Data center proxies VS residential proxies 2021

Data center proxies VS residential proxies 2021

No one wants that its activities get detected online. Because everyone has its own personal space. But in online browsing whatever you do on different site it can be tracked. To avoid this hindrance now proxies are being introduced in the market.

Proxies are robotic tools help you to keep unrecognized. It provides a number of IP addresses and your original IP address is alternate with the IPs provided by proxies. With these IP address no one can detect your real IP address and your location.

There are different types of proxies are available. Here we will highlight data center proxies vs residential proxies.

Both proxies have same job. They provide you different IP address and keep you anonymous. The only difference observed between them is their efficiency and work methodology.

Data center proxies:

These proxies are not belong to internet service provider. It offers you complete private connection and hides your identity. Data center proxies come from secondary corporation. It is among the most commonly used proxies. They are completely independent proxies.

You can get a bulk of IP addresses from datacenter proxies and it hides your reality. You can operate online functions more efficiently through data center proxies.

Residential proxies:

Residential proxies has a same job like data center proxies. It masks your identity. Residential proxy provides you IP that belongs to a real location. The residential proxies are not easily detectable. They provide you more secure connection as compared to data center proxies.

The IP addresses of residential proxies are provided by internet service provider. The IP addresses are connected to real areas therefore, it is hard to find. Due to high anonymity residential proxies are more advantageous over other type of proxies.

Data center proxies VS residential proxies:

All proxies have almost same features. The only difference has been observed is the difference of efficiency and cost. As we have discussed earlier that the IP address provided by data center proxy is managed by data center while on the other hand IPs of residential proxies are real and provided by internet service provider. But both proxies keep you in veil during your online activities.

Here we are going to highlight some features of data center vs residential proxies. This comparison will prove helpful for you to identify that which proxy is an excellent choice.

1.     Cost:

Data center proxies are cheap as compared to residential proxies. The reason is that residential proxies provide real IP address which are authentic. While data center proxies offer IP which are developed data center and these are tracked by data center. It reveals that residential proxies are more expensive and secure.

2.     Privacy:

If we talk about security in data center vs residential proxies then it has been observed that residential proxies are hundred times more secure and reliable then data center. Residential proxies provide you strict privacy. The IPs of residential proxies belong to real location and user therefore, it is not easy to detect these proxies and you remain safe from being blocked.

While data center proxies are not secure so much. Websites have strict security network and they can easily catch data center proxies. If you want to utilize proxy for managing large businesses you should choose residential proxies.

3.     Speed:

If you talk about speed, then data center proxies are fastest. Residential proxies are not good in speed but its efficiency can be increased by utilizing static residential proxy.

4.     Accessibility:

Data center proxies are created in large number by data center. Therefore, data center proxies are easily available and accessible to everyone who wants. But on the other hand residential proxies are authentic and provide original IP address therefore, they are not present in a bulk.

5.     Reliability:

In contrast data center vs residential proxies we have discussed many features above. In the light of this discussion we can easily say that residential proxies are more reliable. It is because residential proxies belong to original physical locations. They are more reliable and efficient.

While on the other hand data center proxies are not reliable. Security networks on sites can detect these unusual actions done through data center proxies easily.

Is residential proxy is better than data center proxies?

Residential proxy and data center proxy both provides you mask, and keep you unrecognized. When we compare some features of data center proxies vs residential proxies we have seen that both have some pros and cons. Data center proxy is cheap but it is detectable.

While on the other hand residential proxies are expensive but they belong to real physical location and more secure. Hence if you want reliability and secure connection than you can say that residential proxies are much better than the data center proxies.


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In this article we have highlighted different between data center proxies vs residential proxies. We have highlighted different features of both types of proxies which shows that both proxies are good at their place. The efficiency of proxy depends upon the purpose for which you are going to utilize proxies.

Residential proxies are expensive, if person cannot afford residential proxy he or she can choose data center proxies. Because data center proxies are less expensive. Moreover, data center proxies are managed by data center and it has no connection with internet service provider.

Always choose your proxy according to your task, because each proxy is specific to perform a particular task.

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