Get Cheap Datacenter Proxies in 2021

Time is changing fast. Now everything is bound into your screens. You have no need to publish books from publishing houses by paying amount. Moreover, now you have no need to find a physical place or shop in the market for running your business. Even there is no need to make and display large posters and advertisements for marketing of your products. Now you can manage this all in your comfortable place on your laptops and mobiles. It is beneficial but on the other hand competition has increased much more. As you need a shop in main market for a large number of customers similarly in this way you need to rank your business websites at front page for better customers. It is very tricky to rank your website and blog on front page. As the competition has increased, people use proxies to run a successful blogs and businesses. There are basically two types of proxies, residential proxies and datacenter proxies.

Here we are going to pay attention to second type of proxies.

What are datacenter proxies?

Datacenter proxies are more authentic and reliable. It provides you private connection because it has no concern with internet server provider (ISP).

Cloud server manage these proxies. A group of people can use these proxies at a time. Its function is same just like other proxies, it hides your identity and keep you anonymous. The IP provided by these proxies belong to some real location. Keep in mind one thing that always buy your proxy. Never choose a free one. It is because, free proxy only give you harm instead of any benefits.


Datacenter proxies has number of different properties. Some of the properties are given below.

1.     Fast

Proxies are faster and complete task within no time. The task you perform in hours and days manually are performed within seconds and even nanoseconds with proxies. It saves your time and also provide you better results.

2.     The best option for data harvesting

Business pages and websites always need to harvest and collect data to win the completion. Proxies are the best option for data harvesting. It provides you details about your competitors and help you to stay at top in the competition.

3.     Protective

Protection is the main thing about which every online user has great concern. These proxies mask your IP address and ensure the protection of your personal activities.


Datacenter proxies has a wide range of uses. People can get benefited from these uses in unlimited ways. Following are the uses of these proxies:

Ø  Multiple account management

Datacenter proxies make it possible to run more than two accounts on social media without being blocked or getting banned. Social media network has strict protection and it keeps on eye on unusual bots and activities occurring on sites. Proxies hide your IP, keep you anonymous and help you to manage multiple accounts easily.

Ø  Sneakers purchase

As you know that big companies like Adidas launches sneakers in limited quantity. Everyone want to get those sneakers. It is impossible to get these sneakers manually but proxies make it possible to buy sneakers on just one click.

Proxies with sneaker bots anonymously give you access to your most favorite item without any restriction. Moreover, you can get multiple pair of sneakers with the help of proxies.

Ø  Competitor’s analysis

Proxies give you access to your competitors audience, items and sales graph. You can check the progress of your competitor and make strategy to become one step forward from your opponent.

Ø  Marketing

For every business marketing Is key to success. The best your marketing is, the better will be your sales. Proxies have a great role in marketing. You can target the audience and display your ads to them through proxies.

Advertisement is essential to gain audience. Proxies provide you audience who take interest in your products. Hence, in this way you can also make good income and large number of customers.

Ø  Academic research

Data scientist always need a huge amount of data and for this purpose they do academic research. There are several sites which restrict users and visitors. To get approach to these sites you need datacenter proxies. These proxies bypass geo-restrict location and give you easy approach for your academic research. You can easily collect data from any website, no matter from which location you belong to, proxies provide you different IPs which help to get access to restricted sites.

Ø  Ads display

As we have mentioned earlier that for every business marketing is very important. Ads display is also a part of marketing strategy. Proxies locate people according to your target and display them your ads. People see those ads and visit your sites. It enhance your website traffic.

Get cheap proxies in 2021:

If you want to use proxies, you have to invest little on proxies. There are also free proxies available but their use is not authentic and reliable. Moreover, always buy your proxy from a reliable proxy server.

We suggest you to buy proxies from proxy aqua. It provides you cheap proxies within wide range. Moreover, it provides customer support service and guide customers about proxies according to their use.

Datacenter proxies provided by proxy aqua are reliable, fast and cheap. It masks your identity and complete your tasks within no time. When you use these proxies you have no need to worry about getting blocked or restricted.


There are variety of proxies available in the market. Mostly proxies are affiliated with ISP. BUT in this article we have mentioned datacenter proxies. These proxies are independent of ISP. They are controlled by remote servers. They are less expensive as compared to other types of proxies.

You can complete your tasks with these proxies very fast and save your time. Always buy proxies form reliable server. Proxy aqua offers every type of proxy within affordable range. You can get IP address in desired quantity and of desired location with these proxies.

Be smart about automating Instagram bot with Instagram proxies

Bot is a web robot. It automatically done different tasks faster and efficiently than human. Mostly bots are used for web crawling. It is a software almost working behind every web site. There are different types of bots specified for particular websites and applications. Similarly, there is a same software for handling and managing Instagram called Instagram bots. Instagram bots are specifically designed for managing Instagram accounts. They automatically complete targeted tasks. But Instagram bots are not enough for work efficiency. User should be smart about automating Instagram bots with Instagram proxies.

Instagram proxies:

Instagram proxies provide an additional layer of security to Instagram bots. It has very strict security so, it can easily detect bots and other automated tools operating Instagram. Instagram is very efficient to distinguish between human activities and bots.

If user want to utilize bots he should have enough knowledge about bots and their use. But keep in mind that some platforms of social media just like Instagram have very strict policy and it cannot allow any automated tools. Utilizing proxies with bots give bots a look of real user and protect you from being blocked and restricted.

Need of proxies for Instagram:

The use of intermediaries for Instagram varies. Here we are going to highlight most common uses of Instagram proxies.

1.     Marketing:

It is an era when social media networks become a business hub. For successful business good marketing is just like a back bone. More you have followers, more there is a chance of business promotion. Hence, in this way intermediaries act as marketing tools.

