Are your proxies working with shoes/sneakers sites?

Answer: Yes, for shoes/sneakers proxies, please check the shoe proxies.

 Are your proxy’s auto-rotating?

Answer: No, our proxies don’t auto-rotate.

 Are your proxy’s elite?

Answer: Yes, all our proxies are elite to offer you the best anonymity available.

 Are your proxy’s good survey sites?

Answer: Unfortunately not.

 Can I use SSH with your proxies?

Answer: Our proxy servers do not allow SSH but it will work on other servers as an intermediary...

 Can I use my proxies with a VPN?

Answer: Yes, you can use your proxies with VPN’s.

 Can I use port 25 on your proxies?

Answer: No you cannot use Port 25 as we don’t allow emailing through our proxies.

 Can I use ports 8080 or 3128 on your proxies?

Answer: No our proxies do not allow the default ports 8080 and 3128 as they reveal the IP as a...

 Do you have IPv6 proxies?

Answer: We do not currently offer IPv6 proxies.

 Do you have NLTM authentication on your proxies?

Answer: No they don’t, they work with basic authentication ONLY.

 Do you have Skype support?

Answer: No, but we do have a support center that using Support tickets to ensure a prompt answer...

 Do you have a Chrome plug-in for your proxy?

Answer: Yes, we do have a plug-in for Chrome.

 Do you have any Promo Codes?

Answer: No we do not have any promo codes at this time.

 Do you offer Mobile or Residential proxies?

Answer: Yes we do offer proxies for both Mobile use or Residential use.

 Do you offer Socks proxies?

Answer: Yes we have both Socks and HTTP proxies, with our socks proxies complying to socks5...

 Do you offer back-connect proxies?

Answer: Our proxies are fixed IP proxies and as such do not offer back-connect functionality.

 Do you offer trial or test proxies?

Answer: Yes, we do offer. You just indicate if you need them for the USA or Europe and what...

 How do I change my proxy’s password?

Answer: To change the password you use the main menu - My proxies menu / Change pass.

 How do I check my current IP using Linux?

Answer: To check your current IP address using Linux run this command:  curl -s...

 How do I set up my proxy in Firefox?

Answer: To set up your proxy in Firefox you must go into the Options menu and search for the...

 How do I set up your proxy in Safari?

Answer: To correctly set up the proxy in Safari please select both Web Proxy (HTTP) and Secure...

 How do I test the speed of my proxies?

Answer: The best way to test the speed of your proxies is to use and to select...

 How do I use the proxies with cURL from the Linux’s terminal?

Answer: To use cURL with proxies that need authentication please enter the following:  curl...

 How do I use your proxies in python?

Answer: To use our proxies in Python you need the following settings and coding:   ·...

 How often can I change the proxy details?

Answer: We change the proxy list every time your invoice is paid.

 I haven’t received my proxy’s details yet?

Answer: Once payment has been confirmed you should receive your proxy details in a few minutes...

 Is there a connection limitation or thread limitation on your proxies?

Answer: There is no limitation to the number of connections or threads with our proxies. However,...

 My proxies fail on the test sites like and

Answer: Our proxy’s use User/Pass authentication for your security and thus sites like...

 What is a subnet mean when it comes to IP ranges?

Answer: An IP subnet is determined by the first 3 number in an IP address, meaning the IP...

 What is a timeout?

Answer: A Timeout is when your program runs out of time waiting for a site to respond. Slow...

 Which ports do your proxy’s use? Does the port setting matter?

Answer: The default port settings for our proxies are Port 80 and Port 55555, this allows 99% of...