuals will attempt to utilize free, open intermediaries, this will back them off. It very well may be the contrast between you getting the sneaker shoes and passing up them.

  1. Test the speed

In the past point, we referenced the significance of the intermediary’s speed. Since you do choose to utilize a private sneaker proxy doesn’t ensure that it will be quick. Make certain to test the speed to ensure that this is undoubtedly the situation before you are baffled when you attempt to cop sneaker shoes and don’t succeed.

  1. Area inclinations

The sneaker bots you pick ought to totally have area inclination alternatives worked in. Organizations, for example, Nike frequently stun delivers the nation over, and if your intermediary can change area from one city to another, the likelihood that you can get those restricted release sneakers as you track them across the USA increments significantly.

It does, notwithstanding, require some additional work on your part however it is a procedure that has delivered profits for various individuals. The most troublesome part is that you need to make the time and date of the various deliveries in different areas and afterward work out how you will time everything to get whatever number combines as could be allowed.

Sneaker proxies with an area inclination alternative do anyway come at an exceptional cost. You should choose if it’s beneficial addressing this cost, taking into account that it will drastically build the chance of you having the option to get your hands on numerous sets of restricted release sneakers.


Some Limited release sneakers can be sold on optional business sectors for hundreds, or even huge number of dollars. This makes them profoundly well known, yet in addition hard to get hold of. Utilizing sneaker proxies or shoe intermediaries may be the best way in 2021 to get whatever number limited stock sneakers as could be allowed.

Specific sneaker shoe intermediaries are interesting as they are intended for outright force and speed and force with the goal that you can get in and out of the shoe sites in the briefest time conceivable. This is key as you need to act rapidly or you will not have a possibility of getting your hands on those sneaker shoes.

If you know an appropriate use of sneaker bots then you have no need to worry about limited stock of sneakers.

What are sneaker bots? Do they work?

When you talk about online shopping, you have also heard about automated tools. These tools check that when sneaker comes in the market and when the sale begins. Everyone waits for this moment. It is the reason that new sneakers get out of stock within seconds and you cannot buy it, People who want to prevent themselves from this loss use automated tools. These automated tools are sneaker bots. In this article, we will discuss what are sneaker bot? and do they work?

What are sneaker bots?

A sneaker boot is a piece of complex software designed to buy shoes quickly. They are used to purchase high demand sneakers. Even sometimes, they buy sneakers within seconds. No one can compete with these bots. It speeds up the checkout process when buying sneakers online. It is highly sophisticated software for buying online things which have limited stock. These bots are capable of mimicking human behavior and can face CAPTCHA like humans.

Sneaker bots continually monitor the eCommerce stores. When your targeted product is available these bots add products in cart and head for the checkout.

How do sneaker bots work?

You should know that sneaker bots are specially designed. A sneaker bot takes advantage of a website’s code to gain access to the sneakers’ stock. It will access the site and use the information you feed it to add to cart and then check out your sneakers.

They can act like humans. It continually monitors the website, and when the product launches, it automatically places an order. It proves beneficial for you in purchasing multiple pairs. You cannot buy various pairs manually. Even it is difficult to buy a single pair from limited stock without automated bots.

Do sneaker bots really work?

Sneaker bots really work if you use it wisely. They are very helpful when catching a rare drop or coping with multiple limited edition items. It’s all a game of speed. Bots bring a competitive advantage. Purchasing pairs of sneakers from limited stock is based on first come first serve. Sneakerheads anxiously wait to catch the sneaker release world widely. That’s why they prefer to use sneaker bots. They speed up the purchasing process, and you can get your most awaited sneaker within seconds. These bots are the reasons why overly hyped products sell out within seconds.

Advantages of sneaker bots:

Some of the benefits of automated bots are given below:

1.     Automated process:

It is an automated tool, and all your process is done automatically. You have to wait for your order confirmation to takes place. It is a fast process. It would help if you had a less manual effort. There are more chances that you can get your order quickly with these bots.

2.     More chances to get a product:

You have to fill several forms and pass through multiple checkouts if you place the order manually. The all process is time taking, and maybe you miss the chance of getting your product. Bots perform all the process automatically, and the chances of getting product increase with bots.