It is not easy to get the attention of a large number of audience organically. You have seen that there are some Instagram accounts with millions of followers. The strategy to attract these millions of followers is utilizing Instagram bots with proxies.

The manual process for engaging people from all over the world is not easy, it is time taking and sometimes it is impossible to reach the target. But proxy is the only solution to grow business uniquely.

2.     Account management:

Big companies and businesses don’t rely on single Instagram accounts. They use more than five accounts. When a user have multiple accounts, it is not easy to operate multiple accounts and engage audience. Hence, in this regard proxies prove helpful tool for account managing.

On the other hand according to Instagram proxy, more than one five accounts from same IP address is restricted. Proxies hide your real IP and provide you another IP address. It seems like multiple users from different origins are operating accounts.

3.     Bypass geo-restrictions:

If your IP get blocked from Instagram or you are in an area where use of Instagram is not allowed then you can also resolve this issue with proxies. Instagram has very inflexible behavior against bots. If any strange activity is observed on your account, your account get suspend temporarily or permanently.

Proxies provides hundreds and thousands of real IP addresses that act on behalf of your IP. In such a way your real IP remain unrecognized and risk of account blocking reduces many times. Moreover, proxies has IP addresses of varied areas consequently, with these IPs you can target audience of any area.

How do proxies work with automated Instagram bots?

Instagram proxies allow bots to operate Insta accounts spontaneously with hidden identity. As we all know that terms of uses and privacy policy of Instagram gives no space to robotic tools.

Instagram allows you to run five accounts but if you exceed the limit than get ready for black list. The situation become more worse when you manage those multiple accounts with the help of bots. To avoid from this inconvenience the only possible solution is utilizing proxies with Instagram bots.

With these proxies you can easily manage countless accounts on Instagram without being detected. That is the reason that you should have a smart knowledge not only about automated tools but also about proxies. Bots along with proxies work more efficiently and reliably.

Types of proxies for Instagram:

The most demanding proxies for managing and operating Instagram are three types of proxies which are mentioned below:

  • Mobile proxies for Instagram
  • Residential proxies
  • Private proxies

The first type of proxies are specially designed to manage accounts on mobile. These proxies are compatible with android mobiles and you can do same task on mobile which others do on laptops and PC’s.

The second type is a residential proxy. As the name indicates that it provides you an IP of real location. Its up to you that IP address of which area you want to utilize. It is a convenient way to utilize IP address of Africa in Asia. It is particularly designed to gain followers from that special location.

Third one is a private proxy. It is a dedicated proxy and more convenient to use. The IP addresses provide by private Instagram proxies are owned by datacenters. It is not provided by ISP therefore, still there are chances that your IP get detected from Instagram.

The best proxy server:

There are only few proxy providers offering Instagram proxies. It is because Instagram take great actions against automated tools. Therefore, choose smartly for smart work.

ProxyAqua is among one of the huge proxy provider platform. It offers different types of Instagram proxies in different ranges. It is up to you that which type of proxies you need for.


Now it has been explained clearly that how much important Instagram proxies for automating Instagram bots. Now utilize these proxies with bots to get your desired followers. Whenever you choose a bot for Insta accounts also buy a reliable and efficient proxy for more good results.

Visit proxy aqua to get your desired proxy within lowest possible rates. Moreover, proxy aqua have 24/7 customer support service available. You can also get guidance about your desired proxies.

Proxies and bots together provide you the best results. You can engage your audience. Moreover, you have no need to wait for so long for gaining followers.

Role of proxies in SEO – ultimate guide

SEO is a thing which decides that what to put first and what to put last in search results. To rank websites on first pages, and keep your business in suggestions, good SEO practice is very important. This practice helps in increasing traffic and audience on your website. The best SEO can be done through SEO tools, such as SEO proxies. SEO is a technical practice. In this article we will tell you about a role of proxies in SEO. Before, going to discuss the role, you should have knowledge that what is SEO in actual.

Search engine optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization is abbreviated as SEO. It is a technical methods helps to enhance the visibility of your website in search engines. It is a method to keep your website in first page at the top of the results.

When you do SEO of your website, then automatically traffic on your website increases and you gain the attention of a large number of audience. There are particular tools used for search engine optimization. Among these tools, SEO proxies are one of the essential tools which helps to rank your site.

SEO proxies:

SEO proxies are automated tools which acts on your behalf with the target. With SEO proxies you can get the best position in search results.

These proxies keep you unrecognized, and it seems that some real users are approaching a site. Proxies exchange your IP address and in this way your personal IP remains hidden. No one can track your original location.

You can work anonymously on search engines with the help of SEO proxies. SEO is an important effort to rank business. Once your website or page is ranked it is convenient for others to find that website in search results. Therefore, role of proxies in SEO is not negligible.

What is the role of proxies in SEO?

SEO is a marketing strategy for online businesses. Online activities and tasks are not as easy and convenient as it seems to be. You should make a whole strategy to rank your business among the competitors. There are different SEO tools are present which proves helpful in keyword research, links etc. But in most cases SEO tools alone cannot provide you desired information. At that time proxies come forward for better result.

The role of proxies in SEO is given below:

1.     Competitor’s strategy:

Proxies extract information from your competitor sites. It provides you key words and backlinks used by your opponents. You can also check traffic and analytics of your opponent with periodic observation of their websites from different search engines. But if you do this from single IP address, there is a high risk that you will get blacklisted. Hence, in this regard proxies prove helpful and provide you millions and billions of IP address.

SEO proxies perform this task in a very reliable way with full security and privacy. Moreover, the work you do in hours manually, proxies perform that same task very fast within seconds.

2.    Target a location:

Role of SEO proxies in targeting a location is appreciable. It not only helps to bypass geo-restricted locations but also provide you specific targeted location from where you can grab the attention of a large number of audience. It provides you country wise targeted audience.

