How can I bypass an IP ban without using a VPN?

How can I bypass an IP ban without using a VPN?

Have you ever been banned from a certain domain or website, and you thought that only VPN could save you? Since you are reading this, you may be suffering from an IP ban and can’t access VPN and need help without it. Luckily, there are several ways to bypass an IP ban and most don’t require a VPN.

But to understand the process, you need to know about how IP addresses work, and how they can get banned. A VPN is used to identify you in the multiple websites you visit every day. So, if you visit a site and violate the rules of policy, or if you get banned from a certain server in a game. It’s not your name that gets banned most of the times what you experience is an IP ban. As we said, there are ways to get past them, and we will discuss some along the way.

How does an IP address gets banned?

When you enter a server in a game, or a site online, there are policies and rules that you must follow. If you violate them; if you try hacking in-game, or try accessing information that’s protected. You will most likely experience an IP ban, which blocks any activity or access to the site with your IP. The only logical way to get past this is by accessing a different IP address and visiting the site. This will bypass the IP ban, and you can once again access the same content as before.

VPN isn’t the only way

That’s right! VPN is not the only way to change your IP so that you can get past IP bans. There are multiple ways to do it. Although VPN is said to be the easiest way to change IP with just a few clicks, it costs people money. Some try using shared proxies which are mostly free, but it can be less effective. So, it’s better to have another trick up your sleeves in such situations.

Ways to get past an IP ban

Changing the IP address is no easy task, but you can change through some methods. So, bypassing an IP ban is not something that will require the only VPN anymore.

·        Use Proxy servers

Proxy servers are sometimes mistaken as VPN servers since they function in almost same ways. You can enter a proxy site or app, which will change your IP address to another country’, making it seem like you are using from there, which is same as how VPN gives you a different region’s IP address and grant you anonymity.

However, most proxy servers which are free don’t provide safety from malware and should be used carefully. The paid ones can be more secure and easy to use. Most of the times, these proxy servers are operated by a company, to grant all workers anonymity, for low prices.

·        Change IP address

Another way to change your IP is by changing either your computers IP or your router’s. Both methods require certain steps, and we will go through each.

To change your router’s IP, you can turn it off for 5 minutes and then turn it back on. The basic nature of DCHP is to remember the IP address you had before. So, this method may not be as reliable; however, you can do it over and over, which may increase the likeliness. If that doesn’t work, you can leave the router off throughout the night, which might be more efficient.

To change your computer’s IP, you must open the command prompt, which is accessed by searching “cmd” in the start menu. Then open the prompt, and follow specific commands, which can be found online easily. Just put them in and do it carefully, so you don’t mess up with anything else. Or you can even open your wi-fi settings, and change some settings which link the router IP to either Google’s DNS, or some other you want. Changing them may also work if you can’t do it.

·        Change to TOR servers

TOR refers to the software that grants absolute anonymity online. The name is a synonym of The Onion Router, which shows how TOR protects users with many layers. TOR provides approximately six thousand relays to hide the IP of the user. This enables them to hide completely and browse the internet without any footsteps left behind. The posts you share, the sites you visit, and the passwords you put, they all are hidden from any agency or traffic, which are involved in keeping track of your online searches and visits.

Due to many reasons, TOR is the absolute best at hiding IP, and even changing IP. So, you can easily conceal online or change your identity and bypass an IP ban, without VPN.

Although TOR servers are hard to set up, some professionals do it for you. After paying once for it, you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

One major drawback of TOR is that there may be more even dangerous people or places that can be eavesdropping. Since TOR is a world of people who hide their footsteps, it can be hard dealing with them. Some can be hackers, and some even illegal traders. So be safe and try to go for safer options above.

IP bans are different from user account bans.

However, before you apply any of these methods, you need to make sure if what you have is indeed an IP ban. Because some people mistake user account bans for IP bans, which are completely different. For getting past user account bans, you need to make a new account, clear cache, and then access as a new person with a new account.

To conclude

IP bans are annoying and can be hard to get through because once you get it, you can only try to bypass an IP ban. Luckily, there are solutions, but you will have to use it as a permanent method for whenever you access the site or server.

But it’s guaranteed that these methods work pretty well, and you won’t have to worry about malware if you pay. So, once you pay, you cannot just use it for one thing, but keep yourself secured for anything you visit online. At Proxyaqua, our number one priority is our customers’ success. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive solutions, we are dedicated to developing innovative services and providing exceptional support to meet our customer’s diverse hosting needs.

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