3.     legal process:

There are no strict rules and regulations for using bots. There is no law introduced yet which consider bots illegal. Even many companies sell bots openly from a legit website.

4.     Beneficial for sneaker resellers:

These bots are beneficial for resellers. Bots help them to buy sneakers quickly. After purchasing a stock of sneakers, reseller sells them at high prices and get a lot of profit.

Choose the right sneaker bots:

It is essential to choose the right sneaker bots. You should keep the following points in your mind when you are going to select bots.

  • Make it sure that your bot supports all types of websites.
  • The bot you purchase should be able to get a hold of restocking. Sometimes it happens orders get cancelled after the drop ends. Then retailers would restock it again, which means you need to continue your purchasing.
  • Make it sure that your bots are available every time for purchase. Limited stock is not planned. Therefore your bot should be ready for every situation.
  • Invest wisely on your sneaker bots.

The best sneaker bots:

AIO Bots:

AIO bot is considered as the best sneaker bot. It helps sneaker lovers get a limited release. AIO bot is thousands of time faster than any human. It has multiple task modes and the Harvester, which lets you automatically generate Captcha tokens. It has one of the best marketing among all sneaker bots. Here are some pros and cons for using AIO sneaker bots:


  • It provides support for multiple sites.
  • The bot has multi-threaded support.
  • It has several beneficial features that increase your chance of success.
  • Its easy to use.
  • It provides optional servers and proxies.


  • It is expensive.
  • It supports only the Windows operating system.

Sneaker proxies:

Buying quality bots for buying the limited stock of sneakers is only a one half of the sneaker-coping equation. Set of sneaker proxies can make bots more efficient. It has one of the best marketing among all sneaker bots and showing the proxy IP instead. Without sneaker proxies when you make several requests from one IP, your home IP will eventually be blocked, leaving you out of luck as far as copping any more sneakers. Sneaker bot proxies overcome this restriction by providing alternate IP addresses so that it appears as if multiple different users are buying the shoes.


Sneaker bots are helpful for getting your order from a limited stock of sneakers. They work like a man but with a high speed. It completes the task of minutes and hours within seconds. It is an automated tool, and you do not need to complete the tasks manually. In this article, we highlight what are sneaker bots and do they really work. Proxies with bots prove more beneficial and ensure success. Bots drastically increase the chance of purchasing sneakers. They check that when a particular site is going to sell their high demand sneakers. They place an order for you in a second. You have to wait for the checkout process.

How to Get into the Sneaker Business?

Sneakers are athletic shoes that are commonly used for sports and other physical exercises. Their demand is increasing day by day. Sneaker business is a vastly growing business and very beneficial in this era. If you want to do business in shoe selling, then invest your money in the sneaker business. Because with the little investment in the sneaker business, you can get high profit. Sneakers are now a brand name. This article is helpful for sneaker lovers. Read this article until the end and know that how to get into the sneaker business.

Sneaker Game:

Sneakers are an excellent choice. Sneaker business is just like a game. Even people can earn profit within days from sneaker business. Whenever new sneakers launch, everyone wants to grab them. But unfortunately, when you add them in the cart and want to place an order, they are already sold out. Sadly, you have been waiting for a new edition of the sneaker for a long time. But, when the time has arrived, you are still empty-handed. This all happens because of sneaker bots.

What Are Sneaker Bots?

Sneaker bots are actually specialized software that acts like humans. These software target sneakers and buy sneakers for you when they are limited. You can call sneaker bots as your friends. They check out all the processes quickly and buy sneakers for you on your behalf. There are different types of sneaker bots usually use in 2020. As the sneaker business increasing, the use of sneaker bots is also very high.

Types of Sneaker Bots:

Top brands like Nike and Adidas launch limited sneakers, and it is not easy to get access to them. Sneaker bots can make access somehow possible. There are some best sneaker bots for 2020.


Nike is a brand running its sneaker business world widely. They don’t announce the date of their new edition of sneakers. Therefore, when they suddenly launch new designs of sneakers, they sell within minutes. NIKE-BOT helps you to purchase sneakers. This bot cop with a limited edition of sneakers. It is useful to get access to 74 retail websites. If you want to buy multiple items of sneakers, then this bot is very beneficial because it supports multiple accounts.