The search results of on search engine is different in different countries. Therefore, proxies ease your way and give you access to country base market.

3.     Backlink scraping:

Scraping tools can scrape backlinks for you. But scraping tools alone cannot provide you backlinks anonymously. In this way SEO proxies get connected with scraping tools and they extract targeted backlinks for you.

Backlinks has a great impact in enhancing traffic on website.

4.     Traffic control on website:

Humans come to your website through search engines. This type of traffic is known as organic traffic. More there will be organic traffic on your website, more there are higher chances of ranking of your website at the first pages. For ranking of website proxies can also do this same task.

Proxy pool provides millions of rotating IP address. Through these proxies, it reveals that different audience is visiting website. It gives the best click impression. It is very important for SEO.

5.     Faster access:

SEO can be done manually. But it is very time taking to do SEO manually. Proxies make SEO easy, fast and reliable. It is one of the major role of SEO Proxies that it provides faster access. Moreover, proxies save the results of already searched sites and make convenient for you to access that site easily next time.

Types of SEO proxies:

As we know that if we go to scrape any website with single IP address we get blocked and blacklisted. To avoid this trouble we choose proxies not only for scraping but also for SEO of our sites. There are two types of proxies available in the market. We know that role of proxies in SEO is very important. But the efficiency of proxy depends upon the type of proxy.

  • Free proxies
  • Paid proxies

The first type of a proxy is a public proxy. It is available for everyone. You don’t have to invest any penny on free proxies. But as we know that no pain, no gain. If we use free proxies, instead of any fruitful result we get stuck into trouble. It is because free proxies are not reliable.

Second one is paid proxy. It is dedicated and private proxy. You have to invest some amount in buying these proxies so you can fetch better results. Paid proxies are always fast, anonymous and reliable.


In this article we have emphasis the role of proxies in SEO. SEO is an important strategy to take first position among the competitors. In this regard role of proxies is very efficient.

You can do SEO manually but it does not give good results. Therefore, SEO proxies do SEO of your websites on your behalf. It is the best technique to keep your website in search results and for attaining organic traffic.

Data center proxies VS residential proxies 2021

No one wants that its activities get detected online. Because everyone has its own personal space. But in online browsing whatever you do on different site it can be tracked. To avoid this hindrance now proxies are being introduced in the market.

Proxies are robotic tools help you to keep unrecognized. It provides a number of IP addresses and your original IP address is alternate with the IPs provided by proxies. With these IP address no one can detect your real IP address and your location.

There are different types of proxies are available. Here we will highlight data center proxies vs residential proxies.

Both proxies have same job. They provide you different IP address and keep you anonymous. The only difference observed between them is their efficiency and work methodology.

Data center proxies:

These proxies are not belong to internet service provider. It offers you complete private connection and hides your identity. Data center proxies come from secondary corporation. It is among the most commonly used proxies. They are completely independent proxies.

You can get a bulk of IP addresses from datacenter proxies and it hides your reality. You can operate online functions more efficiently through data center proxies.

Residential proxies:

Residential proxies has a same job like data center proxies. It masks your identity. Residential proxy provides you IP that belongs to a real location. The residential proxies are not easily detectable. They provide you more secure connection as compared to data center proxies.

The IP addresses of residential proxies are provided by internet service provider. The IP addresses are connected to real areas therefore, it is hard to find. Due to high anonymity residential proxies are more advantageous over other type of proxies.

Data center proxies VS residential proxies:

All proxies have almost same features. The only difference has been observed is the difference of efficiency and cost. As we have discussed earlier that the IP address provided by data center proxy is managed by data center while on the other hand IPs of residential proxies are real and provided by internet service provider. But both proxies keep you in veil during your online activities.

Here we are going to highlight some features of data center vs residential proxies. This comparison will prove helpful for you to identify that which proxy is an excellent choice.

1.     Cost:

Data center proxies are cheap as compared to residential proxies. The reason is that residential proxies provide real IP address which are authentic. While data center proxies offer IP which are developed data center and these are tracked by data center. It reveals that residential proxies are more expensive and secure.

2.     Privacy:

If we talk about security in data center vs residential proxies then it has been observed that residential proxies are hundred times more secure and reliable then data center. Residential proxies provide you strict privacy. The IPs of residential proxies belong to real location and user therefore, it is not easy to detect these proxies and you remain safe from being blocked.

While data center proxies are not secure so much. Websites have strict security network and they can easily catch data center proxies. If you want to utilize proxy for managing large businesses you should choose residential proxies.

3.     Speed:

If you talk about speed, then data center proxies are fastest. Residential proxies are not good in speed but its efficiency can be increased by utilizing static residential proxy.

4.     Accessibility:

Data center proxies are created in large number by data center. Therefore, data center proxies are easily available and accessible to everyone who wants. But on the other hand residential proxies are authentic and provide original IP address therefore, they are not present in a bulk.

5.     Reliability:

In contrast data center vs residential proxies we have discussed many features above. In the light of this discussion we can easily say that residential proxies are more reliable. It is because residential proxies belong to original physical locations. They are more reliable and efficient.

While on the other hand data center proxies are not reliable. Security networks on sites can detect these unusual actions done through data center proxies easily.

Is residential proxy is better than data center proxies?

Residential proxy and data center proxy both provides you mask, and keep you unrecognized. When we compare some features of data center proxies vs residential proxies we have seen that both have some pros and cons. Data center proxy is cheap but it is detectable.

While on the other hand residential proxies are expensive but they belong to real physical location and more secure. Hence if you want reliability and secure connection than you can say that residential proxies are much better than the data center proxies.


ProxyAqua is among the most popular online proxy providers. If you are confused between data center proxies vs residential proxies then you will get 24/7 customer support service from proxy aqua. You can get your desired proxy within affordable range from proxy aqua.

