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I highly recommend Proxy Aqua for their reliable and secure private proxies. I have been using their private proxies since long and I am completely satisfied with their consistent performance and reliability.!!!
- David S.
I was using another proxy service but was not at all satisfied with the service. Their proxies were shared by many clients and most of the times access to different web pages were denied/banned due to abuse. I was really frustrated. Then a friend recommended me to join Proxy Aqua. I am totally satisfied with the private proxy I am using now, as I have total control over my browsing session and that too in complete privacy. It's simply great!
-Steve Russel.
Nobody wants to be bombarded with spam mails and unwanted phone calls. I also keep my information completely secured by using Proxy Aqua's private proxies. It's a great service that gives you complete security and anonymity."
-Rafael T.
" We have been using Proxy Aqua for our company. Their private proxies have greatly improved our company's performance. We are completely satisfied with their secure private proxies as they ensure complete privacy and security. I highly recommend Proxy Aqua for their incredible service."
-R.D. Julian.
"A friend introduced me to Proxy Aqua. Before that I didn't know what I was missing. I appreciate their private proxies. They are highly reliable and secure. And with multiple private proxies I can hide / change my virtual location anytime. This gives a sense of security while surfing online. Now I can browse all kinds of sites and can make financial transactions without any worry. Thank You for your support and service. Keep up your good work."
-Sabrina Desouza.
Thank you very much for offering multiple proxy plans. The multiple proxies facilitate me in simulating different identities. I easily and frequently change my virtual locations anytime by using different proxies. I love this multiple proxies plan. It suits my surfing plans and gives me a complete sense of security.
-Diana P.B.
I joined Proxy Aqua about a year ago. I wanted to protect my privacy and wanted a connection that is secure and reliable. Proxy Aqua assisted me in finding the rite service for me. It is just the thing I wanted. Secure, private and reliable. I will highly recommend Proxy Aqua.
–Molly Desouza.
The customer support of Proxy Aqua is just matchless. Their support team is available all the time to help and support you with any kind of query or problem. They are always quick in their response and will go an extra mile in resolving any issue. Thank you for all your support and time. It is highly appreciated.
-Brenda Moore.
The best thing about Proxy Aqua is that it is so simple and easy to use. You don't have to buy or install any kind of software, and there is no specific system requirement. You just have to plug in your proxies in your browser and there you go. It is as simple as that. Keep it up!
-Emiley Rayan.
The private proxies at Proxy Aqua are just what I was missing. The speed, security, tech support, services; every thing is just perfect. You have beaten all other proxy providers. I will surely recommend your service to all my colleagues and friends.
-Sarah Brown.
I was looking for some proxy service which can fit into my needs; gives me 100% online security and is affordable too. After trying a lot of bogus services I luckily found Proxy Aqua. It is just PERFECT. What else I can say, their services, their proxy plans, and their rates – every thing is ideal. Excellent people with Excellent service.
-Robert Paul.
Proxy Aqua is a wonderful, all in one proxy service. I tried it and I loved it. It gives a reliable and secure browsing experience without any hassle. Proxy Aqua is great. Bravo!
-Anna. D.W.
Reliability is the only factor why I prefer Proxy Aqua over all other proxy services. The low – cost shared proxies neither give you complete security nor do they provide access to all the websites. But with Proxy Aqua private proxies you can access any webpage with full security and complete privacy.
-William. X.
I switched to Proxy Aqua because of their high credited private proxies. Their private proxy plan is far much better than any other shared proxies. It is secure and it is completely your own, and that's what makes all the difference. I am very much satisfied so far.
-P. Diane.