Role of proxies in SEO – ultimate guide

Role of proxies in SEO – ultimate guide

SEO is a thing which decides that what to put first and what to put last in search results. To rank websites on first pages, and keep your business in suggestions, good SEO practice is very important. This practice helps in increasing traffic and audience on your website. The best SEO can be done through SEO tools, such as SEO proxies. SEO is a technical practice. In this article we will tell you about a role of proxies in SEO. Before, going to discuss the role, you should have knowledge that what is SEO in actual.

Search engine optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization is abbreviated as SEO. It is a technical methods helps to enhance the visibility of your website in search engines. It is a method to keep your website in first page at the top of the results.

When you do SEO of your website, then automatically traffic on your website increases and you gain the attention of a large number of audience. There are particular tools used for search engine optimization. Among these tools, SEO proxies are one of the essential tools which helps to rank your site.

SEO proxies:

SEO proxies are automated tools which acts on your behalf with the target. With SEO proxies you can get the best position in search results.

These proxies keep you unrecognized, and it seems that some real users are approaching a site. Proxies exchange your IP address and in this way your personal IP remains hidden. No one can track your original location.

You can work anonymously on search engines with the help of SEO proxies. SEO is an important effort to rank business. Once your website or page is ranked it is convenient for others to find that website in search results. Therefore, role of proxies in SEO is not negligible.

What is the role of proxies in SEO?

SEO is a marketing strategy for online businesses. Online activities and tasks are not as easy and convenient as it seems to be. You should make a whole strategy to rank your business among the competitors. There are different SEO tools are present which proves helpful in keyword research, links etc. But in most cases SEO tools alone cannot provide you desired information. At that time proxies come forward for better result.

The role of proxies in SEO is given below:

1.     Competitor’s strategy:

Proxies extract information from your competitor sites. It provides you key words and backlinks used by your opponents. You can also check traffic and analytics of your opponent with periodic observation of their websites from different search engines. But if you do this from single IP address, there is a high risk that you will get blacklisted. Hence, in this regard proxies prove helpful and provide you millions and billions of IP address.

SEO proxies perform this task in a very reliable way with full security and privacy. Moreover, the work you do in hours manually, proxies perform that same task very fast within seconds.

2.    Target a location:

Role of SEO proxies in targeting a location is appreciable. It not only helps to bypass geo-restricted locations but also provide you specific targeted location from where you can grab the attention of a large number of audience. It provides you country wise targeted audience.

The search results of on search engine is different in different countries. Therefore, proxies ease your way and give you access to country base market.

3.     Backlink scraping:

Scraping tools can scrape backlinks for you. But scraping tools alone cannot provide you backlinks anonymously. In this way SEO proxies get connected with scraping tools and they extract targeted backlinks for you.

Backlinks has a great impact in enhancing traffic on website.

4.     Traffic control on website:

Humans come to your website through search engines. This type of traffic is known as organic traffic. More there will be organic traffic on your website, more there are higher chances of ranking of your website at the first pages. For ranking of website proxies can also do this same task.

Proxy pool provides millions of rotating IP address. Through these proxies, it reveals that different audience is visiting website. It gives the best click impression. It is very important for SEO.

5.     Faster access:

SEO can be done manually. But it is very time taking to do SEO manually. Proxies make SEO easy, fast and reliable. It is one of the major role of SEO Proxies that it provides faster access. Moreover, proxies save the results of already searched sites and make convenient for you to access that site easily next time.

Types of SEO proxies:

As we know that if we go to scrape any website with single IP address we get blocked and blacklisted. To avoid this trouble we choose proxies not only for scraping but also for SEO of our sites. There are two types of proxies available in the market. We know that role of proxies in SEO is very important. But the efficiency of proxy depends upon the type of proxy.

  • Free proxies
  • Paid proxies

The first type of a proxy is a public proxy. It is available for everyone. You don’t have to invest any penny on free proxies. But as we know that no pain, no gain. If we use free proxies, instead of any fruitful result we get stuck into trouble. It is because free proxies are not reliable.

Second one is paid proxy. It is dedicated and private proxy. You have to invest some amount in buying these proxies so you can fetch better results. Paid proxies are always fast, anonymous and reliable.


In this article we have emphasis the role of proxies in SEO. SEO is an important strategy to take first position among the competitors. In this regard role of proxies is very efficient.

You can do SEO manually but it does not give good results. Therefore, SEO proxies do SEO of your websites on your behalf. It is the best technique to keep your website in search results and for attaining organic traffic.

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