Moreover, when you go to choose a proxy, you should know about reliable proxy providers. Therefore, visit proxy aqua and get your proxies from reliable and authentic site. If your proxy provider is not authentic then you are at the verge of risk. Because unreliable providers steal your data and use them for their own purpose. Hence, in this way your connection don’t remain secure.


In this article we have highlighted different between data center proxies vs residential proxies. We have highlighted different features of both types of proxies which shows that both proxies are good at their place. The efficiency of proxy depends upon the purpose for which you are going to utilize proxies.

Residential proxies are expensive, if person cannot afford residential proxy he or she can choose data center proxies. Because data center proxies are less expensive. Moreover, data center proxies are managed by data center and it has no connection with internet service provider.

Always choose your proxy according to your task, because each proxy is specific to perform a particular task.

Best Amazon Proxies For Scraping Amazon in 2021

IP address is a recognition of a device. Your activities on internet are traced through the IP address of a device you use. It can tell sever about your location. Whenever you visit any site online, it can be tracked by your IP address that which device and from which location people are visiting sites.

Every device has its own unique IP. Hence, no two devices have same IP. That’s why it can give you harm if your IP is revealed to hackers or malicious software’s. Once your IP get detected, it is easy for hackers to get access to your device and they can also leak out your personal information.

To avoid from this all trouble mechanized tools have been introduced. These tools are known as proxies. Proxies replace your IP with some other IP and provides you privacy protection.

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce site where millions of buyers and sellers deal on daily basis. If you want to extract data from amazon then it is not possible manually. For this purpose you have to use proxies which are known as amazon proxy.

Amazon proxies:

Amazon proxies are very beneficial tools. These proxies cover an original IP of your device and replaced it with a new IP. In this way no can come to know about your original location and all the activities you operate online.

Proxies are very valuable, it covers your identity. In this way, your personal data remain protected and no one can attack on your device. Everyone is conscious about his data and activities they perform online. In this regard, proxy is an excellent solution it keeps you anonymous.

There is a huge competition of products, prices and sellers on Amazon. To compete with them definitely you need an information about them. You cannot go manually to each product and service for getting information about it. Therefore, here you need a proxy. Once you have to set up a target for your proxy then you gather information automatically which you want.

Why do you need to scrape Amazon?

There are many reasons due to which people scrape Amazon. Some of the main reasons of data extraction from Amazon is given below. These are the points due to which people have to utilize Amazon proxies.

1.      Data of ranked products:

Every sells men wish to sale a greater number of items on daily basis. It is only possible in e-commerce if you have highly ranked products.

On Amazon if anyone want to rank products at the top, they should have knowledge about Amazon algorithm. To attain a highly ranked position on Amazon seller board you have to do data scraping.

2.      Analysis of top reviewers:

Reviews of products play a vital role increasing sale and demand of a product. Every buyer first come and know the reviews of a product. Then they decide either they have to buy that item or not. Hence, in this regard you can take help from Amazon proxies.  These proxies scrape reviews within seconds and you do not need to copy and paste each review manually.

3.      Customer profile information:

Every seller try to target its audience. Targeting customer is not easy on the platform where millions of sellers and buyers are present. Therefore, seller should have information about his customer.

Proxy help you to extract information about customer and their interest. Hence, it helps seller to represent its item in a way in which it grabs the attention of a large number of customers.

4.      Competitor’s analysis:

Competition is very high in e-commerce business. Everyone is first step forward in online business. To build your customers, and maintain a good position in e-commerce you have to do competitors analysis. It is not easy to find out your competitors and their strategies manually from millions of businessmen.

Here the only possible solution to do comparative analysis among competitors is through Amazon scraping. You can scrape amazon by utilizing Amazon proxies.

The best proxies for Amazon:

Amazon is a very famous and large online business platform. It has very strict privacy policy. It is sharp in detecting unusual activities occurring. That’s why utilizing bots and scraping tools are not enough to get desired results. Once any bot detected on amazon, the security network of amazon kick out that bot in no time.

It reveals that bots without proxies are not reliable. You do need proxies for amazon scraping. Proxies give bots a human appearance. It makes difficult for amazon that it can differentiate between real human and bot.

Therefore, there are different proxies available for amazon. It includes dedicated proxies, private proxies, residential proxies and rotating proxies.

Residential proxies are the best if you are located in an area where Amazon is restricted. These proxies provide you an IP of the location where Amazon can be access. You can choose your desired location. While on the other hand rotating proxies are excellent choice for scraping amazon. It provides you millions of IP addresses. Therefore, it helps you to send very HTTP request with new IP. It seems like different people are visiting site.


Moreover, ProxyAqua promises reliable and high speed Amazon proxies. It is well reputed proxy provider which ensures the best proxies of all types within the most affordable price.

Moreover, it provides 24/7 customer support service to its clients. There are different packages offered by proxy aqua. You can choose your package of proxies according to your need.


To conclude, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce site. Millions of sellers and buyers are getting benefits from this site. You can buy and sell products on this site all over the World. To check the high ranked items, reviews, customer interest and competitor analysis you have to use Amazon proxy.

Hence, the proxies provide you an easy approach towards your target. As the competition has increased, it is very difficult to maintain a good position in online business. In this way proxy helps you a lot through data scraping from millions of Amazon profiles.

What is a Tumblr proxy and why do you need one?

Proxy is an intermediary between the user and the server. People who are managing brands, pages with a large number of followers and other social media platforms such as e-commerce stores, utilize proxies. A large number of proxies are available to run a variety of social media accounts. Here is a question that why proxies are being used.

In the other words you can say that proxy is a veil of your device’s IP address. When you set up a proxy with any of your account, it makes you unidentified. Proxy masks your real IP address and hence in this way no one can track your activities online.

