7 SEO Secrets for Boosting Instagram Business

7 SEO Secrets for Boosting Instagram Business

Instagram has reached a height where businesses use this platform to promote themselves. Since just last year, Instagram has grown to over 1 billion users. Since it has that many people on the platform if you understand how to advertise or show yourself to them, it can be your greatest marketing asset.

For this purpose, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used on Instagram. Yes, you heard it right, SEO is not only limited to search engines like Google, but it has reached other platforms too. You can make great use of it if you know how it works there.

But you may ask, how exactly do you do it on Instagram, and what are some great SEO tips for Instagram business? Luckily, we will get through all of that, and provide you with the detailed info.

Seven Secrets for Instagram Businesses

People who are involved in Instagram business often neglect the use of SEO and fail to achieve the best results. However, there are some secrets which most people don’t realize, even though some are simple.

1.      Optimize the Instagram Profile with Keywords

First of all, you need a profile that looks attractive. The best thing to do is, select a nice profile picture, and complete all basic info. Make sure that you register for a business account so that you can add your link in bio.

Once you finish that, add keywords in your username. For example, big brands like lush or others add cosmetics in their username, which serves as a keyword. A simple trick like this can boost your account a lot, and help you stay on top of the many searches related to the keyword.

2.      Keywords in Your Instagram Bio

After finishing the necessary steps and completing the profile, add a catchy, yet optimized bio. You can add keyword exactly in your bio, which will help optimize the profile more.

These keywords help your profile stay higher whenever you get some new followers. This method’s efficiency is showed by how lots of big brands do this in their Instagram profiles. Adding keyword in your bio in an attractive way can also make you look more professional, and experienced in the field.

3.      Hashtags Are another Form of Keywords

This secret is not so much a secret but is neglected by everyone who has just started. If you open a picture posted by any big brand, they have specific hashtags, and these hashtags serve as keywords.

People neglect its use at first, and after seeing its benefits, they are also seen bombarding their captions with hashtags. These hashtags can be added to the bottom of the description, so your audience is not annoyed and can read them only if they click “read more”

4.      Add Keywords in Your Image Captions

Adding pictures daily is a must for Instagram business, or you can get lost in people’s daily feed. But guess what other small secrets can boost that, yep, its keywords. You can add simple and efficient keywords in your image captions, which will increase your picture’s reach even more. This helps the images stay on top of your feed, and also when people search something similar in the search option.

5.      Optimization of Alt Text

Instagram has added a new feature of ALT text, and you can make fair use of alt text for your captions for pictures on Instagram. Alt-text is a feature to help visually impaired people so that they can enjoy Instagram as well.

6.      Be Analytical and Track Your Posts

Another major thing that people fail to perform is being analytical. If you post daily posts and you keep track of their reach, you can strategize further on how your future posts should be like.

By being analytical of your posts, you can not only increase the reach but also keep track of other’s posts. The combined analysis of multiple profiles and their audience can help you make even better plans. This trick is difficult for some people, but if you understand it well, you can boost your profile better than anyone else.

7.      Instagram Proxies Are a Great Asset

Instagram proxies are something you need if you are running multiple accounts or a business profile. Instagram allows only one account per IP address, but with Instagram proxy, you can smoothly run multiple.

When you perform multiple tasks from every account, Instagram considers it spam and can ban that account quickly. So, an Instagram proxy is a must if you have multiple accounts. But some people who run a business profile, and make use of other places to help them reach a bigger audience, also need this. Because if they don’t use it, and they start doing things related to the use of a third-party site or app, it violated the Instagram policy. This can permanently ban or terminate your account overnight. So, be careful before using third-party sites, and make sure you have Instagram proxy helping you just in case.

Is SEO worth It in Instagram

Search engine optimization is the only way you and your brand can survive on Instagram. No matter how many followers or people you have, without optimizing everything, it can all be wasted. So, make sure you optimize your profile so well, that it has a more significant reach than others with twice as many followers than you. Yes, it is very much possible, and many profiles do that.


People often neglect SEO, and sometimes they don’t know how to use it correctly. If you match either of those, then you should research it more and follow the above instructions well. Adding just those points correctly can boost you over five times because we know how much priority SEO has in other engines. It is also safe to say that it has the same priority on Instagram.

Most important of all those steps is adding keywords, and making sure you perform tasks with an Instagram proxy. Otherwise, it may as well be impossible for your Instagram business to bloom and grow fast.

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