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#Proxy Aqua - Ensuring Privacy

Caution is highly recommended in today's Web World. Your personal, private and browsing information can easily be traced and tracked by websites by locking onto your IP address. These websites log your unique IP address and then use it to save, utilize, sell and monitor your browsing and surfing information. To keep one's self safe from this unwanted information scrapping, use of anonymous browsing is recommended. Here comes Proxy Aqua, as a savior.

Proxy Aqua provides you a secure and safe way to browse anonymously. We offer private proxies from different locations across the globe. Private proxies, as compared to other shared proxies available on net, are far much safe and secure. Unlike shared proxies, private proxy gives you safe, fast and controlled browsing experience.

With our dedicated private proxies, you can change your 'virtual location' any time by using different IP addresses. Using private proxy gives you an edge over the users of shared web proxies. As many proxies are banned from forums and websites due to abuse. But with our private proxy plans you can access any website/forum any time and as many times you want. You can always start a fresh browsing session by changing your IP address i.e. using your new private proxy.


Proxy Aqua is industry's leader in providing secure, reliable and fast private proxies. With its state-of-the-art technology, reliable service and consistent performance, Proxy Aqua has beaten its competitors. Our private proxies are recognized world over for their reliability. Following unmatched features help us stand apart from our competitors.

  • Super Fast Speed
  • Reliability
  • Guaranteed Security
  • No Client Software Requirement
  • Advance Security Features
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Compatibility with All Browsers
  • No Censorship
  • No Advertisement
  • Competitive Rates
  • IP's from multiple Location
# Proxy Aqua –
Your Guard Against Cyber Attacks


By using Proxy Aqua's private proxy you can browse web freely. Our reliable private proxies ensure a secure surfing experience. Proxy Aqua guarantees to protect your browsing information from being tracked with its secure private proxies. Using our private proxies help you:

  • Safely Shop Online
  • Browse Securely
  • Conceal Your Location
  • Log in Through Multiple Locations
  • Protect Your Information
  • Visit Forums/Websites (that have banned you)
  • Securely Do Financial Transactions
  • Guard Against Hackers/Trackers
  • Beat Internet Censorship
  • Access Blocked TV Channels/Programs
  • Start A Fresh Surfing Session (by using new IP's)

Safely Shop Online
Delivered within 48 hours, Normally faster
Conceal Your Location
Lowest Cost in the Market
Log in Through Multiple Locations
Visit Forums/Websites (that have banned you)
Securely Do Financial Transactions
Guard Against Hackers/Trackers
Access Blocked TV Channels/Programs
24/7 Customer Support
Experienced staff with 4 Years Proxy Experience
Start A Fresh Surfing Session (by using new IP's)