Like other social media applications Tumblr is also a well-known micro blogging platform. People run their blogs on Tumblr at micro level. They share pictures, videos and other informative content with people. People follow the blogs in which they keep interest. To operate and establish good following proxies are also available for Tumblr. These are Tumblr proxies.

Tumblr proxies:

Tumblr proxy is an automated tool to operate Tumblr account. It is the best way for marketing of your blogs. Moreover, it does SEO of your blog and helps in ranking. You can also come to know about the interest of people and see the analytics of other people to improve your blogs.

These proxies keep you anonymous. Whatever request you make on Tumblr it goes through proxy. In this way malicious software and hackers cannot get access to your device. Proxies help to keep your data private.

How these proxies work?

Proxies act on the behalf of others. Same like Tumblr proxies manage your activities with a spare IP address. It means these proxies work in the place of your real IP.

You have to setup a proxy with your Tumblr account and set a target. Now proxy will automatically operate your requests according to target and give you desired results. Use of proxies become very common in this era.

Proxy for Tumblr is helpful in marketing of your blogs. Competition become so hard that it is not easy to beat others and get highest rank. To grab the attention of the audience proxies help you to promote your blogs in a unique way without any fear of being blocked.

Why do you need proxies for your Tumblr account?

Proxy is a robotic tool present between user and the network. It is a replacement of your original IP address with another IP. Every device has its unique identity in a form of IP address. Once this identity get into hands of a hacker, they can use against you and steal your data. In this regard proxy act as a body guard and generate IP address for you which is different from your original IP.

Tumblr proxies give protection to your data and keep your online activities in a veil. Moreover, if Tumblr access is not available at your country side, then proxies make it possible for you to bypass Tumblr at geo restricted areas.

It is easy to run Tumblr bots with proxies. Without proxies, bots get detected and you become blacklisted. Proxy are mechanized tools but when they work it seems like a real human is working. Hence, this feature of proxy secures your connection and you can easily perform your tasks online.

The best proxies for Tumblr:

A number of proxies available in a proxy world. Every kind of proxy is specific for performing a particular tasks. You are familiar with the names such as dedicated proxies, private proxies, rotational proxies, residential proxies and so on.

Now here we are going to highlight that which is the best proxy for Tumblr account. Residential Tumblr proxy is a wise choice to operate Tumblr. It is because in residential proxy you can chose a location of your choice. This feature gives you benefit that you can use Tumblr in an origin where Tumblr usage is banned.

Residential proxies generate millions of IP addresses. These IP addresses belong to the original physical location. It is a good choice to use with bots. It lessen the risk of being blocked. Keep in mind that always pick a paid residential proxy. For better results you have to invest a little bit on proxy. If you go with free or shared version of residential proxies than no doubt that you are at the verge of risk.

How proxies prove beneficial for Tumblr?

We know different uses of Tumblr proxies, but now we are going to mention some specific uses of proxies for Tumblr. These uses will tell you that how proxies prove beneficial for Tumblr. Some of the uses of proxies specifically for Tumblr are given below:

1.     Effective marketing:

The intermediaries used for Tumblr is a good source of effective marketing. As we know that micro blogs are present on Tumblr. To promote these blogs to the people and getting a large attention of audience marketing is very important. These proxies help you to create and manage more than one account which is the best marketing strategy to compete in this fast world.

Manually if you do marketing it takes many days. But proxies help you to promote your blogs within seconds.

2.     Use Tumblr in geo-restriction sites:

Residential proxies provide a number of IP address that belongs to real locations. Hence, this is the best solution to use Tumblr in an areas where it is banned.

3.     Data extraction from Tumblr:

If you want to gather information from different blogs on Tumblr than proxies are the most useful tools. Tumblr proxies scrape Tumblr blogs according to the target you provide them.


In the fastest growing world, competition has increased to the next level. Same is the case with Tumblr blogs. Thousands of people post their blogs on Tumblr every day. To make your content reachable to the large number of audience, Tumblr proxies is the best option.

ProxyAqua provides the best residential proxies for Tumblr within affordable range. If you want to invest on proxies than buy proxies from reliable site like ProxyAqua.

An ultimate guide about eBay proxies 2021

eBay is e-commerce platform. Businesses are rapidly moving towards online platforms with the passage of time. It has increased the competition. Therefore, people remain in search of tools that promote their business and keep them at the top among their competitors. With the advancement in online world new tools and automated bots are introduced that help people in marketing and competing with others. Similarly, to run a successful business on eBay people are widely going to use proxies known as eBay proxies.

These proxies are mechanized tools that complete your tasks and targets on your behalf. It tells you about your audience and opponents. It helps a lot in ranking your business at the top.

eBay proxies:

Proxy is a connection between the person and the internet server. It changes your IP address with another IP. IP address is a unique number that is an identification of your device. When you visit sites, networks track record of your actions on website through your IP address.

Proxies provide security and masks the genuine IP of your laptop or mobile with another IP address. In this way no one can track your record, and you can easily get access to your target. Similarly, eBay proxies allow you to scrape data from eBay without any fear of being blocked. It works as a barrier and secure you from malicious activities occur on online sites.

Moreover, if you are living in an area where eBay is not allowed, here proxies are the most useful tools. With the help of proxies you don’t have to face any geo restrictions.

How proxies for eBay work?

Utilizing proxies for performing tasks on eBay is very simple. The main thing you have to do is to set the target. The reliability of proxy matters a lot. That’s why be conscious while purchasing eBay proxies. Same like, type of proxy has also a great impact.

Once you set a proxy with your browser, now you can scrape eBay in a veil without any fear of being blocked. You can analyze data on eBay with proxies. If you are confused that how to set prices of your products, in this regard also proxy play great role.

