Best Dedicated Proxies for Instagram Automation.

Best Dedicated Proxies for Instagram Automation.

Today, living in an ever-connected world of social media where selfies, mandatory pre-meal pictures and flaunting of one’s extravagant lifestyle is common, anyone can be a celebrity—more appropriately known as a social media influencer. This is possible all because of the potential reach given to a user by social media.

Instagram has become such a popular mobile application that it would be hard to find someone today who still hasn’t joined it yet. Expected to reach 112.5 million US users in 2020, Instagram is a huge platform that has benefited many people. However, it is businesses and brands that Instagram has been the most useful to, allowing them to build a large following, expand themselves and raise their profits.

With so many users, it is very easy to get lost in the crowd, so new users have to struggle really hard to get a decent amount of following. Many times, businesses completely fail to promote themselves on Instagram. Even though uploading pictures and commenting is entertaining, one can’t do that all day long, which is important for new businesses trying to make it big there. This is why Instagram Automation exists.

What Is Instagram Automation?

Let’s be honest, all of us want someone to do our jobs and do it the way we want. That is basically the purpose of Instagram Automation. The term “Instagram Automation” literally means to make your Instagram account and its activities automatic. Also, if you wish to carry out the automation in the right way, you need dedicated proxies for Instagram.

Instagram caters to more than 500 million users worldwide every day. For a business, this is nothing but a huge variety of potential traffic for its account. Of course, it would be impossible to drive this traffic manually to your account, so developers invented bots. These bots are programmed to handle all the never-ending and boring tasks for a business account on Instagram.

How Does Instagram Automation Work?

In Instagram Automation, not only do bots do everything that you would do, but they also do it faster. This allows them to perform all your tasks on a massive scale and, if used right, in a pre-planned way. If they are not used correctly, it is highly likely that you are wasting your time on them.

Instagram is full of fun content where you can like and comment to socialize and grow your account by following users. If all these interactions go right, other users may follow you back.

But, again, no matter how enjoyable the videos and memes are, a human being can’t physically like, comment and follow users all the time. Also, for a user with multiple accounts on the app, this is even more unachievable. However, because bots are not human beings, they are free of human limitations, such as getting tired, bored, slowed down, etc. Therefore, bots are the perfect candidate to manage your Instagram accounts and their activities.

Remember, setting up a bot on your account is not enough. What is more important is that the bot should work to meet all the requirements of the user, and the user should require authenticity. If not that, the bot’s work should at least look authentic, genuine and natural.

Setting up a bot is not an easy task and, if not done properly, can spoil your image. The purpose of Instagram Automation is not just having a bot to like, comment and follow users for you, but it is to do it in a way that seems genuine.

For that, a bot needs to be set up to do human-like things, such as making comments like humans and adding appropriate hash-tags where necessary. This should be done in a way that is not too vague or too specific in order to look legitimate.

What Are Dedicated Proxies For Instagram?

You may use any kind of automation tool, and they’ll all do the same tasks automatically and on a bigger scale. They achieve this by making a large number of requests to Instagram in a small amount of time. Too many requests in a small duration can be easily detected on the Instagram server and makes the administrators doubtful.

This can get the account using the proxy to be banned or removed. Instagram doesn’t approve of the use of proxies and bots as this goes against the sole purpose of the application, which is socializing.

Dedicated proxies for Instagram don’t work too differently than regular proxies.

When we use a device to access the internet and make a request on a website, such as looking for a video on YouTube, our device sends the request via the internet. When the information you needed is found, it is sent back to your device.

For this transfer of information, you need a specific address which will be your identity and location. For that, an IP address is used. With an ISP (Internet Service Provider), you usually get a temporary IP address that lasts till the end of your session, but a LAN (Local Area Network) usually gives you one fixed IP address.

Dedicated proxies for Instagram are tailored to save their users from getting blocked from Instagram due to the action of other users. These dedicated proxies for Instagram enable their users to connect with all their accounts from one device but with different IP addresses. These IP addresses are not shared by anyone, so you appear authentic by dissolving in the sea of Instagram users.

Dedicated proxies for Instagram can be purchased from many types of proxy providers. Since Instagram allows an IP address to have only 5 accounts, you might need multiple proxies for your business. However, if you need many proxies, for example 19, on one device you should go for a VPN (Virtual Private Server) to manage all your proxies smoothly.

Why Should One Use Dedicated Proxies For Instagram?

Using dedicated Instagram proxies is highly beneficial for you.

As you know, only a few Instagram accounts can be made by one user without raising any doubts. Therefore, Instagram proxies allow marketers to manage many accounts for their clienteles. The proxies also enable them to protect all the accounts from getting banned or deleted.

Not just marketers, even businesses need proxies for Instagram. Suppose that you’re a fashion accessory brand and wish to promote yourself on Instagram. For this, you would need an account to promote male accessories, one for female accessories, one for children, one for teens, etc.

In such a situation, a smart business would join its Instagram Automation tool with dedicated Instagram proxies. This would allow the business to use all its accounts from one place and easily expand itself.

Note that setting up Instagram automation tools and Instagram proxies don’t guarantee an automatic boost in traffic, followers and sales. Instead, these tools require a good strategy to give the best results, and the strategy needs to be set up by you. Therefore, you will still have to find your niche, individual selling proposition, make a buyer persona and, then, create a distribution plan based on quality content.

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