The only demerit of using NIKE bot is that it is not free of cost. You have to invest $30 to 80$ for using this bot.


The BETTER NIKE BOT is advance than NIKE –BOT-AIO. It provides a very fast service and allows you to easily and quickly open a large number of accounts. There is no account limit in this bot.

You can use numerous accounts. It costs $200 on a regular subscription of BNB. But this bot is not available twenty-four hours.


Several companies are running their sneaker business successfully. SOLESLAYER is another excellent bot. It has many advanced features, and it secures your favorite sneakers for you when they launch. It gives free updates to its customers. Moreover, its customer service is appreciable. You can run multiple accounts on this bot.

There are some demerits of this bot. This bot is applicable only to four sites. It is somehow expensive and only available for windows.

Get Into The Sneaker Business:

You have to need a secure process for entering in the sneaker business. The correct use of sneaker bots is very beneficial in this regard. Sneaker bots need sneaker proxies for working. When someone uses sneaker proxies, it secures the activities of sneaker bots. You can run multiple accounts on sneaker bots. Sneaker proxies hide your original IP address and provide you multiple IP addresses. It shows that different customers make a purchase.

When you use sneaker bots and proxies, then the chance of getting sneakers increase for you. Secondly, there is another advantage: you can resell these sneakers and can earn your profit too. In this way, you can get into the sneaker business.

Sneaker Proxy:

Sneaker proxy is used to protect the activities of sneaker bots. Several sneaker proxies are in everyday use. Details of some proxies are here.

Greater the number of proxies you are using, lower the chance of revealing your identity.

  • Residential Proxies:

Use the most reliable residential proxies for your sneaker bots. These proxies provide a high-speed approach so you can grab your favorite sneaker before they sold out when you use proxy to visit any site than that proxy become your identification. We advise you to use private proxies. These proxies are a little costly but serve you in the best way. The IP address provided by residential proxies is just like normal proxies and ensures your security. Residential proxy is the best proxy if you want to cope with sneaker bots.

Sneaker business is a very profitable business. People love to wear sneakers. Therefore they wait every year for a new edition of sneakers. Companies like Adidas and Nike have significance in the sneaker business. Many people want to get into this business. But it is not as easy as it seems to be. In this article, we have explained all that how you get into the sneaker game. You should have proper knowledge about sneaker bots and sneaker proxies because these two things help you to get a limited edition of sneakers before they sold out. People get access to the sneakers of Adidas and Nike through sneaker bots. Without this, you cannot grab your favorite sneakers.

Proxies and bots are not only beneficial in getting your favorite sneakers. But you can also run your sneaker business by purchasing new arrival of sneakers. It proves very helpful in gaining a large amount of profit. The only thing you need initially is a speedy internet and a little amount to invest on bots. The speed of bots matters a lot in buying the limited stock of sneakers. And the choice of the best proxy gives you security and hide your original identification.

Six Questions You Should Ask Your Proxy Provider

Six Questions You Should Ask Your Proxy Provider

Proxy is one of the tools for hiding the IP address of the user. It helps in browsing through the internet and scrape data easily without being detected or blocked from a particular website. There are multiple ways to hide your IP address, such as Proxy and VPN.  Here in our post, we will discuss the proxy. If you are doing data-harvesting operations using a proxy service, you must be considering whether you are using the best proxy service or need to opt for some other proxy provider.

There are many providers in the market which claim to be the best in the business. However, it would be best if you were careful before purchasing the proxies from the provider. It will help if you look for the proxy provider, which best suits your needs.

It would be great if you had the best provider for scraping data from a site, price monitoring, product hunting, ads verification, or some other operations. You can ask the six questions from your proxy provider to ensure that you choose the best proxy provider for your work.

Let’s look at the six most essential questions to ask from your proxy provider to ensure that you are using or going to buy the best proxy service for your operations.

Do You Offer Real Residential Proxies?

Two types of proxies are available in the market i.e., Residential Proxies and Datacenter Proxies. Most of the users prefer residential proxies over datacenter proxies, as they are untraceable and have fewer block rates.