Moreover, you can target audience and check and balance traffic on your store. More the traffic comes on your online store more there are chances of earning for you.

Advantages of utilizing proxies for eBay:

Here we are going to highlight the advantages of using eBay proxies for eBay. Now proxy is a need of every individual who is running online business. It is because proxy helps to promote online business. Following are some benefits of using proxies:

1.     eBay scraping:

in this competitive world of business it is not easy to beat your opponents. If you want to get success you should have proper knowledge of your competitors. Therefore, you need to collect data about them and their businesses. For this purpose you need to scrape eBay.

It is not easy to extract data from eBay manually. In this regard eBay proxy is a very useful tool. You have just need to set a target and then entire process is done through proxy automatically. With the help of proxies you can extract information about everything you want. You can scrape prices, audience interest and many more information which is required for marketing. This scraped information helps you to make strategy about your business.

2.     Bypass geo restriction:

eBay is not available in every corner of the world. There are some origins where you don’t get access to eBay. Not only this but sometimes due to unusual activities detected from your side cause you to ban permanently or temporarily.

If you are located in any area where you are unable to get access to eBay, there residential proxies for eBay plays a crucial role. These proxies provide you IP addresses of different location and you can operate eBay easily. No one can detect that from where you are getting approach to eBay. They only know the location which is indicated by an IP address.

Rotational proxies and dedicated proxies are the best option to bypass geo restriction. Never go for free proxies, always use paid proxies because paid proxies are authentic and highly reliable.

3.     Keep you unidentified:

There are some restricted activities, you cannot do openly on eBay. Such as, you cannot get into someone’s profile or online store for scraping. But proxies do this task on your behalf and provide you each and every information you want to attain.

When you visit any site online, your IP address comes in record and every action can be detected performed from that particular IP. Proxies keep you in veil by alternating your original IP with other IP address. Even the rotational proxies offer millions of IP’s and your every request is sent through a new IP.

How to get proxies for eBay?

As the demand of proxies increase, the number of proxy servers has also increased. Proxy aqua is among the largest proxy provider platform which offers a variety of proxies.

Pick your proxy wisely according to its use. Premium proxy are paid proxies. They are reliable proxies and keep you unidentified. You can get these proxies from proxy aqua within affordable price. Moreover, proxy aqua provides you 24/7 customer support service. You can clear all your queries and doubts before buying eBay proxies from proxy aqua.


eBay proxies are widely in demand since the competition on eBay has increased. These proxies prove helpful in eBay scraping. It keeps you anonymous and perform all tasks automatically.

The work which need hours for completing manually, eBay done that same tasks within seconds automatically. Choose a reliable proxy. If you choose unreliable proxy it can leads your eBay account towards a permanent ban.

Proxy aqua is well reputed proxy provider platform offering eBay proxies within affordable rates. You can get dedicated and rotational proxies easily according to your requirement. Proxies definitely help to build your business in a unique way.

Difference between HTTPS proxy and SOCKS5 proxy

Keep your record and action anonymous online is very essential now. As the technology is going to be advance, hackers and malicious actions have also been observed commonly. To prevent data from leakage and harm, proxies play a very important role.

You have to listen about data extracting and data breaching, which means that the data of the company is being tracked by some unknown. There are a variety of proxies available that protects you from this kind of action. The most suitable proxy is private proxies.

The two most common and reliable proxies keep you hidden. These are named HTTPS proxy and SOCKS5 proxy. First of all, here, we discuss that what are proxies and how they keep you unidentified.

What are proxies?

Proxies are mechanized tools that act as the middle way between the user and a network provider. Proxies keep you anonymous by hiding your IP address. The performance, speed, and activity of proxy depend upon the choice of a proxy. The proxies are of different categories like private, dedicated, shared, and public proxies.

Every computer has its own identity in the form of a digital address known as an IP address. When you surf on any website your IP address is being kept in record. If any malicious software is present on that website, then it can get access to your device through your IP address. Here proxies play a crucial role and hide your IP address with a substituted IP address. Now every request you sent to any website is gone through the IP provided by a proxy.

HTTPS proxy:

HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocols. So we can say that HTTPS Proxy gives security to your web server and analyzes traffic access on your network.

During analyzing traffic and securing your network it caches data that comes from the internet. These are very reliable and provide you high level of protection. These proxies provide you end-to-end security during communication.


  • One of the major points includes in the pros of this type of proxy is that it provides you high security to users. Information remains private because only your browser knows about decrypted data.
  • It provides you a huge number of IP addresses due to which the original IP of your device remains hidden.
  • Every request you make, first, goes through an HTTPS proxy. The result comes through proxy after filtering websites.


  • For using this proxy you need a server certificate and it is not easy to get a certificate.
  • These proxies cannot cache any data during browsing.
  • The requests made through this proxy should go through HTTP. It is not easy even impossible in some scenarios.

SOCKS5 proxy:

SOCKS5 is an abbreviation of socket5. It is a network protocol. This protocol develops communication with the server through the firewall. On client’s demand, they route traffic. It can manage any kind of traffic generated by protocols and requests made by clients.

SOCKS5 proxy is the latest edition of a proxy having advantageous over many other proxy servers. It utilizes rotatory IP addresses to establish connections with TCP and UDP.

Moreover, it has an updated security system and offers security in three ways. It doesn’t require any authentication. By providing login information you can connect to the proxy.


  • It helps to bypass restricted websites easily. Due to geo-restriction if you don’t get access to any website your IP address is routed and changed through this proxy and you can get quick access to that particular site.
  • It is an updated and newly established proxy. Therefore it is faster and provides more reliable connections as compared to previous proxies.
  • Like other proxies, it does not write data again in this way chance of errors get reduce. Performance and speed of proxy get improved.
  • Due to the transmission of small packet data, it has a faster speed. It provides high downloading speed therefore many users consider it more reliable.
  • Socks5 has five layers. Therefore it can manage many requests like FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc. it has multiple processes for authentication.


