Is it still legal to use proxies?

Is it still legal to use proxies?

Proxies work as an intermediate between the user and the internet server. It is a third party which works between end user and the sites to which user want to get approach online. Every device has its own IP. When you use internet on that device, internet server keeps record of your IP. Now internet server can see, that which sites you are visiting and what are you doing online. In this way proxy server provides you security. In this era use of a proxy is very common. Proxies provide you alternate IPs and you remain protected from hackers and no one can track your online activities. Before going to highlight that is it legal to use proxies, we will tell you that how proxy works.

How proxy works?

Proxy gives you an extra layer of security to your computer by giving you IP address rather than your own IP. It provide security from malware through web filters and firewalls.

Moreover, it works as an intermediate worker between computer and the internet. It provides you IP which is known to your computer. When you send http request to any site from your computer, first it is routed through a proxy. It will then show you response from the page to which you sent a request.

Is it legal to use a proxy?

Yes, it is legal to use a proxy, it has a variety of uses in promoting remote work. It uses for setting up an emotionally supportive network for clients who belong to outside the organization. Protecting organizations and clients from hackers and malware soft wares. Moreover, you can use proxies to access restricted sites. In all these ways use of proxies are not prohibited. Even it is a need of time to use proxies for such activities.

Mainly proxies have common use in web scraping and data extraction from different sites.

Web scraping:

Web scraping is also known as data extraction and information gathering. In web scraping people use proxies to scrape a valuable information from targeted sites. Web scraping is an automated process done through proxies and bots, the only thing you have to do is to set a target on proxies.

It is a clever way to extract information automatically. There are millions of websites and human cannot extract data from these websites manually. Therefore, proxies play a great role in web scraping.

Web scrapers extract information both in particular and general manner. Web scraping includes creeping a website for gathering critical information for the age of lists utilized through web scraping tools. In these tools proxies are the most common and it is legal to use proxy fir web scraping.

Role of proxies in web scraping:

Mostly data center proxies are used for web scraping. After this debate that is it legal to use proxies we are going to highlight the role of proxies in web scraping.

When you are going to do web scraping on sensible scale it is very important to use proxies.

A proxy is an intermediate server which sent your requests to different sites with alternate IP addresses. When you use a proxy for web scraping, then website security networks are unaware of your original IP and your device remain protected from hackers. Proxies enable you to extract data, even from the pages that are not accessible in your origin.

Due to the following reasons you need to use proxies during web scraping:

  • Use of proxies during web scraping provide you comfortable and secure environment
  • With the help of proxies you can bypass geo restricted sites.
  • Proxies help you to make hundreds and thousands of requests for a particular site.
  • Proxies provide millions of IP addresses through which you can make an easy access to the website without any security issues.

The above mentioned uses of proxies during web scraping shows that it is legal to use proxies.

When the use of proxies is illegal?

It is legal to use proxies in different ways but anything you use to harm others is illegal. Similarly, if you use proxies to steal someone’s personal information, or want to get access to someone’s protected data than definitely the use of proxy is illegal.

You shouldn’t hack others data with proxies. In these all cases use of proxies are prohibited. When you cross the limits and don’t care about the privacy policies of any sites then obviously it is just like a cybercrime and use of proxies is illegal for these kinds of acts.

Proxy servers:

A number of proxy servers are present in the market now a days who are offering, dedicated, paid, shared, residential and free proxies.

Proxy aqua is among one of the famous proxy servers. It provides you all types of proxies that are legal to use. It is a huge devoted proxy supplier. Proxy aqua provides you proxies for tickets, Facebook, Instagram and many other social media platforms.

If you are looking for the best proxy supplier then you are at the right place. Proxy aqua is an excellent proxy server. When you purchase proxies from proxy aqua it is the best choice. It is legal to use proxies of proxy aqua for your multiple tasks with an extra layer of security.


It is a huge debate that is it still legal to use a proxy. The answer is simple that absolutely yes, now it is not a strange thing to use proxies for various tasks. Whenever you use anything within a limit and your purpose is not to harm others, then use of proxy is not prohibited.

While on the other hand keep in mind that where there is an angel, there will be a devil too. Besides using proxies for legal tasks, many people use proxies to steal personal information of others. When you use proxies for hacking, stealing information and scraping protected data then obviously in this way use of proxy remain no longer legal.

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