As Residential providers are less in the market and have high demand, people try to do fraud by offering datacenter proxies and reveals that they are offering you residential proxies. That’s why it’s essential to ask your proxy provider if he is offering real residential proxies or IPs.

You can do one thing to ensure that your provider is providing real residential IPs to you or not by asking for a trial period. In this trial period, you can test the proxy provider service. If your proxy provider is tricking you by offering datacenter proxies in the name of residential proxies, then the proxy will get blocked after some usage.

This is the best way to verify your proxy provider’s authenticity.

Is It Convenient to Integrate Your Product?

Well, it is an essential feature of the proxy provider. You must ask your proxy provider about the integration of the product. If the proxy provider tells you the complicated way to integrate it like installing proxy manager, whitelisting the IP addresses, and modifying your solution, you should refrain from opting for their product. It will waste your time and money. It will destroy your experience of using proxy service and your project as well.

You must choose that proxy provider service that offers secure and convenient proxies integration. There are three easy ways of proxy integration, which can help you to opt for the proxy provider. If the proxy provider says that they offer the username and password solution, session persistence with an API, and IP port method with IP whitelisting, then go for this proxy provider. You also need to keep an eye on your needs for proxy solutions and budget.

Do You Offer Protocol Support?

Your proxy provider service must offer protocol support. Most of the websites run on these protocols. HTTP, HTTPS, and HTTP/2 protocols are the most frequent protocols for the worldwide web. HTTP/2 protocol support is essential as most of the sites are now migrating on this particular protocol.

We suggest you ensure that your proxy provider supports the protocol as it will help you in the successful operations of your project and scrape data from sites with more ease.

Do You Control the Rotation and the Location of Your IPS?

Some of the scraping projects need the rotation of IPS and choose the specific location of your IPS. This technique of rotating IPS and changing location increases the success rate of the search results. It helps in useful mining data and avoiding the geographical restrictions. The rotation of IPS restricts the blockage of IPS.

If you want to gain access to the outside country results, then use a proxy service that helps you to select the specific location. Also, you must look for the proxy service that aids in the rotation of the IP addresses. In this way, you can visit the same site multiple times without getting blocked.

If a particular provider is offering you these features, then go for it without any doubt and don’t waste your time anymore for searching provider.

What is the Billing Cycle?

The budget has a vital role in buying the proxies for you. Before asking the billing cycle question from your proxy provider, you must take into account the budget and number of proxies you need. If you are able to decide your budget and requirement of proxies, go for the search of the providers with suitable billing cycles.

We suggest you choose the providers that offer the longer billing cycle. The longer billing cycle allows you some discount on the proxies. In this way, your overall cost will be less, and you can test the proxy service as well.

Do You Provide Customer Support Manager to Your Accounts?

Those companies which offer 24/7 or quick customer support are successful in the market. When you buy the proxy or new to using a proxy. You will need someone who can help you resolve your problems.

Therefore, it is essential to go for the provider that offers a convenient way to contact the customer support manager. In this way, you can do your work without interruptions and worries.

Final Thoughts

Proxy provider service is in demand. And most of the people are unable to choose the best proxy provider for them. Here, in our guide about “Six Questions, You Should Ask Your Proxy Provider. We comprehensively explained the process of choosing the best proxy service.

How to get Best Sneaker Bots available in 2020

Sneaker bots are must-have for sneaker buyers who want to shop multiple pair of shoes from websites. Mostly sneaker resellers are kind of interested in the sneaker bots. Sneaker bots are the tools that come in handy when you want to buy multiple sneakers online. They are quite efficient in placing orders and adding the shoes in the cart.


As the limited-edition release sales away quickly so, it is important that a sneaker bot should work efficiently and fast. This is necessary for sneaker copping. But, a problem in the case is that websites are paranoid about these sneaker bots. They detect them and block them. Because sometimes they work way too fast and may reflect a non-human behavior. So, they get banned from these sites. For that purpose, people use sneaker proxies with sneaker bots to avoid banning.

In this article, you will get a quick review of the “best sneaker bots for 2020”. We listed them according to our thorough research and online survey.