  • When using SOCKS5, it means you give access to a third party to your personal information. Here is a huge danger for you in form of hacking. There are very high chances of attackers while using this proxy for your data such as bank accounts.
  • You don’t know the third part is trustworthy or not. Maybe the proxy service provided to you contains any virus that can harm you.
  • When you use socks5 it means you are giving a hostname to a third party. They can steal your data very easily. The proxy providers have an only concern with money. They can sell your IP to any other person.
  • The reliability and performance of a proxy mostly depend upon the proxy provider. Your tasks become easy with proxies but maybe in the back someone is using your IP for the wrong purpose.


We have highlighted SOCKS5 Proxy and HTTPS proxy separately with their pros and cons. Now we will tell you the difference between the SOCKS5 proxy and HTTPS proxy. SOCKS5 can is not traffic specific like HTTP. It can work with every kind of traffic while HTTPS only works with HTTP or HTTPS protocols. Socks5 is more reliable and secure as compared to HTTPS.

HTTPS can read and scrape data while on the other hand socks5 cannot do this. Socks5 is fast but the speed provided by HTTPS is slow.

Mainly you cannot say that one is better and the other is not. It all depends upon your use and requirement.


Proxies are a need of time. There are different types of proxies present nowadays for performing different tasks. In these proxies, two very well-known proxies are included known as HTTPS proxy and SOCKS5 proxy. We have observed both proxies we cannot say which one is the best because it depends upon the usage of both proxies.

Just keep in mind that whenever and whatever proxy you want to use buy it from the trustworthy proxy provider. Otherwise, proxies can give you benefit but they can also harm you if a third party is not authentic.

LinkedIn proxies | How it’s important to scrape LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the renowned and prodigious social media platforms. Now a days people utilize this platform for getting job. Great companies look for professionals on LinkedIn. Therefore, people make proficient profiles on this platform and sell their skills. Even huge companies and businesses use this platform for advertising themselves.

A complete profile on LinkedIn creates chances for you to get hired on high position. Even you can post your projects, pictures and work-related assignments on LinkedIn. It shows that like other social media platform, it has a huge information about individuals. You can see the interest and rankings of companies but it is not as easy as it seems to be.

Therefore, people try to extract data from LinkedIn. But LinkedIn scraping cannot be done manually. You need LinkedIn proxies scraping data from LinkedIn.

What are LinkedIn proxies.

A distinctive IP address of every device is an identification of that device. Proxy act as mask of that device. It replaces your original IP address and proceed request from an alternative IP address. With LinkedIn proxies you can approach and make profile on LinkedIn from the area where it is restricted. The only thing you should keep in mind that always uses quality proxies for LinkedIn.

It is not only used to bypass geo restricted areas but most commonly theses proxies are used for scraping and data extraction.

LinkedIn scraping.

Keep in mind that scraping is prohibited. You cannot scrape someone’s personal data openly. There are some ways through which you can scrape information but only when you have a positive purpose. LinkedIn proxies allow you to scrape LinkedIn, to see the ranking of different business and companies. These proxies can gather information completely from LinkedIn profiles and even emails.

The scraping tools on LinkedIn demand URLs of profile as target. The proxies take a look at each profile with change IP address. Then it extracts every piece of information from each profile. You can get whole information including name, biodata, place, date of birth and qualification.

Importance of scraping.

Especially for developing businesses and companies scraped data has great importance.

·       Opponent analysis.

Scraped data help you to know about your competitors. You can check their audience and reason of progress. Moreover, you can come to know about their weaknesses and strengths through scraping. Similarly, LinkedIn scraping help you to make attractive profile so companies approach you to get hired for top most position. Moreover, as a business running company you can compete with others.

·       Invest wisely.

If you scrape data from business profiles of LinkedIn then you can think wisely about investment. Moreover, you can sponsor companies and organizations for your products. LinkedIn is a complete package from where you get information about small level of business to international level. There you can know about small jobs and even you can get big opportunities from LinkedIn which can change your life.

But for this all you need a complete data analysis of targeted people. You cannot do this target analysis manually. Therefore, in this regard LinkedIn proxies done this whole process automatically.

The best proxies for LinkedIn.

A number of proxy servers are offering their proxies. but the main thing you should focus on is shared, free, dedicated and residential proxies. never go for scraping with shared and free proxies because in this way you will have to pay off for the mistake of other.

Always choose dedicated and paid proxies for LinkedIn. These proxies keep your information protected. Residential proxy is a good choice when you have some restricted approach to LinkedIn.

These proxies help you to see all the information of profiles which has blocked you. Without any restriction you can completely visit profiles on LinkedIn with the help of LinkedIn proxies.

Advantages and disadvantages of utilizing proxies for LinkedIn.

Some of the main advantages and disadvantages of proxies are given below.


·       Security enhancement.

The proxy when you utilize for LinkedIn provide an extra layer of security. You can visit whole LinkedIn within veil through proxies. nothing can be come in your way as a hurdle when you extract data from LinkedIn with these proxies.

·       Get access from worldwide.

Proxies make it sure that you can get access to the profile of LinkedIn from any corner of the world. Now you do not need to worry if LinkedIn is not allowed in your area or country. You can get benefited from LinkedIn properly by utilizing proxies.

·       Masks your online activity.

Even you are scraping data from LinkedIn or doing another online activity, proxies conceal your online record. In this way you remain protected from hackers and malicious attacks commonly occur during online acts.


·       Expenditure.

