A Complete Guide About Online Copyright Infringement?

A Complete Guide About Online Copyright Infringement?

There are so many things present at this time that almost every other thing holds copyrights. These copyrights can vary from pictures, videos, properties to exact names. But people still find ways to get past that and download copyrighted things illegally or upload them for profit. Although that’s something we shouldn’t do because it can be considered a crime. On the other hand, it’s also unfair to the original owner to use their property like this, because in most cases, there are legal ways to either pay and use it or ask permission and give credit to them when mentioning it.

Still, how does that work, and how to know if something is copyrighted? Because like we said, anything can get a copyright as long as it truly belongs to you.

Anyways, let us first understand what copyright infringement is and go through each point.

Copyright Infringement

The prohibited use or production of anything that holds copyrights and is protected by it is copyright infringement. You can use their copyrighted material only when you have asked for their permission. In a general term, when someone uses anyone else’s copyright property at a set period, without any consent, then he can get infringed for copywriting. Many users act as a third party on the internet and find different ways to use their music to make something. It can be a lyric video, reaction video, and sometimes even remixes if it’s a song. But it’s still hard to tell when you can get over it and if giving credit to the original owner is enough. Because infringement can still be done to you, and this leads to a possible lawsuit and fines.

How Does It Work Then?

The key points in how it works are simple, and if you don’t understand how to approach this, you can ask the owner themselves because there are always ways to do things.

  • Copyright infringement is forced on those who use copyright-protected materials unfairly and without much permission from the original owner.
  • Companies or individuals can register their work for copyright protection to not be taken advantage of in the future because people are fast in making a profit from other’s works.
  • Sometimes people can be granted permission if they have enough audience, and they highlight your name by mentioning you. In this way, both parties get profits, and no one gets claimed.

Benefits of Copyright Infringement

The benefits are mostly to the owners themselves, which in most cases, is fair because a lot of work is put in to make something. It’s only logical to have it protected as your property so that no one takes advantage of it and makes a profit off you.

  • Your work is recognized and protected; it can also be published in the copyright’s office catalog, where people can search it. Anyone who wants to use your work will see that it’s protected and back off. Otherwise, you can file against them. This is the best way to approach those who claim to “unknowingly using your work” because it is stated in a public catalog.
  • If your work is registered and someone else tries to take your work, then it’s easy to settle the dispute simply because you have legal pieces of evidence of ownership.
  • Your work holds the validity of copyrights, provided that you register it within five years of publication. This also prevents all future issues you may face in your career.
  • If you register your work for copyrights within three years of publication, then you can easily fight the claims others make. You can also apply for the statutory damage of as much as 150K$ each infringement, along with the attorneys’ fees. This cannot be easy if you take too long to register, so make sure to register it as soon as you publish it.
  • Since you hold the rights and ownership to work after registration, you can infringe lawsuit. This benefit is the most important for people because they keep most authority, and although this varies from country to country, it’s still great. You can check your country laws regarding copyrights for further explanation. The typical registration fee is anywhere from 30-60$.

Proxies in Online Copyright Infringement

Since every country has slightly or different laws, it becomes easier to get copyrighted material through proxies. Dedicated proxies can hide your IP and make you work under a different one from another country of your choice. This way, you can use it as a person from that country and access copyright material without paying.

Copyright infringement offices have worked on tackling this problem, but there aren’t many solutions present for them. Which why there are certain loopholes in the copyright infringement process.

The Issues of Copyright Infringement Have Been Facing

Copyright infringement has varied from time to time, and with the advancement in technology, the issues have overgrown. There are still not many complete laws, and loopholes are present in many places regarding copyrights, but they can be fixed soon.

Modern technology is superior and makes it easy to copy other’s products and information. Many companies mostly work on replicating other’s works and make a profit from that. To counter that issue, the Copyright Modernization Office was established in 2018. Their only job is to coordinate IT modernized projects so that no one takes advantage of modern technology in using other’s work.

The next big problem is each countries’ different laws. They did not harmonize with each other well, and it was super easy to copy others’ work from other countries. The UN and other organizations have tried their best to have every law working well together in copyrights.

The internet is the biggest obstacle copyright holders are facing. Because it has become so easy to get hold of copyright materials online that no one thinks it can be fixed soon. After closing one pirated site, many more appear following them, and things become worse.


Copyright infringement is a wall that protects someone’s property and works, but it’s challenging to do so online. There are many ways to bypass it, but the consequences become bad when you can get caught.

To respect other’s property and do things legally, you can either buy access to their material for entertainment. Or you can ask for permission to mention them, which in most cases won’t profit you in monetization.


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