How to scrape Facebook easily in 2021?

How to scrape Facebook easily in 2021?

Facebook scraping is an act to mine personal data of a Facebook user. Facebook has almost 2.7 billion active users. This is the reason that Facebook is now used as a business platform. Many huge companies and businesses have shifted on Facebook due to a large number of interactive users.  Even you can get very kind of information from Facebook. Competitors come to know about each other from Facebook.  That’s why scraping is not only done on websites but now scrapers are also present on Facebook. They gather and mine data from different Facebook pages and groups. Scraping is done through automated tools. Scrapers just set a target and get their desired information. Here we will tell you that how to scrape Facebook easily in 2021.

it is not easy to scrape Facebook easily. Facebook has a strong detection system and it can easily detect suspicious activities on Facebook pages and groups.

Tools for scraping Facebook:

There are number of tools used for scraping Facebook. You will come to know that how to scrape Facebook by using these tools.

1.    Octoparse:

It is considered as the best Facebook scraping tool. Moreover, it provides you readymade Facebook scraping templates. It helps to scrape data from Facebook easily. You have no need to create profile with these templates. You just have to set your target on Facebook  for mining data.

It is fast, effective and reliable. Thus it works for both cloud based and desktop applications.  It is a paid tool but you can also try its free trial. Free trial of octoparse does not provide templates.

2.    Scrape storm:

Scrape storm is not a specialized scraping tool. But whenever you think that how to scrape Facebook you can go for scrape storm. It is proved as the best tool for scraping data from Facebook. Its use is very simple and easy.  It has a good command in dealing with anti-scraping tools generated by particular sites and Facebook.

3.    Phantom buster extractor:

It is an automated tool that scrapes data from different sites and social media platforms such as Facebook. The phantom buster is specialized to scrape data particularly from Facebook groups.  It helps to scrape the profiles if Facebook users. It is a paid tool like all other scraping tools but you can enjoy its free trial for fifteen days.

4.    Apify:

Apify Facebook page scraping tool is very famous tool for mining data from Facebook pages. You can get information about public figures through this tool. Moreover, it can scrape information about likes, comments and posts of a page.  This tool is reliable and very easy to use.

These all tools are best whenever you think that how to scrape Facebook. Keep in mind that scraping Facebook is not easy. You need an appropriate tools and planning for scraping data from Facebook.  Moreover, there are number of automated bots and Facebook scraping Software are also available in market. If you have lack of tools then you can scrape Facebook with already made Facebook scrapers.

Benefits of Facebook scraping:

Now you have a proper knowledge that how to scrape Facebook and which tools are required for scraping. You should also know about the benefits of Facebook scraping. There are many advantages of data mining from Facebook. Some advantages are mentioned below:

·       Business analysis:

Facebook has a billion of users. You can get a large number of clients from Facebook quickly and very easily. It is the reason that many large companies and businesses use Facebook for interacting with customers. Facebook helps to spread business world widely.

People feel freely on Facebook to give their opinion about certain things and celebrities. In such a way you can use this information for business analysis. Facebook scraping helps to extract comments and reviews on a particular post at different sites and pages of brands. You will come to know that how you can promote your business and moreover interest of people in your brand. Moreover, it helps to minimize weaknesses.

·       Marketing:

Facebook is a huge platform now. You can advertise and market your products on Facebook and can gain a huge profit. It is the main reason that people come to know that how to scrape Facebook.  You don’t go door to door for finding the interest of people. Facebook has made it easy to know about the interest and likeness of people. It helps to market your product in a unique manner.

Data mining from Facebook helps you to set a trend. It enables you to target audience. You can run successful campaigns through Facebook for developing your business.

·       Sourcing business partners:

Partnership has an essential part in business development. Facebook data mining helps you to find business partners. According to your requirements and desires you can sponsor with the companies and celebrities for your business.

Role of Facebook proxies in data extraction:

Whenever you heard a word scraping the first thing that comes in mind is a proxy server. We are going to highlight that how to scrape Facebook through proxies.

Facebook proxies are automated tools that can easily scrape data from Facebook pages and groups. There are different types of proxies available in market that allows you to make multiple accounts. Moreover, Facebook proxy masks your original IP and provides you an alternate address through which you can scrape data from Facebook without any fear of being blocked and blacklisted.


Facebook is widely used social media platform. People use it for business and promoting their work. You can get a lot of information from Facebook. In this article we have highlighted that how to scrape Facebook. There are different types of tools and proxies are available for scraping data from Facebook.

It is very risky to scrape data from platform like Facebook because Facebook has strong privacy and security policies. If you think that how to scrape Facebook then you should choose the most reliable and appropriate way for scraping data. Data mining is not easy you can be detected and blocked.

Proxies are good option for scraping Facebook. Whatever you choose, make sure that use paid proxies and tools. Free tools and proxies are not safe.

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