For buying quality LinkedIn proxy you need to spent a huge expense on buying them. Therefore, choose an excellent proxy and spent wisely otherwise it is one of the huge disadvantages of proxy.

·       Danger of cybercrime.

Websites update their policies and privacy regularly. In this way your proxy can be detected and your personal information can be leaked out when you try to access that website again.

The best proxy server.

The proxy aqua is the best and excellent proxy server. They provide you best LinkedIn proxies according to your requirement and use. It has a wide range of shared, dedicated and private proxies.

It has different packages for its clients. Look at these packages and select the most suitable one for yourself. Proxy aqua is the biggest proxy provider platform from where you get proxies for different tasks within affordable price.


LinkedIn is a hub of information for business companies and organizations. Moreover, you can approach a number of people of your interest on LinkedIn. But it is not simple task to get approach to people therefore you need to scrape data automatically. For this automatic process you need to scrape linked with the help of LinkedIn proxies. ProxyAqua is a huge proxy supplier from where you get proxy within the most affordable range.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Ticketmaster proxy

A computer technique that acts as a substitute between user and host is known as a proxy. When you utilize proxy for your online functions, it plays the role of the safeguard. It shields the actual IP address of your computer and replaces it with alternate IP.

A proxy precedes a request on the behalf of a user. Whenever you sent a request on any website, it first goes to the proxy. Similarly, the response that comes against the request also goes to the proxy first and then proxy shows this response to you. There are many advantages of proxy but most of all it protects you from hackers. Now people are using proxies for buying sneakers, data fetching, and even for purchasing tickets.

Now the time has changed and you do not need to go to a ticket house for buying tickets for matches, movies, etc. It is an era where everything happens just with one click. Same like, now you can buy a ticket and book your seats online. It is not as easy as it sounds. There are high chances that you can miss tickets if you want to buy them online without Ticketmaster proxies.

What are Ticketmaster proxies?

It is a piece of software that allows you to buy a bulk of tickets without any trouble. Ticketmaster proxies purchase tickets on your behalf and ensure payment from different IPs.

It is crazy difficult to buy batches of tickets manually. Therefore, proxies do this task. It is quite impossible to buy a large number of tickets for your friends and family from the same account because the ticket master is very strict and they can block you in no time.

How do these proxies work?

A Ticketmaster proxy is more efficient than a computer server. Tickets always release in a limited amount. Not everyone can approach these tickets. In this regard, proxies act like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Proxies complete the whole process of buying tickets manually. It securely gives you access to your first-row tickets and protects you from malicious attacks. When you decide to use proxies for buying tickets, keep in mind that Ticketmaster is very sharp. Once it detects any unusual activity on its site it will take no time in blacklisting you. Therefore, don’t compromise in choosing proxies for tickets.

Six reasons why you need to utilize proxies for buying tickets:

Here we go to highlight that why you need to utilize Ticketmaster proxies. Six reasons are given below:

1.     Fewer captchas to face:

Captchas are tools used by Ticketmaster to detect whether it is a bot or a real user. It can be some kind of text or pictures. Tickets sold out within seconds after release. If you waste your time in captcha filling then you will remain empty-handed at the end. To prevent yourself from this trouble you need to use proxies.

Proxies automatically complete all steps within no time and you can easily approach tickets. Moreover, they allow you to buy more than one ticket. Otherwise, a user from one IP cannot buy multiple tickets at a time.

2.     Fast access to a bundle of tickets:

If you want to enjoy an event with your friends and family then, of course, you need batches of tickets. But you cannot buy them manually. Ticketmaster proxies overcome this issue and give you access to multiple tickets and automatically fulfill the payment method.

If you try to buy tickets from one account then definitely you get blocked. Moreover, the manual process does not give a guarantee that whether your whole group gets access to tickets or not. Therefore, proxies give you fast and efficient access to a bundle of tickets.

3.     Keeps you anonymous:

Proxies shield your original IP address. It helps you to remain anonymous online. There are hackers and malicious links are almost present online everywhere. If you perform your tasks online without proxy, these hackers can detect you. In this way, your data can be leaked out.

No one can afford these risks of getting hacked. If you desire to safe from hackers during buying tickets from Ticketmaster you should utilize proxies.

4.     Evergreen IP address

Ticketmaster proxies are not detectable due to evergreen IP addresses provided by proxies. At each request, you get access to a particular site with a new IP address. It shows that proxies provide evergreen IP.

It ensures your ticket winning in the first row.

5.     Enhanced security:

Proxies are work on programming. They give support to automated bots. It masks your real IP and provides you millions of other IP addresses instead of your original IP. Hence, it enhanced security and prevents you from trouble.

6.     Automation:

As we described first that you cannot buy tickets manually due to the higher number of candidates. You can grab tickets by setting up proxies with automated bots.

Rotating proxies for Ticketmaster:

Rotating proxies from proxy aqua is a wise choice to buy tickets from Ticketmaster. Rotating proxies are highly reliable and efficient. These proxies provide you with a date IP address at every turn.

Rotating Ticketmaster proxies hide your identity and give you new recognition. Proxy aqua is one of the huge proxy providers, which provides you proxies in the most affordable range. Moreover, these proxies never let you miss any event.

There are also other proxies in demand just like dedicated proxies, private proxies, and residential proxies. But using rotating proxies for Ticketmaster is the best choice.


Proxies are automated tools that prevent users from trouble and perform their tasks efficiently. Similarly, Ticketmaster proxies help you to grab the tickets for the best seats in the show without any problem.

There are a variety of reasons due to which you have to utilize proxies for Ticketmaster. One of the most common reasons is that you cannot buy a bundle of tickets manually. Moreover, it is a time-saving technique to use proxies because you do not need to solve captchas manually.

ProxyAqua is one of the reliable proxy provider. It offers a wide range of proxies on a very reasonable budget.