How To Become Anonymous Online in 2021?

How To Become Anonymous Online in 2021?

Online anonymity is not only important for web scrapers and other people who do illegal actions. Anonymity is important for all of us. When we work on internet by keeping ourselves anonymous online we remain protect from many problems. Otherwise we have to face many problems like harassment, leak out of personal information, etc. It also helps us to remain protected from cybercriminals.

In this article we will tell you that how to become anonymous online in 2021. When you use your social media accounts at internet cafes and other open area there are more chances that your privacy is not protected. When you use your original name in social media accounts there are more chances of harassment. Online harassment looks like doxing, swatting and revenge porn. Therefore, wherever you use your personal accounts you have to become anonymous online.

Why people do need to become anonymous online?

People want to become anonymous online for the safety of their personal data. The online anonymity allows user to do anything on the internet without any compromise on personal information.  It is not possible to remain hundred percent anonymous online. Some of your information must be shared with internet service provider. Here we are going to give you some tips that how you become anonymous online.

Tips to become anonymous online in 2021:

You should follow some tips and tricks to become anonymous online:

1.     Secure webmail with extensions:

Mostly people use common webmail services. Google and yahoo are the most commonly used webmail services among people. People consider these webmail services more secure and private. But there is a fact that you are not completely anonymous while using these web services. To become anonymous online you need to install mailvelope. It is an extension for Google mail and Firefox. It secures your webmail by offering it Open PGP encryption. There is another extension like mailvelope that is Secure Gmail. It encrypt and decrypt your emails you send through Gmail and yahoo mail.

These extensions prevent your unencrypted texts to reach from google servers. People who use these webmail servers should use extension for remaining themselves anonymous.

2.     Avoid using social media:

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, tweeter are the most common sites that are vulnerable to hacking. You cannot imagine that how much a large number of an information is leaked out only by these social media accounts. If you download a copy of your Facebook data you get surprised to see that how much information is stored by your server. To whom you are following, your friends, your posts and even your messages all the record is saved in a server.

If you want to prevent your data from leaking out you should avoid using social media. But at this time it is not possible to avoid using social media. There is another way that don’t use your personal information on social media account. In this way you become anonymous online.

3.     Manage and block trackers:

There are robots and tracks that keep record that who are coming on the page. They collect your data and interests. It all happens hiddenly and people are unaware to these trackers. You need an extension known as Ghostery. This extension is available at all browsers. You can manage and detect trackers with these extensions.

4.     Proxy server:

You are well known to the proxy server. They are automated tools. It is a tool through which your activities can be processed online. With the help of dedicated proxies you can ace fool to others. It provides you a number of IP addresses and hide your original IP. In this way your original data stay hidden. Proxy prevent your personal data from leakage. There are different types of proxies. some are shared, some are free and paid proxies are also available. You can use a proxy according to activity you want to perform on internet.

5.     Use of alternative browsers and search engines:

People mostly use Google for search. No doubt that Google is more efficient and undeniably accurate. Google track your search engine and keep in record all your past history. If you want that search engine never track you then you can use an alternate browser and search engine.

Benefits of become anonymous:

There are many benefits of keeping yourself anonymous on internet.

  • You can speak freely
  • One can discuss any sensitive and controversial point without any judgement.
  • You can share your opinions without any fear of people.
  • People can present their point of view without any hesitation.
  • You can perform every activity with complete privacy.
  • No one can track you.

Method of proxies to become anonymous:

Anonymous proxy is a very famous proxy. It hides our IP address and provide an alternate IP. No one can detect your original IP address and your location. There are some rotating proxies which provide you new IP at every new request. In this way you become anonymous online.

High anonymity proxy provides you more secure connection. It does not act as proxy itself. It performs all your tasks like a regular computer. In this way server recognize you as a client and you can perform you work easily. These proxies prevent your personal data from leak out.

Moreover, ProxyAqua provides you anonymous proxies within affordable prices. these proxies are reliable and have a high performance.


To conclude, remain anonymous is not only essential for those who do some restricted task. It is important for all users. When you come on internet with your mail account and through social media accounts your information remain save in server. It is harmful for you because any one can detect you and can misuse your information.

In this article we have highlighted that how to become anonymous online in 2021. Moreover you should have knowledge that what is the need of becoming anonymous. You can use alternate browsers and even anonymous proxies to secure your personal information. Everyone have a privacy concerns. Therefore, you should care about your privacy and try to become anonymous.

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