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QUESTION:What is an IP address?

ANSWER: When ever a computer is connected to internet it is assigned an individual identity number. This distinctive series of number is called an IP address or an Internet Protocol address. An IP address basically serves two very important functions:
  • Identification of Host
  • Location of Host

QUESTION:What is private proxy?
ANSWER: A private proxy is a dedicated IP that is assigned exclusively for single user account. Private proxies do not identify themselves as proxy and are used as dedicated IPs, uniquely assigned to the user. It is not shared by any one else like many other web proxies and it is far more reliable, fast and secure than shared proxies.

QUESTION: Why should I use private proxy?
ANSWER: Private proxy is far much safe than shared proxies. Unlike shared proxies, private proxy gives you safe, fast and controlled browsing experience. By using private proxy you can:

  • Access Web anonymously
  • Change your (virtual) location anytime
  • Visit Banned websites/forums
  • Start Fresh Browsing session anytime with new IP

QUESTION:Why would I need multiple private proxies?
ANSWER: With multiple private proxies you can have multiple virtual identities. You can switch your identity and virtual location anytime with multiple proxies. By simulating multiple identities you can access those websites and forums which have already banned you. Multiple proxies give you more choice to simulate identities.


QUESTION:Which browsers are supported by Proxy Aqua?
ANSWER: Our proxies can be used by any browser. You just have to set the HTTP proxy host and port in your browser and start browsing securely.

QUESTION:Is my credit card information secure on Proxy Aqua?
ANSWER:Yes. It is absolutely secure and safe to post your credit card information while using Proxy Aqua's private proxies. Our proxies completely protect your credit card information and you can do all kind of financial transactions on Proxy Aqua private proxies.

QUESTION:Does Proxy Aqua offer 100% privacy against monitoring/tracking?
ANSWER:Yes, absolutely. We guarantee 100% security and privacy against online monitoring/tracking. We surpassed all other proxy service providers in offering 100% secure private proxies. Our private proxies give you a browsing experience with complete sense of security.

QUESTION:Do you impose any restriction on type of files or data that can be accessed?
ANSWER:No, we do not impose any such restriction. We provide complete liberty to our clients to access websites and data as per their choice / requirement. So as a client of Proxy Aqua you can access any type of data, sites and files any time you want.


QUESTION:What are the hardware requirements for using your services?
ANSWER:There is no requirement of any kind of hardware installation. You just have to set the HTTP proxy host and port in your browser and start browsing securely.

QUESTION:Do I need to buy/install any software?
ANSWER:No, absolutely not. There is no need to buy or install any kind of software for using Proxy Aqua services. You can just set your purchased proxy in your browser and you can start surfing instantly.

QUESTION:Will my surfing speed be affected while using Proxy Aqua?
ANSWER:The surfing speed greatly depends on proxy speed and it can vary according to the proxy being used. We do not guarantee same speed on all proxies. However, we try our level best to provide proxies with good browsing speed.


QUESTION:How to order at Proxy Aqua?
ANSWER:Go to our Order Us page. By following these simple steps you can easily place your order at Proxy Aqua:

  • Sign Up
  • Select the plan of your choice.
  • Pay through PayPal.
  • Get Your Proxy (via e-mail).
  • Start Browsing.

QUESTION:How do I receive my proxy?
ANSWER:After you are done with your payments at Proxy Aqua, you will receive an e-mail from our support team. Your private proxy will be provided to you via e-mail.

QUESTION:When will I receive my proxies?
ANSWER:After placing order you will receive your proxies with in 48 business hours.

QUESTION:What payment methods do you accept?
ANSWER:We accept payments via:


QUESTION:I have more questions how do I contact?
ANSWER:For any queries and support please e-mail us at Our support team is available 24/7 to help you with your queries.