Later, in this article, you will get an insight into the use of proxies for sneaker bots. This part will cover the problem of the bot ban and how using the right proxies for sneaker bots can save you.

So, let’s get started with our picks for “best sneaker bots for 2020”

Best sneaker bots for 2020:

Several upmarket sneaker bots work efficiently and have good sneaker copping records. The top 5 are:

  • Kodai AIO bot

Kodai is the best AIO bot with all the features a good sneaker bot can have. It is over the top because of its robust user-friendly interface. When it comes to compatibility, it can destroy the releases of Adidas/Yeezy supply, supreme, Shopify, EU, and US foot sites too. Another amazing feature that makes it worth buying is the online dashboard where the user can have all the updates regarding new releases. It is expensive but it has up to 200,000 user checkouts, this copping rate is phenomenal.


  • AIO bot (All-in-one) bot

This AIO bot is the all-rounder. It can cop sneakers from 70+ sites including foot sites, Yeezy supply, Shopify, and Adidas. It has an extravagant UI/UX interface that allows ease in operation to the users. It has higher copping rates; hence, it is the second of the list. It is the best seller though, it is expensive. People go with it due to its high succession and user-friendly interface. Some people reviewed it as a costly bot, but it is worth it.

  • ANB- another Nike bot:

It makes up to the list because it underpins up to 40+ Nike SNKRS cop sites across the globe. People go for this a lot therefore, they have 98.5% customer satisfaction records. The success rates are quite good, as they claim 175,000+ checkouts. With this sneaker bot, you can have multiple accounts. Isn’t it great? For example, you add 5 Nike accounts, they all will work simultaneously and buy the same sneaker. So, it comes in handy when you want to buy many shoes of the same editions. All in all, the price is fine for the benefits.

  • Cyber- AIO bot

Cyber AIO bot is another top sneaker bot for 2020. It is an amazing sneaker bot with phenomenal success rates too. It has 160,000+ successful checkouts so far. This bot supports up to 170+ stores so here you can get any brand. Brilliant customer support 24/7 adds to its quality. Also, the main feature is the cybersole mobile app which helps you to control your tasks easily at your fingertips.  Hence, it is one of the best AIO sneaker bots for 2020

  • The kick station:

Our final pick is the kickstation. This is also called TKS. This sneaker bot is also one of the top sneakers copping tools. Though the user interface is not so good as all of the above bots. But, once you get used to it, it can do wonders. It supports many sites with good copping rates at Shopify.


This was all about the reviews of some top picks of sneaker bots for 2020. But botting isn’t easy and can be nasty if you don’t use a proxy with the bots.

Many of these sneakers bots need the proxy to operate to achieve higher copping rates. So, here we will tell you about sneaker proxies and why they are important for sneaker bots;

What are Sneaker proxies? and why they are important for sneaker bots?

Sneaker proxies are simple proxies that help you buy more than one pair of shoes.

These sneaker bots only add the shoes to the cart but can’t checkout easily. Why? Because, many online stores like Jordan, Nike, etc. don’t allow the buyers to take more than one pair of shoes from their limited edition. So, if you add 10 pairs of shoes in your cart with a bot, you can’t checkout with 10 pairs. So, here proxies came into action. When you use sneaker proxies with sneaker bots, these sneaker proxies simply hide your IP and location from the websites you send request to. The sites think that multiple users are buying their shoes from different locations hence, you can buy easily and checkout.

Without sneaker proxies, it is impossible to achieve success rates. If these sites detect bot activities, they block these bots and ban the IPs. Therefore, sneaker proxies come in handy and hide your information from these sites. By doing so, you can buy multiple pairs of shoes without any obstacles.

But, while using these sneaker proxies, one should be careful because these sites are highly intelligent in terms of detection. So, while using sneaker bot with sneaker proxy, the bots should be automated such that they don’t start reflecting non-human behavior. Also, proper sneaker proxies must be used for the task. If one opts for wrong sneaker proxies, it can be problematic and results in a proxy ban.


This article sums up some best sneaker bots for 2020 and the importance of sneaker proxies for sneaker bots. Using both properly as a combination can boost your sneaker copping rates.